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24hr SG Blogathon July O9 - Tangs/Lenovo/Intel *VIDEO INTENSIVE*

On the 17th of July, the Ogilvy team.. same lovely peeps who came up with the SOYJOY GI Challenge came together with 10 bloggers, CK Tangs, Intel and Lenovo and did a 24 hour Blogger Challenge.

Location? The display windows of CK Tangs at Orchard Road. Task? For these 10 bloggers to last the 24 hours without sleeping, fulfill blogging tasks within the time period and garner public support in terms of onsite votes to see who would be the people's choice and judges choice in terms of who gained the most online comments with their blogging post tasks.

There were many involved but I was there mainly for Claudia, Nadia, Jayden and DK. I am not familiar with the rest so I was definitely rooting for these 4 to come up with something and to witness Singapore's first Blogathon in Action! *excited!*

Luckily for me, it started on Friday - where I also run ZumFit classes at Orchard so before classes started for me, I popped by to say hi to my blogger pals.

In the first hour, each participating blogger was allowed to bring in a friend or fellow blogger to accompany them as they get accustomed to their area and being in the window with so many onlookers. Diana took the first picture *up there* while she was inside the display case looking down at me.. and I must say.. I was looking MIGHTY happy to see them there...

With that, I said Hi to Diana @ molemole who accompanied Claudia in her first hour. And who did I meet outside? Hisham!! Even with his gout pains, he still made it down to support the group in their challenge! Go go Bloggers! We support you guys all the way!!

I then went to check out Nadia and Jayden in their window. Each pair got to swap and move to a different window display every 6 hours and with 4 different windows to experience.. each of them surely had their share of ups and downs with each setup. Nadia invited Muz to be her first hour partner!! Hi Muz!!

The challenge started on Friday, 17th of July at 6pm and it ended on Saturday, 18th of July at 6pm. After giving my greetings, I went off to class and returned once it was done to check up on the gang to see how they were doing! So far so good! They were being given their dinners which they got to order from the Tangs Island Cafe.

Nadia doing well so far.. still chirpy.. still alert and happy too!

Claudia.. also still getting used to her window display and in the midst of dinner...

Guess who came by to say Hi too! Mr. Miyagi aka Benjamin Lee with his uber cute BABY!! Hi Baby!!! *wave wave*

Every 2 hours, they were allowed a 10 minutes toilet break and Tania aka @unfluff / Twitter walked about with her Toilet break sign to alert the bloggers of their impending 10 minutes of "relief".

Throughout the event, there was constant communication between the bloggers and the public through twitter. Friends, family and new online peeps "spoke" through twitter online, through their phones and many of the public watched as several live - twitter screens showed the conversations as it flowed throughout the 24 hours. On twitter.. everything was found under #bthon.

Many of us relished in taunting the bloggers with ice-cream as we stood outside the windows to oogle at them. We took photos of them from the outside and they took photos of us from the inside... and with that I left them for the evening to go home, "talk" to them through twitter and watch them through the live video feed that they set up to watch them online.

The next morning, they had a Twitter Retweet contest at 1015am. The first 20 Retweeters who tweeted the special message from 1015am-1030am and made their way down to Tangs to verify their Retweet and contact details would have won a $50 Tangs Voucher.

Nadia reminded me before I went to bed to be up on time and I literally JUMPED UP FROM BED AT 1015AM exactly the next morning. Absolutely gave me a headache jumping up so abruptly and running to my computer like a mad woman! "Retweet!! retweet!!" I screamed.. MAKE WAAAY!!!... *thumping my floor running like a clumsy elephant*

I rushed to my computer, turned it on and logged on only to see that the RT-Retweet Message was only released 2 minutes prior. I Retweeted and prayed that I had it in the bag. I woke my girls and then went to wash up.

I had to run my girls through a little breakfast routine and to wash them up and kept on screaming on twitter to HOLD MY VOUCHER!! slowly but surely people made their way down to Tangs to claim their voucher and by the time I could get my girls ready and run out the door, it was down to 6 pcs left!! OMG!!! *Grab a cab - who went by a LONGER WAY!! Damnnitt!!*

On the way there, I said to my girls... "if we reach there and we get the voucher.. You both can have it, $25 each and get something nice." Our taxi stopped and we ran out squealing to the Tangs front entrance with our arms in the air.. "Did we get it?!" Yes we did!! *cheers!*

Lauren did a little happy dance right there and Eirian jumped up and down.. Whooot!!
The funny part there as that a couple of minutes later.. Lauren's slippers BROKE APART. Literally fell apart in several sides. So she used her budget to buy new red Ipanema designer slippers.. and a small purple CareBear while Eirian used her budget to buy a brand new Disney Princess school bag!

We "caught" DK doing a snore on the sofa.. *snigger*... we were hoping to catch at least ONE of the bloggers who would doze off but none did throughout the Blogathon.. perhaps next time it should be 48 hours.. then there would REALLY be some snoring somewhere. It would really be quite unbearable for 48 hours and that would REALLY be a challenge indeed.

What do you get when you put a new Coffee Maker with DK for 6 hours? A Coffeemachine Demonstration Salesman!

The guys over at a new window in their last 6 hour stint.. by this time, they have already been in there for more than 18 hours... rotated against 3 other window displays and have done several blogging tasks throughout the night.

Eirian was happy to be there too!

And my happy girls who got to use their $50 Tangs voucher that their Mommy so unglamourously won for them in the morning... *pffft*...

DK got a little mental by the last 6 hours and started doing his Michael Jackson Impersonations with his hat in the window.

And he decided to be a frozen mannequin for some time and we signed to him.. "YOU CAN'T BLINK!!" and he didn't! wahahah Hilarious... he stood there for a while.. frozen and not moving.

Nadia had a whale of a time with the Khiels Boys who went around to the different windows and to the public to promote Khiels products and to motivate the Bloggers to keep on going...

And who did I meet there but @brokenshardz aka Robert Sim.. this is the guy who people mistaken for my husband online for as they share exactly the same name. Hahaha!

My dear friend, Joe Augustin was engaged to be there on both days to emcee the event and at 4pm on the 2nd day.. there was a scheduled talk in the biggest window display where all the bloggers got together along with some public crowd to have a "talk".

All 10 bloggers in one window.

DK doing a studious compulsive geek on his laptop.. must blog.. must blog... *nervous twitch*... must blog. *twitch twitch*

And Nadia & Jayden.. really quite tired by the time evening came around... almost coming to a close!! and at 6pm.. everything came to a close... and at 630pm... the results were announced.

Nadia won the public's choice with 61 onsite votes! Congratulations! This girl has been on a blogger winning spree all month!! Insane!! Wahaha!!

And Nicholas won the Judges choice with the most points via online comments through the blogging challenge in the 24 hours. Congratulations too! And thats it! 24 hours, 10 bloggers, 4 Tangs display windows, Prizes galore, Public, Friends and 2 Big Winners...

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