Saturday, May 10, 2008

There are no ugly women, only lazy ones....

If you make the effort to emphasise your best features and groom yourself before you present yourself to others, you would be pretty. As it is said, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones... do I look as good without makeup as with? Depends on the person looking but majority will always say that once the "Face" is on, it looks more presentable. I think it makes a difference but CJ says it looks the same to him.... -.-''

I can prove it! From seemingly plain janes and with some makeup, VOILA!!... more larger pictures can be found here... the makeup artist for these girls IS REALLY GOOD!! And if you were wondering why the 4th one looks like a guy? Well because IT IS! Its a guy lor!! And he looks like such a pretty lady right? Buay Tahan...

Does it mean that you should go out to buy a whole makeup range? Nope, just ensure that you have some makeup basics that will help add colour to your face and emphasise what you think is best.

Nothing however helps cover up bad skin and dry lips so drink alot of water and use suitable face washes. I recommend anything with tea tree oil in it and listerine for spot drying of pimples. I like the tea tree range from The Body Shop. If you need some serious exfoliation... try Ginvera Marvel Gel... and of course.. once in a while, use a face mask to hydrate and plump up your skin! ... what I've been using lately?... Dainty All in One Collagen Face Mask...

My girlfriend, JO introduced these masks to me and it can really plump up your skin and help clear it with regular use! It can be bought locally from Beauté Spring stores at $2.50 per piece or cheaper if you buy more. Alternatively, look for online sprees for this great product...

There is a makeup artist on youtube who has some quite informative makeup videos. Check it out here! Enkore's makeup tips however can be quite dramatic but he gives great storage tips for makeup.

I've got a link on some basic care and makeup tips that can be found here! This one is really good. Go explore!

My makeup kit is very basic. Much to the appalled makeup artists who do my face. They exclaim "What! you don't go facials? How come your face so swee? and cannot use makeup without primer/foundation/moisturiser!! Wait you get pigmentation later on!" I put it down to having good genes lah and alot alot of water. I don't use foundation nor concealer or face powders and I don't know how to without making myself look WAYANG. If you have something to recommend to me, let me know and mail me here!

I don't want to end up looking like this lor!!! Anyone want to teach me how to put them to look natural then? These are good for stage/theatrical but not for general use. I tried putting foundation and it looked normal at home but when I stepped out and went to a public toilet to check, I shocked myself to hell. I was so PALE and all I needed was a white dress/long black hair. I could qualify to be a fat version of Sadako.... -.-''

Whats in my makeup kit are as follows:
  • L'óreal Blush - Usually in a darker pink shade
  • L'óreal Eyeshadow - usually in pink/purple/gray/white shade
  • VOV glitter stick - Always in white
  • Dark Brown eyeliner pencil which doubles up as eyebrow tint
  • Maybelline Dark Brown mascara
  • Vaseline Lip Balm + a random lipstick colour preferably something dark red
  • Eyelash glue + some sets of false eyelashes + eyelash curler

Thats it! Everything just sits lovely on good skin! So drink up! Water is very important for clear skin. As for makeup remover, I'm very old school and use Ponds Cold Cream for my whole face, even for removing mascara if I use them.

That being said, I would be pleased and open for anyone who reads my blog who's from a skincare company to wants me to endorse or give their makeup/skincare range a try? Hahhaa anyone?

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:: g|ow :: * said...

im reading back yr older entries. heh. anyway i recommend u to use BB cream! really popular now. it means blemish balm cream but really, anyone can use it. it's really popular in korea now.

mine is from dodo club and one tube lasts me for mths!!!

when it put it on it looks so natural that my bf dont even know i have makeup on. but it really helps to give my face tt dewy, healthy shine. :D really cheap too. it was ard $10? worth a try!!!

<3, karen

P.S there are many other brands of bb cream out there but i only tried dodo club. budget student la. lol. u can read up on bb cream reviews at gosh that lady is some makeup collector! lol.