Thursday, August 28, 2008

Eat Shit & Die.

I hate Thursdays. And I particularly hate TODAY. No one better piss me off today because I'm in serious BITCH MODE.

Why? Let me see.
  • I'm PMSing. Like. Fucking Seriously in a Fucking BAD MOOD!

  • Its Month end Accounting Period, need I say more.

  • My upcoming event this weekend is falling a little behind schedule.

  • My body and my back aches like fucking hell.

  • I've got a house to vacuum & mop and its still not freaking done.

  • I've got laundry to hang and its raining and my existing clothes are still damp!

  • Oh.. wait.. did I say I'm seriouly PMSing!

  • There are no dance classes available today so I have nothing to work out to.

  • My knee hurts so climbing stairs is out of the question.

  • I'm sleepy but I have work to do.

  • I have 22 Potatoes to bake for tomorrow's teacher's day celebration and have no idea how I'm going to season it.

  • I just ran out of Ribena and juice.

  • I'm STILL feeling bloated and still feeling nauseaus from last night's Tortilla.
And the bitching can just go on and on and on... excuse me while I scream into my pillow and throw it out of the window. You have been warned.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cheesy Grilled Chicken/Fish Tortilla

This was errm... supper!! Just made it at 1030pm when CJ came back from training.. GAH! Cannot finish it!! But it was good!

What is it? Its a cheesy grilled chicken & fish tortilla. More of a half open face tortilla wrap because it was too full of filling to roll up.

Whats inside? Grilled honey chicken pieces, grilled lemon fish suchi fillets, sliced boiled eggs, whole kernel corn, Japanese mayo and topped with sliced cheese.

Put together, throw into the toaster, wait till cheese melts, pull out of toaster and KIAP the tortilla together so the cheese holds it together. Top with Spicy Hot Salsa Sauce.

Place on plate, add some watermelon on the side and VOILA!! *gag.. I'm too full.. slicing up 2nd piece and throwing it onto CJ's plate*

And those screaming bloody murder.. Carbs! carbs!!... yeah yeah... I know! I checked the serving before I bought it. 20+gms of carb per wrap.. okay lah.. it doesn't far exceed my daily limit and I will work it off soon enough... BUT this doesn't mean that if you intend to go low carb, you do what I do UNLESS u work out 6 times a week like I do to ensure that something like this doesn't kill your low carb resolve.


People are Gossiping about me....

I know it. Twice today, I encountered it.

First, just before dance class started. One of the class ladies whom I thought was an excellent dancer came up to chat with me. Introduced herself *gah!! I forgot her name...* and I shook her hand and introduced myself.

"I'm Pamela"... and what happened next was a little unexpected.

"OHHHHHH!!!!! So YOU'RE Pamela!!!!"

*Me looking stunned* "Huh? What do you mean?"

"Oh... there has been ALOT of talk about you!! So its YOU!"

*Still stunned with wide eyes* "Good talk I hope?" *wondering if I should be worried or flattered*

She then leaned over and patted my knee since we were sitting by the glass wall "Very very good, no worries... you are very good... "

Whoa!! *blush like mad* "Thanks!!"

And then my imagination went wild. What the heck else is being gossipped about me!?! Please please.. let it be good. I was even more alarmed to find out as we spoke that apparently this group of ladies KNOW alot about other students in class too.. from serious digging into background to family history to what they're good at and what they're not... FWOAH LAO EH.... as she asked me more about myself, I was wary... just in case.. as everything is on a need to know basis only... Ask ONLY if you need to know.. just in case.

Second encounter, I was on the MRT on the way back from the gym... and I heard some soft talking beside me...

"whisper whisper.... pamela?.... is that her? whisper whisper"

I turned to look around.. I could have sworn I heard my name... then I saw 2 working ladies.

GRINNING at me like they knew me... I just smiled back.

"I think its really her leh.... she's quite pretty hor..."

-.-'' (in my mind.... just keep smiling Pam.. just keep I know them? *racking my brain to see where I may have seen them before). I peeked over and I realised... they were holding Simply Her, September issue on their lap. OOOOHHHH..... as realisation smacks me in the face...


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is There A Secret to Losing Weight?

I've gotten a couple of emails and messages lately and over the past months from several ladies and men asking the same question. Is there a secret to losing weight? Is there a trick? Is there a miracle cure?

How is it I can go from what you see UP THERE in yellow, at 100kg last August to what you see DOWN THERE in red, 75kg taken today if not for something short of a miracle or a trick or a elusive secret or *horrified* maybe even diet pills?

I call this my Salsa Pose that I took today.. I love my dance classes... not a bad photo if I say so myself *prod my arm.. yep! thick skin hahahahaha* And no, don't ask me why my legs are so fair, they don't see the light of day so its particularly white.. time to go suntan to even out the skin tone.

Well anyway... unfortunately, all I have to say to all this is... NO. Unfortunately, there isn't a secret, trick, miracle cure or even diet pills to losing weight.

I don't recommend taking diet pills. But I do know those who swear by them. You will find that the weight loss, actually comes from the diet change that you took while taking those pills. You would not want to sabotage your efforts so you eat differently and thats actually what makes the difference and gives you the temporary weightloss. You could even be just taking sugar pills and it works the same way.

Everyone knows that its all about a change in food choices and exercise and making it a lifestyle change. Not a DIET. A diet ENDS and you feel like you're suffering because diet sounds like a daunting word which people relate to having tiny unsatisfactory amounts of tasteless food, not having energy, drinking weird substances like meal replacements instead of proper food or even popping pills.

And after that DIET ends prematurely, you find that you find it hard to continue, maintain or even live with.. its not something that you want to do your whole life! Its hard! Mentally and emotionally, you break down.. you start eating in the same old pattern and perhaps even your activity levels go back to complacent. The weight creeps back and more... and you start to hate yourself for failing at this attempt. Back to square one. *bah!!*

To start off in doing a journey, you would have to get yourself into the right mental state. A state of deciding that you will perservere, commit and decide to make a change.

Then you do your research to find a kind of diet change which you feel you would be most adaptable to. Some people watch carbohydrates like me, some people count calories, some people watch fat and sugar intake and some people use diversionary tactics like drinking oil and teas to decrease appetite or however that works. Whatever it is, find a method and then commit to it. Or just plain balance out your food choices with healthier choices. You, yourself would know that you've been eating unhealthily.

Take time to understand food content so you know what you're putting into your mouth.

Once you have figured this out, embark on an exercise plan and start off light and build up from there. The key to this is CONSISTENCY. It would be no use to exercise for 60-90 mins once a week, even though you worked out like MAD. It would make more sense to make plans to exercise 2-3 times a week at least, at moderate intensity for a minimum of at least beyond, 30 minutes. You only start to burn fat after 30 minutes of exercise so stopping anytime before that kind of defeats the purpose other than burning some calories. Make yourself sweat! You'll be pushed on by adrenaline and after you'd be happy as endorphins *feel happy hormones that your body produces after exercise* rush through your body.

Whatever you choose keep it consistent and build up distance/speed/repetitions over time as you get stronger. However, don't push yourself so hard that you hurt yourself.

Run, walk, jog, swim, take group exercise classes, play sports.. whatever.. just do it! Find something that you enjoy and you'll find that you'll keep at it for longer.

Remember to stretch effectively before and after exercise, find someone to teach you stretching techniques that you can follow or do some research to come up with a stretching routine. Stretching not only helps you get more flexible, warms up your muscles to prepare for excercise, cramping is seriously VERY UNGLAM AND PAINFUL. Stretching also helps tone muscle/skin from that weightloss sag that everyone is afraid of. Specially if you intend to lose alot of weight. I attribute my skin toning up also to this and I strongly recommend that you do not miss this part of your regime.

And finally, drink ALOT of water. I can't say how important this is for weightloss and general life maintenance. Keep a bottle nearby and take sips throughout the day, ensure you're hydrated before, during and after exercise. Water helps to detox too and helps all bodily functions to work better when you're well hydrated.

Supplement wise, I'd recommend that if you don't already have a multivitamin, get some and take it regularly. I take Vykmin daily. There definitely are other kinds of supplements that can help in recovery, fat burning or even muscle building.. but please seek professional help or at least do proper research before you start taking any supplements like these.

REST well. This is important for recovery on all aspects. Physically, mentally and emotionally. You will not want to burn yourself out by being too enthusiastic in the beginning. Make a gradual change but change. It may be uncomfortable while you're adjusting but thats good! Taking yourself out of your comfort zone gradually helps. If you did everything that you were comfortable with, you won't be doing anything different and by not doing things differently, you don't change. Correct?

Lastly, find support in your partner, family and friends. You will find that in the beginning, there are many detractors, people will say "you won't achieve it!" or "are you mad? why do this to yourself?" or "please lah.. come come, eat THIS" *offering you a piece of something sinful*. Don't let this discourage you. Remember that Misery Loves Company. If you decided to make the change, then do it! You can only have the last laugh.

There would be times where people PURPOSELY try to tempt u.. they take something that they know you're trying to avoid and sniff at it, wave it under ur face and go "mmmm, yummmy.. so delicious.. don't you want one? A little bit won't hurt..." and here's what I have to say to these bastards.


Its hard enough as it is to change. It is SO NOT FUNNY.

And that being said... here is my BUWHAHAHAHAHAA last laugh to those who did this to me in the beginning. How could you be so unsupportive!!! *growls* ... fuck u again...

So there you go... its common sense.. do something about your food intake and exercise. Everyone knows it but no one wants to follow it and pray for shortcuts but there isn't any.

Less input, More output. Simple formula that has worked through the ages.

If you're procrastinating... maybe you're not ready for the change yet but when you do, you will find a way. Good luck! :)

Sexy Bathtub Dancer - David O'mer

This bathtub act has been showing on Channel 5 at around 1am these past 2 nights. *Yes, I'm still up and not sleeping* The first time I caught it last night, CJ went "Oh! I saw this before".. and there I was going "whoa!! Hot!!"... *reminding myself to blink* and AGAIN!

It showed on TV again tonight... (pushing my gaping mouth closed - BLINK PAM BLINK!).... Hot lah! This is a HAWT act. Its probably his only act but its really not that bad!

Gah!! Look at his arms and back lah..*whistle* I have this thing for strong arms and a lean back..... heh heh.. *lean on hubby's arms and stroking his back... *

This was performed at the Just for Laughs Festival show.

Enjoy! (Anyone have a higher resolution video?) and No.. this is not my dance instructor David if you were wondering. He would be laughing his columbian ass off if he knew people thought this was him. Just sit back and watch the show... :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

How did my shoulders get so lean?!

Oookay.. so its not SOOO lean as in thin & toned but its leaner than I've ever seen it over the past decade! Yayness for naturally protruding collar bones to frame the shoulder.. something that I have not seen for a while. How lean can a 75kg person be right but still!! Its not a boney shoulder but its still one thats NOT PADDED with fat!

Raising those weights in class must be working. Even though I silently curse at David for making me do so many repetitions and raises..cramping my body midway... Slowly slowly.. I will tone these parts up and they will look good in a bikini... (hmn.. will people wanna see someone w a roadmap to hell stretchmark tummy in a bikini... maybe not... will reconsider) =.=

Anyway.. I'm happy with the progress.. I went downstairs to collect some things and I walked past and caught a reflection of my shoulders and I had to make a u-turn to check it out...

I couldn't believe how shiny and lean it looked.. it must not be mine or is it? o.0~

*whip out HP to take a photo*... but dunno why its not so defined in the picture.... Whahaha... Onwards I go! 20 Kg more only.. here I come!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Tristen!

It's Tristens' 3rd Birthday! Time passes so quickly! Didn't we JUST have his McDonald's party? Who is Tristen? Well he's my BFF - Molemole's son. Whoa lao eh!! LOOK AT ME AT LAST YEAR'S PARTY!! *faint* So fat!! SOO FAT!!! *Gah!!!!!!!* And this time.. signs of ageing on my face already.. crows feet! *scream again* Image below taken from the link above. See me in red?!?! EEEEEEyyuuuurrrhhh.......

And yes, I do face painting, balloon sculpturing and glitter tattooing for parties & events..

There was an insane amount of food lining her home driveway along with a rented playground.... 3 different caterers *30 pax of food ordered each*, enough food for more than 100++ people - catering standards *you know you order for 70% of the RSVPed people for a buffet quantity to be just nice* but YET, ALL the food was wiped out by the time the party ended. Whoa lao!!! I didn't take any photos of the food but I'm sure Molemole would have some on her blog.

And the party games had a pull apart PI√ĎATA! Everyone grabbed a string and PUUUULLLED! The box ripped apart and all the sweets came pouring out.

*GRAB GRAB!!!* All the kids attacked the treats on the floor.. later only did I realise that the poor Birthday boy, Tristen himself ended up SITTING BY THE SIDE quietly with an EMPTY plastic bag.. awwwwww!!! *pour some sweets into his bag*

My girls with their haul. Literally A HAUL... another child was even smarter, she SWIPED a full radius of the ground and gathered the pile of sweets in between her legs and then SLOWLY piled them into her plastic bag. Bwuahahaha!! Clever!!

However, what I realised today was that Lauren had strategically PICKED her treats, she took SOME sweets only but went after all the inanimate stuff like necklaces and finger puppets!! I was horrified and amused to notice that she had a CRAZY amount of these when they opened the bags to eat their sweets today. *blush*

Thomas the Train Birthday cake!! Yum Yum.. and yes, for good luck, I ALWAYS eat the cake.. even if it means needing extra workout the next day just to work it off... GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK!! Huat! Huat! Huat ah!! *Big Kiss to Tristen*

And presents! Birthdays are not birthdays without presents!

And the goodypack for the kids was a watercolour paint set!! Yayness!!! Art time soon! This was a nice treat... but WHOA LAO!! Must have been expensive larh!

And of course, since Molemole is a blogger, she would have blogger friends right? 3 of us made it for the party.

Who's here and Who's not?

Vanessa Tay from LoveoutLoud and her boyfriend *blue stripes*, Molemole of course, thats ME behind Moley *why is it my head looks like its just FLOATING there.... hmmmn.... and Krisandro from Life is a Joke, Laugh at it with his lovely girlfriend *blue top* (Staring closely - you know how compatible and potentially successful in the long term a couple is by how closely they resemble each other and I think Kris and his beau look great together! And so does Vanessa & her beau too! *ahem* and for AGES... people have confused CJ and I to being SIBLINGS! *Eeeeyuuk!! Gross lah... think incest... YUCK!)

Who's missing from this? Claudia and her boyfriend who left earlier... *I met up with Claudia today after she buzzed me on MSN about Zumba class after reading my blog, you won't BELIEVE how spontaneous she is! I was just about heading out an hour prior to today's Zumba class and asked her, JUST COME and you know what, SHE DID!! I'm so impressed larh! And she was pretty alright in class too! I love how she just decided to do it and did... I'm very impressed and love people like this.




Saturday, August 23, 2008

Visual Update: 75kg.

As with my other updates, each time I break a plateau, I have a visual update just for record. (Update: For those who are reading for the first time, this means that this is a 25kg loss from my last known weight of 100kg weight in this time last year in 2007, feel free to browse my blog for the weightloss journey thus far) :)

So this is me, today standing at 75kg, 23rd August 2008.

Yeah, I know its a different kind of picture from my usual smiley visual updates but I'm tired, just back from dance class... but this will do for now.. :)

And stop it with the "WAH!! WHAT KIND OF POSE IS THAT?!" Its just a pose okay! Wipe that smirk off your face and stop sniggering! (pout)

And yar larh! I know still so fat BUT... I'm getting there ok.. slowly BUT surely.

And you know what?! That Bad Angel racer back top for this workout outfit? Cost me only $5!!! Swee right! Alrighty.. thats it for now! :)

Out of Wack!!

I don't know what made me so out of wack yesterday. Perhaps it was the lack of sleep lately since I've been going to bed past 230am these days.

I had a Zumba class at Orchard and for the life of me. I was convinced that it started at 1240pm. In actual fact, it starts at 1140am! And this is a class that I've been to many times before too!

Walking from the MRT, I saw some Rumba class regulars who join some Zumba classes too and you know when you're a regular when other regulars greet you so enthusiastically in public! A whole lot of "Hi! Hi! Hi!" and big smiles all around.

I was puzzled to why they seemed to be leaving the gym, aren't they supposed to be in Latina Flava? *another latin dance class* but I'm EARLY so I figured maybe they wanted to grab a bite since it was still "early".

I trotted into the gym and happily SLOWLY CHANGED, had a nice LOOOONG morning clearing toilet break and swaggered SLOWLY out for the dance studio. Happy Happy! I'm early today! Or so I thought.

Only to bump into this lady and made some small talk and she asked "you're here now for? Zumba? The class already started!" And puzzled me got confused. Started??! So I ran up the stairs to the studio and true enough.

I saw Katia leading the class and Rashidah by the side and I was horrified. GAH!!!

Huh?! Har?! What the.... HUH?!? I stepped in and Rashidah gave me the "wah lau what happen to u" face... I shrugged...... SHIT...

Talk about out of wack. GAH!!!! I only made it in time for the last 15 minutes of class. HOW CAN!!!

SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY PISSED OFF with myself!!! I was in a state of ultra grumpiness and after my pathetic attempt at a last 15 minute zumba class, I retreated to pout and whine at the locker room.

UPSET!! Rashidah tried to fan me down "cool it cool it babe..." but GAH!!!!!!! GAAAAAAH!!!!!!!


The saving grace to this was a very nice comment from one of the ladies from class in the locker room while I was there pouting.

Lady: "Hi! What happened to you? You didn't come for full class today? I was looking forward to having you in front bc it helps me move"

Me: "Awww! thats so sweet! I was late larh" (blush)

Lady: "Are you an instructor here?"

Me: "HUH? Errr... no....." o.O'

Lady: "Oh... ha... oh... okay... you're really good though, see you next week!" (Pat me on the shoulders)

For a minute, I felt good.. Awww.. how sweet of her to take the time for that kind compliment. Then a minute later.. POUT. :( BAH!!!

I then got changed, went to attack some chocolate to cool down. It DIDN'T WORK. I went into my afternoon business meeting in a very pissed off state. Didn't show in my face but I sure FELT IT.

Luckily, there was some PSLE thing happening in school so Lauren got released from school much earlier than normal so I picked both my girls up and hearded them up with activity books and a pizza back to Orchard for an early evening Rumba class to complete the days' workout.

Must have one good workout a day if not very unsatisfactory OK!! And yes, my girls get a special space at the gym lounge, entertained by the private trainers and counter staff who ply them with pens/pencils/paper/balloons/sweets and water during the hour that I have class.

If you didn't know, you can actually bring your children to the gym but they have to be old enough to entertain themselves for the hour you're in class while the counter staff vigilantly watches over them and if they're available, entertains them too.

Then I was finally happy. Happy enough to continue the evening out with my girls along Orchard, filling them up with food and frolicking at the toy store.

I ended the day feeling exhausted but happier.
Phew! Must remember! Friday 1140!! NOT 1240!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Guess Who is in Simply Her - Sept Issue?!

Take a look at Pg. 155, Simply Her, September 08 issue and see who's there!

Yeah lah.. Its CJ and me in the Love against all Odds article. Not exactly the nicest shot we have together but ok, we do look quite happy. After all.. we ARE in our element since he's an instructor. Har har!

Photoshoot was done some 2-3 months ago... strange how my chest looks so flat here! Must be the dogi*! (*uniform)

Anyway, CJ saw the article this morning and went "WAH!! we took so many photos and how come they chose the one that I LOOK SO GAY!!"

Hahahahahahahaahahaaaaaa....... *stare him down* Got magazine feature very good already okay! *love love*

Click on image to read it if you don't already have the magazine. :)

Broke Plateau!!~ 75kg!

I did it! I've broken plateau!!

Weighed in this morning at a firm 75kg.

*screams!!!* Thats one more kg down this month... total of 5kg over the past 3 weeks... started August at 80kg.

*screams again* Happy Happy Happy!!

Must thank 3 people for this... 1st. - CJ for diligently and willingly caring, feeding and sending Lauren to school on my dance mornings AND massaging my sore muscles at night.... 2nd & 3rd - Rashidah and David for the effort into making my workouts fun, enjoyable and effective!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Zumba Party Action!!

I was sent some pictures of the action of the Zumba party last Friday at Orchard.

Previous post on this found HERE. Apparently, there will be a Zumba party EVERY MONTH at CFitness but will be at the different club each time. Next one will be on the 6th of September so if you guys are interested. Give me a Buzz! I won't be able to make it on that day but I can pass u a pass to try the party.

This is another nice shot of THE BEST instructors that CFitness has... APART from my sister, Alex of course. David & Rashidah. *cough cough - this picture looks pretty nice don't you think?* Errr.... babe! very strategic placement of hand... wahahahaahaha! I like this picture alot!

So of course there was Salsa! 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3.. oh wait! Don't count! Just listen to the music and mooove... Loosen those hips and Ai Mama Chicka!! Shake it!

And whats a Zumba party without a BATTLE!!

Whats a battle?
Well, its where the class is split into half and a lead instructor takes a side and each side takes turns to perform a selected move to "push" back the other side and gives the opportunity to show off your moves! .... So it goes left side -- dance! groove! bump! stamp! crawl or whatever you want! Then its the right side's turn... and each side tries to out-do eachother in terms of energy and skill levels of moves. This is VERY VERY FUN! This side is Rashidah's side. That girl REALLY CAN GROOVE AND GRIND. Guys!! Go douse yourselves with some ice cold water bc Rashidah's grinding! She's an insanely hot dancer!

And my side with David leading the pack... Salsa!

So Rashidah's side doing the crawl... Rrrooowll!! Ahh.. but not good enough!! Apparently our side's people are more ON!!!

Our turn to do the crawl!! RROAAARRR!!!! We win!! *yay!!*

And the lead star Rashidah leading this first Zumba party, assisted by David, Katia and Bambam. I enjoyed it alot! Interested to try?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I was Picked up at the Gym.

By a Woman. -.-''

A Tai tai nonetheless... but you would be thinking.. what kind of tai tai goes to the gym? Well. This type obviously does. I've seen her in both my Rumba and Zumba classes. I've seen her around but today was the first time she spoke to me.

Why have I classified her as that? Well, she's apparently in her 40s with almost perfectly plastic features. Botox anyone? Must be on free flow somewhere man! Slim and tall.

Her outfits are smashingly stunning. I've admired some of her outfits from time to time. Swee! Who wears those kind of clothes to work out larh! and once she's dressed up after working out, her jewellery is... ahem... OHH LAA LAAAA!

But... still... just before Rumba class, she approached me from behind. Tapped my arm and as I turned, introduced herself *name undisclosed to keep her anonymonity*, bent over close while smiling in a raspy half whisper said....

"Very nice to meet you, you are very hot" all while stroking my arm up and down...

"Today I stand behind you in class okay?" *nod nod*


I was stunned. Flattered but STUNNED. Wha? Oh... Ah... errr... Oookkay... THANKS! :)

*flash a big smile in reciprocation and pat her on the hand and went "eh! class starting already" and turn to the front*

GAH!! AGAIN... thinking..

"Was that for real? Did a woman just try pick me up?" *peeking at her through the mirror reflection with a little trepidation* Ah.... hmn.... something wrong with this 'picture' leh...

How to get Bigger Breasts?

Wife: "Darling, do I look fat? Is my hair nice? Do you like my figure? Time has taken its toll on my body.. I'm looking old. Do I look old? After so long, still no breasts.. do you know how I can get bigger breasts? (looking into the mirrow & cupping her chest)

Irritated Husband: "I know! Theres a special technique that involves rubbing a piece of tissue between your breasts once or twice a day, that should work...." (nod furiously)

Wife: "Really!" (swipe a piece of tissue and starts straight away)

(4 weeks later)

Wife: "I've been doing what you said. I've been rubbing tissue between my breasts several times a day, every day! But my breasts are still the same size! Doesn't Work!!"








"Well it worked for your Ass didn't it?" -.-''

End Note from me: This is called. NEVER DIE BEFORE... this hubby is not sleeping in the bedroom for a while. Say Hello to the Sofa Darling! Bwuhahahahhahahahaa!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

What the heck do I do in Rumba class?

Well here you go! A sampling of what happens in Rumba... Join me if you're interested! Its seriously enjoyable. I can sign you in for a guest pass for you to give it a try for maybe 2-4 weeks. Email me or leave me a message on my tagbox!

And No, its not about jumping around like a clown.. its just that this is the only few videos that I found that resembles somewhat of what we do in class, these are just a couple of moves and I found that he had perfected his whistle when he needs the class to change move.. very effective!! Better than screaming and really catches your attention to switch to the rhythm.

Ignore the xiao char bor *crazy lady screaming in the beginning*... I found the sets of Reggaeton TO ME.. is really HARD LAH!! Maybe its because I'm new to it and also I'm very heavy!! Obviously you must be light on your feet to make this look good. Must practice more!!

Another Weightloss Inspired Story

It was a pleasant surprise this morning when a lady that I spoke to sometime back regarding her weightloss issues buzzed me on msn with wonderful news.

She went from 64kg to 43kg in 3 months and I couldn't be happier for her for her success! She started proper in May after recovering from surgery. Good Job!! This is the reason why I had opened up my weightloss support group some months back in hope that others will benefit from working together to reach their weightloss goals. Well Done!

She wrote me a message in my last post and it really made my day.

"Hey Pam~~

Just dropping by to tell u wat an inspiration u are!
For the past few months since march, I've been "blog stalking" u,chatting with u on msn, and getting valuable advise and encouragement from u... with ur encouragement and alot of determination, i lost 20++Kg!

I'm now the proud owner of a 43kg body. =) my bf cannot be happier!
wolf whistles are now getting more and more common when i walk on the street. and ahem... at clubs, guys try to get my number although my bf is standing right beside me! HAHAHA!!!
lol. I wanna thank u for this acheivement and of coz, my bf wanna thank u even more for "beautifying" me!!"

Congratulations Ning! Keep up the good work and remember that maintenance is key. Maintenance is harder than losing weight so remember to watch your diet and keep on exercising. You Go Girl!! Congrats!!

2 Hawt Instructors and Me?

I had the pleasure of taking pictures with my favourite two instructors today after the Zumba Party. Oh! And the Zumba party was AMAZING!! I had so much fun!! It was INSANE!!! I loved it SO MUCH. I'm still reeling from the euphoria of the day...

So on the left is David, my Rumba Instructor.. and on my right is my favourite gal, Rashidah, my Zumba Instructor who lead the party today and she looked HAWWWT!!! Insanely Hawt!! Goodness!! And you wonder why these 2 are still SINGLE?!? Wha da Hell?! Eh.. why ah?! *scratch head*

Rashidah & Me.. *gah!!! me without makeup looks a little scary in pictures* My face looks so red bc I'm still burning from the workout!
(UPDATE: I know this also happens to Rashidah alot. I just got flooded by questions to WHY RASHIDAH LOOKS CHINESE?!! ... aiyah please lah you guys & gals! SHE IS CHINESE LARHHHH... just that she has strong peranakan background... understooded?)

And David and me... *damn! another picture I should have put some makeup on!* Anyway.. I had the greatest time today. BEST!!! Oh.. and the camera was IN MY FACE SO MUCH today.. I have to catch that video man!

Rashidah!!!! If you see that video and they actually pass u a copy, send it my way too okay? For some parts the lens was literally IN MY FACE!! Very the unglam can! Wah lau....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Workout Music: Whats New Again?

I change workout music from time to time, usually every 2 months or so so that I stay motivated during my workouts and so the music doesn't get stale on me.

Music helps keep you in rhythm, pace you when you move and gives you that extra oomph for you to go on longer and at a higher intensity. I can't do without it.

Past workout tunes can be found HERE and HERE.

Whats in my player now?... 3 of them found here....enjoy! :)

D.H.T. (Feat. Edmee) - I Go Crazy

Gina G - Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit

Safri - Duo Rise

4kg lost in 2 weeks.. Not bad lah...

Yet another, 100-104kg (Aug 07) vs 76kg (Aug 08) picture. The day will come where I will have 3 side by side when I hit within the range of 55-65kg. Soon soon... It will be soon.

After all these couple of months since my filming and I hit 76kg back then, I went off my low carb plan due to sickness and my exercise level dipped for whatever reasons *excuses* I had. My weight slowly crept up to 78-80kg and maintained the level.

I made sure that it didn't go over 80kg as much as I could so when I finally recovered from all the bugs that were making me sick, I restarted my regime 2 weeks ago.

It started with a 3 day liquid detox where I was completely on a liquid diet. Liquid meaning everything liquid from orange juice, milk, water, Ribena, Soy milk and milo for 3 days. And frankly, that really can fuck with your mind. I was seeing food everywhere. Even my own hands looked edible. I resisted and resisted and completed it. However, I would like to say that this shouldn't be done if you do not have someone monitoring you. CJ, my hubby is a coach. So he monitored me to see if I had any ill effects and would not hesitate to pull me off if he saw that I was getting too negatively affected.

Since then, a new regime began in complete weekly schedule and I'm pleased to weigh in today at 76kg again! 4kg lost in 2 weeks. While I'm not surprised, I'm pleased. Another 4-6 more kg to hit before month end and I can go into my TVC filming looking alot better. I'm not surprised if I actually am 75kg now actually because I know I've built muscles. Muscles weigh more than fat... anyway... just take the current reading first.... 76kg is good for now. Phew!... watch this space!

Oh.. and another thing.. its our 9th Marriage Anniversary today! 9 years liao! One more year and we're a decade old married couple... :) Love love... *big kiss to my lao gong* ... whats even more amazing too is that our Couple Anniversary *our BF/GF Anni.* is 12 years already! Time flies...

I Zumba and I Rumba too!

My workout routine has changed! So lets see how this new routine works out for the body! (UPDATE: What it did for the body can be found HERE!)

From THIS workout routine.. to taking Rumba and Zumba throughout the week! I haven't jogged in quite some time now. On average, I take about 3 Rumba classes and 2 Zumba classes per week. I'd take more of Rashidah's class but her timing is just too late for me in the day. Change to mornings lehh Rashidah!!!!!

I take Rumba with David. His classes are very high energy and takes up to maybe an 85% intensity for the hour that the class runs. I practically wheeze after each set. Sets of merengue, cumbia, salsa, lambada, rumba and reggaeton IS NOT EASY LOR! But is surely very very enjoyable. Sample of this below! Check it out.

And I take Zumba from Rashidah... so lets see if I can get my hands on a video of Rashidah's work.. she's great! Zumba eliminates the "work" from "working out" by combining amazing, irresistible Latin and international music with dynamic, yet simple exercise moves, using its unique interval training format to help participants get fit in a party-like environment. Zumba combines dance and fitness moves for cardiovascular health, toning and strength building.

Note to Rashidah: Babe! I know you read my blog.. so how? Do u have a video of yourself?

So anyone else interested to join one of the classes? There is a Zumba Party this Friday from 740pm onwards at the Orchard Branch. And I have FREE passes up for grabs (And these passes entitle you entry WITHOUT the gym tour which is what everyone hates when they use a free pass to come for this party).

Theme for the evening: Club wear with a hint of Latin Flava! So come dressed HAWT! But sensible too! You're going to be exercising but its going to be FUN!

Email me HERE if interested to come along and I'll meet you early on Friday to pass you your pass. And to those who have reserved the pass with me, DON'T BE LATE HOR!! I won't wait for u bc I don't wanna be late!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sponsor Hair Colour?

I just took a pic to show how horrendous my hair colour has become. I'm not looking to cut my hair as I'm growing it out but the colour!! *blinding my eyes*

Firstly.. its growing out so I have a base head of dark brown and outgrown chestnut strands with blonde highlights. GAH! Ugly lah!

Secondly.. as the colour fades, it gets lighter and lighter so I look more & more LIAN!!

Anyone of my readers from a Salon or is a Hairdresser or Knows a Salon Owner who would be willing to SPONSOR some new hair colour plus highlights?

I cannot go into my TVC early September with this outrageous hair...Anyone? Someone? Email me HERE.

How to do the Booty Shake!

In Zumba class, Rashidah incorporates quite alot of hip hop in her routine which is probably why I love the class so much. I get the fluidity of latin and the pop bump bump bump shake from hip hop in one class!

But I have a small issue with the booty shake. I can shake. I can bump. BUT only for a short while only! Something must be wrong.

Very the not nice to see lah! Lao Hong liao... I must be doing something wrong about my bootyshake in class bc after 10-15 seconds, I'm so winded and burnt out that my butt attempts to fall out of my body and run away... I can't complete the next set without wheezing.. or maybe.. i'm just old... *wail*

Backside move. Arm cannot move. Arm move. Backside cannot move. If I manage to coordinate both, the max I can run it for is 10-15 seconds at MOST. Before I burn up and go WAH LAU EH!! CANNOT AHH!!! *flop to the side*

Something MUST be wrong lah. So I did a search to see if I can get some tips on making it LOOK better and I found this.

Damn Blardy Hilarious okay these 2 drag queens but its quite good in terms of step by step. His, erm... I mean HER butt can really shake! I know many of my galfriends would love to give this a try.

Time to go practice if not I'm going to relegate myself to the back of the class instead of front row than have people stare at my uncoordinated fat arse.

Check it out!~

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Karate Kids...

My hubby, CJ teaches Karate to both Adults and Kids...and in several locations too.. At the official Dojo, primary schools and one of our local University. He also does personal training aka 1 on 1 Karate Lessons but those kind really cost a pretty penny. :) Personalised & customised attention leh! :)

I caught one of the trainings where both my girls were in class and here they are! :) Ah... my little bebe Karatekas... just like Daddy.... *muse* Some girlfriends have asked if I did Karate too.. I did.. for a very short while.. and while CJ hates to admit it. I'm still a white belt.

Karate really isn't my thing.. I need the music and the beat of my Rumba and Zumba classes to get me going... and Boy can that really get me going!! Whooot! I love my dance classes... but anyway..for those who are more interested in a more traditional art.

Anyone interested to learn Karate? Adults OR Kids. Drop me a mail here and I'll get you in touch with him or Alternatively.. just click on his blog link and contact him yourself :)

<------- see there on my blogroll? CJ's Blog.

This is with Eirian in her side of the Dojo with her Daddy.
Dojo - training place.

And this is Lauren! with her Daddy :) Haiii-yah!!!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mama's 66th Birthday on National Day!

Its my Mother in Law's 66th Birthday today! Yes! On National day! :) So our little family went out to Long Beach Seafood Restaurant at Dempsey Road for lunch.

Birthday Lotus Peach Buns! Huat Ah! Must eat for Good Luck! I opened mine, licked out the lotus paste and stuffed the buns into Eirian's mouth. Hhahahahaa....

And Gareth, my nephew! I haven't seen him in a while and I missed him alot!! Come come! Take picture with Kim Kim!! *Ahem.. thats me!!*

Smiling for me.. he's quite a natural with the camera... auto pose & smile too!

I like this shot I took of him, looks so natural!

And I LOVE PRAWNS!! And how do you go to a seafood restaurant and not eat Giant Haha Prawns? Aka Drunken Prawns.. u eat them and u go HAHAHAHAHA......-.-'' ok.. not funny. *smacks self*

But when I said giant! I really meant that it was BIG!! I stood one regular sized one up on my rice bowl.. BIG & juicy!!!! Sooo goood.... :) *sssllurp*

And I looove sambal kangong...

And this could either be sheer genius or a cockup that became an excellent idea. A Seafood Horfun dish with deep fried horfun. Literally Deep Fried Horfun *rice* Noodles with seafood broth and clams. Texture wise I'm sure it was fantastic. I could only judge from Eirian's constant shoving of these noodles into her mouth and it smelt pretty good too!

And this shot I took of myself in the taxi on the way there... the taxi background really didn't look too appealing so I removed it and changed it to black but I love how 3D this looks... *AHEM*... ok enough cam-loving... Time for Fireworks!!


Friday, August 08, 2008

People on the MRT thought I was NuTs...

Well more like.. it started like this... I was was traveling back from gym class at Orchard and grabbed a free Today paper from the MRT station. Reading the above mentioned article had me sniggering disceetly but the more I read it, images of these 2 below kept coming to mind so I started laughing. Out. Loud... *I couldn't help it! It was the giggles!* Read the article to see why I thought it was funny.

Ie. more so these lines.... "the temple explodes the chicken cube" (Kungpao Chicken) or "Fried Crap" (Carp)

Then look below.

Almost immediately, I felt the radius around me…. Move away that little bit. And the train was crowded too!

Then I moved on to another article and I burst out laughing in the middle of the train again so I closed the paper and did some breathing to calm down.

This was the one... and since I had the giggles but thought I calmed down, I opened up the paper again to read the article, I burst out laughing again... *oh heck alrighty already!! breathe breathe* Bwuahahahahha!!!

The more I read and once I hit the last line that has the word "star Anus" in it... There was MOST DEFINITELY A DISTINCT radius of free space around me by then I was giggling so hard that I believe I alarmed some passengers on the mrt.

"(Oohh point point) Xiao Char bor*.. move move... Laugh laugh to herself.. dunno what she laughing at... Eeeee...."

*Xiao Char Bor = Crazy woman

So... to anyone who is reading this and saw this slightly lunatic lady laughing on the train today.. yep, thats probably me... and I'm sorry if I alarmed you. -.

I'm Sane. Really! :)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Watch Pre-NDP Fireworks HERE!

I was out last night for a Pre-NDP Fireworks party with a client at a rooftop party. It gave us an excellent view of the final rehearsal fireworks and I caught some with my handphone.

As usual, they were spectacular and are always best appreciated seen live but those who have missed it, *save for my lousy video taking skills*, you can check them out here!! :)

Enjoy!! Total of 3 parts.

Part 1 of 3.

Part 2 of 3.

Part 3 of 3!

Spree: Eye of the Day Eyeshadow Pictures!

With the latest spree craze where you can get products from the US/China/Aus/Ca at dirt cheap discounted prices, many sprees have been opening up for various products that are not available in Singapore. Ie. I got sports bras from La Senza for ONLY S$10!! iNsaNe right!!? GNC items online too are at least 40-50% cheaper than retail here even with shipping. Costume Jewellery at only $10 a pop and very comparable in quality and some nicer in design to our local costume/silver jewellery stores, face masks at only $0.85 per mask as compared to our local $2.50 a piece!... there are so many more! *hiding IB gadget from buying more*

My latest spree item is an 88 colour eyeshadow palette! Only $28 INCLUDING shipping & postage. Such a steal! I won't need eyeshadow for a very very long time! The colours are so very swee and I consoled myself that if it looked too shocking for my face ie for a person like me who only uses white/pink/brown eyeshadow only on the regular basis at most, I could always give it to my girls to princess themselves up!

So on my parenting board, there is this thing called Eye of the Day where the moms there do up their daily eyeshadow and post up eyeshot pictures to share. We learn how to combine colours and techniques. So with my new palette, I contributed my first EOTD shot with my girls!

I had an event yesterday for a Pre-National Day Fireworks party on the rooftop of a certain hotel with one of my clients and my girls came along for the party too! We were all colour coordinated and came up with these!....

Excuse the "all over the place" pupils, I didn't know where to look at such closeup shots. And this one was already most the NON COCK EYE one I took.

Skintone looks different bc first one is with Natural Sunlight no flash, 2nd Darker bc I was in my room with Artificial Light no flash.

Colours used: Orange/Bronze/Brown. With Top Glitter Lashes. (Hence the whitish look on top of the lash)

I then took Eirian in Pink with Flash bc she had on a pink dress and Lauren in Green with Flash bc she had on a yellow/green dress.

Colours used: White(my own VoV colour)/Pink/Purple

Colours used: White(my own Vov colour)/Yellow/Green.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Come Zumba with Rashidah....

Damn! I love her classes so much so I'm going to plug her here. I've blogged about this HERE and HERE to find out more.

Rashidah is a professional dancer, choreographer and instructor and one of the more inspiring instructors at CFitness.

If you're going to take Zumba, you have. HAVE. have to take her class. Forget about the other instructors. She's the best.

Classes Taught
Supa Street (Hip Hop)
Zumba Fitness

Achievements & Experience
California Fitness Country Trainer for Zumba Fitness
Competed in and won numerous dance events since 15yrs old
Professional training in a broad repertoire of dance that spans Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical Jazz, Latin Jazz, Salsa and Funk, to Modern, Contempory Dance and Ballet
Understudied major dance instructors in USA and Japan

Zumba created by Colombian fitness trainer Beto Perez, it involves an hour-long class that uses low-impact Latin dance moves set to Latin music to tone the body.

Don't worry if you've got two left feet. Rashidah Lim assures us that anyone can pick up the steps within a few classes.

The workout is estimated to burn between 600 and 800 calories, depending on the intensity you attack the moves with.

Lim, 23, says Zumba gives you such a great time that you forget you're actually doing a workout. You get a feel of that by watching the smile on her face as she demonstrates some of the moves on this page. Just remember that these moves are part of the total workout and usually done to a lively dance beat.

I found a little more about Zumba's signature moves that she integrates in her class. Article from AsiaOne here. I adapted the images and some content here for easy reading. Most of this post's content has been adapted from the link above.

So who's up for Zumba? Come lah.. I go on Friday noons at 1140 Orchard Sunday where possible at 450pm Bugis and there's also a Tuesday late afternoon class if you can make it at 520 Orchard.


What it works: Biceps, triceps and hips

How to do it: Start with a normal march, keeping your feet together. Gradually twist knees inwards with each step as you raise your right arm up, elbow bent, and stretch your left arm straight out. Using a waving motion, swing your arms overhead from side-to-side, interchanging movements with each twist of your Merengue step.

I say: I'm still a little uncoordinated on this. I can only do it properly when my arms swing. Without the arm swing. I'm stumbling over my own two feet! -.-''

CRUMP (A freestyle move used in street and hip-hop dance)

What it works: The abdominals

How to do it: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees bent, clench your fists and place them in front of your chest, arms bent. Moving the upper torso towards your waist, crunch your abs, release and repeat.

I say: Fwoah lao! This IS FUN. I never knew I could do this until I tried it in Zumba and its really not easy lah!! Alot of very spasticated moves when this goes on in the class but do it because you're enjoying yourself. Not because you look like you're having an epileptic fit. Which most of the class looks like anyway.. just try not to laugh and try your best.

BETO SHUFFLE (A move created by Zumba creator Beto Perez)

What it works: The obliques and hips

How to do it: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees bent, palms in front of you with your left palm facing down and right palm facing up. Swing your hips out to the left, while simultaneously pointing your hands to the right. Then switch sides by swinging your hip to the right, now with your right palm facing down, and with your left palm pointing to the left. Repeat this shuffle to the right twice before switching back to the left.

I say: This is my favourite Zumba move.

So.. anyone up for Zumba? If you haven't joined me yet *I know some of you have*, email me HERE and we'll meet up to sign you in at California Fitness. :) What are you waiting for?!! Lets Zumba!!