Friday, May 23, 2008

Zumba Update!

Find our about one of Zumba's Master Trainer here! She's Good!

An update to THIS.

I've tried my first Zumba class at Orchard CF this morning and here are my reviews!

IT WAS GREAT!! I really enjoyed myself tremendously. I'm definitely going back for more.

And unfortunately for other gyms, Zumba is exclusive to California Fitness in Singapore.

Technically, I managed to do just about 90% of all the moves demonstrated which is A GOOD THING for a first timer in a new class.

So those "hand like leg, leg like hand" people sure can do it. There were alot of older ladies in the class, some grandmothers even! and if they can do it.. anyone can.

I did notice though that the class were all ladies. I guess no men are too keen on it yet? All they did were gawk from the glass mirror behind at all the shaking rumps..

Check this video out and tell me. Its do-able right? DEFINITELY... If I can.. so can you. This video really makes u wanna stand up and try doesn't it! Ignore the "crowd" though, I know they look a little spaz but once you're warmed up in class. You'll be fine.

That being said, to really enjoy this class. You really need to shake without inhibitions so don't even bother about those buayas standing strategically at their viewing spot outside "pretending to lift weights".

And since this is still relatively new, there are also alot of first timers so you don't have to be embarassed if you lose timing. Practically no one was standing there looking like an idiot... after checking out the next move, you adjust and from the 2nd move onwards, its smooth! Compared to Body Combat or Step Class which sometimes leave u standing there lost in time and scratching your head bc you can't keep up.

For some reason, I'm even contemplating to explore the idea of being a Zumba instructor in the future.. but I'll give it a couple of months to see how it develops and move from there. I can actually visualise myself instructing this... **ponder ponder**

Intensity wise, it's about 60% intensity compared to a body combat class to me at least, so you would break a sweat but sweat would not be flying about as you would in a body combat class. This would also mean that after the class, personally, I'd supplement it with a little more cardio. Its not intense enough yet. At least not with this instructor. Different instructors give different intensity of workout but I'd say that I'm quite impressed with today's instructors' moves.

As long you're a person who can keep a rhythm in your head. Zumba can be easy.

I'll definitely be back for more and have next week's schedule on hand. There is a master class next tuesday ar Orchard. Master classes are great bc they are conducted by experienced master trainers.

So anyone joining me?! Email me HERE.

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