Thursday, May 01, 2008

Love Cookies

Today has been quite indulgent and relaxing. After having lazed in bed till nearly 11am, the girls and I decided we'd spend the day home making cookies. After some mandatory homework that was finished, we headed down to Phoon Huat which just happens to be across the street from our place to explore what we might want to make. Budget? $10.

And we found a pack of cookie premix. $3.30 and all it needed was a 250gm block of butter! $1.90! So simple! I couldn't resist the Jumbo red heart toppings so in it went into our basket. $3.05. We popped by the mini mart and bought some mini M&Ms, $1.40.

Total: $9.65 (Within budget!! Whooot!)

So we dumped the mix into a mixing bowl and mashed in the butter and after a short blend and mix, the dough started to form perfectly and we made little dough balls all over the table.

Lay out the cookie decorations... stuff that we already had at home like... hundreds & thousands rainbow mix sprinkles, pocky strawberry sticks, raisins and glaced cherries. Then we added the brand new additions of mini chocolates and the jumbo hearts!

Eirian spending time making little faces on her tray of cookies.

Eirians' tray. Can see that she has alot of thoughts running about her head by the way she decorates her cookies. Its quite diverse. Hahahaha.

Lauren was a little more systematic and wanted all her cookies to look the same.

So triple M&M cookies for her it was. I can see that she's growing to be like me. Stubborn and independant. Wanting to do things her way and with her own little system.

Eventually after the first batch of mixed decoration. We both settled to making love cookies and cherry cookies with rainbow sprinkles.

After everything was baked and cooled, we packed up 2 boxes and Lauren delivered one up to her classmate. Who happens to live in the same block. She was so proud!! And I was proud that she took pride in what she did and gave them away so generously. I'm sure it will be a topic to talk about tomorrow in class with her friend. :) How nice.

Then we took the other box and went to the mini mart downstairs and gave it to the Aunty there too! She's been really nice to us and Lauren & Eirian were so pleased to give them to her. *proud mommy following them from behind while they did their gifting*

To end the day off, I made cheesy cream pasta with hotdogs for dinner so it was pretty much carb overload today but heck! such a nice public holiday. Its time for gym tomorrow to sweat it out! :) And it was facepainting mommy to the talent que! Time for facepainting!! Smile Lauren!

And say cheese Eirian!! *grin*

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