Saturday, July 11, 2009

TV Commercials & Birthday Lunches...

This post moves from the end of the week to the start of the week... it was week filled with carbs and carbs and more carbs!

My very lovely, talent agent called me up on Wednesday night to cast me for an upcoming commercial which I filmed with Michelle Chong and some of the cast yesterday. Client name undisclosed till the commercial airs - which is soon so look out for it.

The call time was at 7am. Wah lau! So early lah! I was out of the house by 610am and hit the makeup department before 7am where they fluffed so much powder on me, I was practically glowing powder.. -.-''

Then it was off to wardrobe where I was fitted with "office wear" as you can see here. It was more like a jacket than a blouse actually. You would be seeing me in 2 outfits during the commercial. Both outfits were baggy so I'm just crossing my fingers that I don't look 6 months pregnant on tv.

Then it was off to a birthday lunch treat with my best galfriend, Kay at The Rice Table Kitchen at International Building. I love the indonesian buffet there (costs about $18 for the buffet + $4 for a refillable juice drink) and since it was carb week... BWUAUAHAHAHA... rice rice rice n more rice... *burp* (Waddling out really looking 6 months pregnant)

Earlier in the week, I had another birthday treat from Serene, a really sweet friend, blog reader, face booker and dance mate at the gym. She brought me to Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant at Takashimaya for some La Mian, Xiao Long Bao dumplings and dessert! *slurps*

Carbs!!! *screams - thud*... but my noodles tasted pretty good. It would have been better if it was SPICIER though... and my red bean ice-cream dessert! Very nice! Talk about immediate AFS! AFS = After Food Syndrome where you want to fall right asleep after eating a heavy carb filled meal... *burps...damn it! I keep on burping!*

And moving further up earlier in the week last Sunday... my brother in law and mom in law decided to make a homemade Nasi Lemak combination. Fried Luncheon meat, Fried Hotdogs, Fried Sunny side up eggs, Sambal Prawns, Assam Sotong *squid*, Woh Hup sweet Sambal, Home Roasted Peanuts & Ikan Bilis and of course.. Chicken Wings!!

All these topped a huge pot of Lemak *Coconut* rice. *faints* ... so full... and to top of this sinful week of carb loading?... Tomorrow we will be making Laksa... *squeal & hop around*... from Monday.. it will be detox and low carb for the next 3 months again... unless of course, I get the chance to go to Japan on the 24th? We'll know the results of that SOYJOY challenge on Wednesday, 15th July so watch this space to find out who wins & who goes to Japan this month!

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