Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cam Lovin' is all about the Smiles & the Angles..

The things I've realised when taking self portraits that most bloggers like myself indulge in are... that your arm length is the perfect distance to taking self portrait shots when fully stretched out.

Raising your arm at a 45 degree angle upwards and looking up gives a more flattering angle that slims the face and somewhat shrinks the upper body in the shot.

Everyone has a side of face that has a better profile look so find out your best profile shot and use that when camlovin' ... if you know that you have a big head like me, when taking pictures with friends, make sure you're positioned at least half a head behind your small headed friend so both your faces balance out in the shot.

Taking pictures in moving vehicles in the day give very nice lighting so take several shots in the taxi/car when it stops at a traffic light.

Bathroom shots give very unflattering background and specially when there is a toilet bowl in the background *worse if its not flushed and you see something extra floating about (pukes)* and bathrooms usually have poor lighting unless its a hotel bathroom and even these shots tend to be too overly warm.

Angled shots fill up the space of the picture frame more than staring directly at the camera with your head upright so it gives a more fuller picture.

And for varied side profile shots, looking away at a point 45 degrees up and away can give some pleasant profile pictures... and this tends to emphasise your eyes to make it look "bigger".

For ladies, I would think that if you're made up for the day with makeup, take some time to do these shots if you want them since you have taken the time to put on your "face". I find that shots that are taken without make-up... can be nice for the rare some but usually better for most with some makeup on.

Try not to take overly high angled down shots as it can make you look stumpy. Shots taken from below are strange too and why would you want pictures that can see right up your nostrils? Very unglam and unflattering...

So do you have more camwhoring or cam lovin' tips to share? Drop me a message!

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rinaz said...

Its all about the angles!

For me, I try to use a mirror to check the display on the camera and try to remember the position :-)

And of course, dont forget to smile and do the fierce eyes ala America's next top model :P