Sunday, July 19, 2009

SOYJOY Awards Night

On Wednesday 15th of July, I attended the SOYJOY GI Challenge Awards night with the hubster, CJ (not in picture but he kindly took alot of pictures for me that night!). It was held at House @ Dempsey. Those that came to join me for the evening was my bestgal friend, Kay. (Above) and my favourite online galpal, Priscilla.

The evening was filled with a buffet dinner that was really not all that bad, I liked it. Along with a talk by another nutritionist about Low GI and then the announcement of the winners.

Nadia won by public choice by getting the highest number of votes on the website during this campaign. Challenge #4 was won by Ivy with her cartoon drawing video. And thus the overall Judges choice with the highest points was Eunice.

Both Nadia and Eunice will be going to Japan this week from the 24th - 29th of July 09! Have fun girls! Soak it all in because if we won, we would have done so thoroughly ourselves. :)

In all honesty, am I disappointed? OF COURSE I AM! But life goes on and more opportunities will come again... and it would be great if you, my dear friends & readers continue to read me and share in my life as you have been doing so the past couple of years... :)

A picture with Nadia... and a picture with Rayner.. who knows.. this guy came out from the shadows as an Anonymous blogger.. whos' face was so secret. No one knew how he looked like unless they met him in person. He revealed himself in this contest so perhaps now that this has ended.. he may go back to being "faceless" again... will you Rayner?

And the girls who came to root for me in the evening.. Kay and Priscilla... *hugs*

Many many pictures taken together of course... Kay and me... and Priscilla and me...

And whats a blogger event without even MORE bloggers!!... Diana aka molemole came too... and I grabbed Ivy when she turned up to take some pictures together too! Who knows when I'll be seeing you again, Ivy? Right? .... our paths will cross again I'm sure... :) Thats me in my "Mamasan & girls" pose again... *facepalm* Apparently, if I take a shot standing in the middle now.. I am "the MAMASAN..."....

Pictures with Diana, DK, Mus and Jerrick! I'm sure you know these people! Its like the whos who in the blogosphere right now too!

And Lennard came with Suzane to say Hi and lend his support too! He's so sweet lah!! And DAMN!! why does my HEAD look SO BIG!!! ..... *grumble*

And the night would not have been complete if I didn't have a picture with one of the SOYJOY bosses, Pak Suhendar and SJ Marketing Manager collegue... (I'm so sorry.. forgot your name...*blush - paiseh paiseh*)

The hubster took this picture and there was a shot before this which had us standing side by side and he exclaimed "WHY SO FAR AH!! closer!! Stand nearer & hold each other!!".... (okay.. coming from my hubster... strange lor! -.-'')... so here you have it... the next picture... all arms interlocked & amused.

And once the winners were announced, they were presented with giant bolster size SOYJOY bars as their "trophy" - behind these pillows had the words SOYJOY GI JOY CHALLENGE - NAME OF WINNER plus an envelope with their travel itineries for Japan.

Rayner, myself and Ivy had arm rest sized mini pillows and vouchers. For a while, we took various group shots with our pillows for the media - namely Berita Harian.. and for other photographers present.

And a final group shot together with the SOYJOY banner before we left for the evening... :)

Thank you Otsuka and Thank you Ogilvy - Parita, Brian and Pat and the rest of the Ogilvy PR gang for the opportunity to participate in this challenge.

I have learnt so much, gotten to know interesting people and made new friends too so this experience has been priceless. Thank you.

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mayhwee said...

Hi there,
I'm from NTU Outdoor Adventure Club, would like to ask sponsorship from Soyjoy for our events. Can you kindly provide me with contact details? If it is not possible, do let me know as well.