Thursday, May 01, 2008

My Workout Routine...

I've got questions from time to time from people asking me what I do to work out. This is my current routine to what I do lately. As the body adjusts, I would need to modify this routine from time to time but this is current as of now.

That picture above is my legs right now. Its not a sexy pair *but I'm working to make it look more acceptable so that I can wear some denim/puffy kawaii-ne skirts!* but I'm glad to note that its a hell of alot smaller than before where it was just 2 stubby lumps below my ball of a body I had previously. That being said, I DO NOT KNOW how to slim the legs, to pre-empt anyone asking me this question via email as there is no such thing as spot slimming. But you can work the various leg muscles and hip/butt area to gain muscle to help increase your body's caloric burn and help tone these areas over time.

For some people, they gawk at what I do and go "har! so much, I can't do that!" or some people just shrug and say "oh, thats pretty normal" or even "thats too easy!!". For starters though, some numbers may look big but its really not that difficult to do and know that I've reached this current level gradually over time. Whether it was to increase in repetitions or distance or speed. It was done over time. I didn't start exercising in the beginning at this kind of level so for anyone considering an exercise routine, find something that you can do consistently, at a moderate pace and gradually build up from there to something that you can maintain over time.

For the curious ones. Here goes and if anyone has recommendations to add on or to modify this routine to a better one, please please... email me HERE.

I go to the gym 2-3 times a week. And I jog 2-3 times a week. These are done on alternate days. This would be a preferred week. If work/sickness/any other reason has it that I miss my workout, I aim for a minimum. 3 times a week workout at very least.

If I miss gym, I jog.

My typical Gym day would be:
  • 10 minutes stretching

  • 45-60 minutes cardio - can be a mix of either spinning/threadmill/crosstrainer

  • 5 minutes post cardio stretching

  • About 300 crunches
  • And probably 30-45 minutes more of various machines - could be lower body or upper body depending on choice of the day.

  • Post workout - usually I end with a 20 minute steam/sauna.

My Typical Jog day would be:

  • 10 minutes stretching
  • 6 rounds around my estate. Don't know the distance though. But long enough to continously jog for 1 hour at moderate pace.

  • 10 minutes of post cardio stretching

  • 100 leg raises

  • 1 block climb x 25 floors *If I do less jogging rounds, I compensate 1 missed round for one complete block climb. Ie I jog 5 rounds instead, I will do the climb twice.*

  • And if I'm up to it, I do some light arm exercises with light weights when I'm back home after all that.

So thats it for now... definitely not as hard hitting, or even rigorous as what my lao gong does on a daily basis. His workouts are so hard that one power session, he burns over 1000 calories each time! Maybe I should contemplate joining his class one of these days just to add on to my routine... *hmmmmnnn ponder ponder*

For those who come to my blog in search of weightloss references. Don't let this turn you off. I know some of you are going "aiyoh, so tiring! Don't want liao..." You definitely need to incorporate some kind of exercise routine into your life if you want change and make it a priority in the day rather than as an option. Make it a MUST not a might or maybe. Just like how you would prioritise a meeting/a meal or even a bath in a day. Make it a point to put in exercise time and you'll see a healthier you eventually.




Maybe you can share with us what your hubby is doing and we compare from there?

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hahhaa.. you're more than welcome to check out his blog.