Saturday, May 17, 2008

Workout Music:Whats new?

Whats new in my MP3 player lately? Thanks to the recommendations of Alexandra... my younger sis.. being the CF spinning instructor that she is, she'd surely have some good workout tune recommendations and I was right! They're good lah!! I now have a whole new range of workout tunes to sweat too....

Now if you're working out to a cardio sweat, this is the beat I follow to really work up to pooling some sweat on the ground...

Here are some of them... enjoy!! :) These videos are quite loud. Don't say I didn't warn you! :)

Safri Duo feat. Clark Anderson - All the people in the world

Safri Duo - Samb Adagio

Lambada Mix *With Safri Duo* I couldn't find the exact version I have on my player on youtube but its correct up to the first 35 seconds of this video mix. The rest... erm... is alright.. but not the track that I'd work out to.. heh...

Music while working out is very important to me and it has to be hard hitting, very upbeat so that I can pace myself. Work harder and longer and keep myself motivated. I tend to fizzle a little when the songs get too "old" and need to renew my list every so often..

That being said, I listen to these songs during transit and travel too so if I'm alone outside and you see me. It's very likely that I would not hear you calling out to me. Tap me on my arm if you need to catch my attention. If not, I would be revelling in very loud music in my own little world

Summer Rain (Rob Mayth Club Mix) *The beginning to this is a little draggy so I'd recommend listening from -4.45min track point*

And to leave off this small listing of whats new in my player.. a little bit of old school...its Sesame Street New Techno House Mix!! Each time I listen to this, I'm tempted to go " 5 - 6 - 7 -8 HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHHA.." in the middle of the train.

In event that I'm so stressed that I actually lose my composure in public and you see this happening? Yep, it would be me... *cough cough* I will claim temporary insanity btw.... hahaha.... :)

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