Monday, May 26, 2008

A Belated Mother's Day Celebration!

The Toh family gathers together for certain occasions other than Chinese New Year. *yes, I'm a Toh. Who married a Sim. And yes, I adopted my husbands name.* We all headed down to my kampong, Serangoon Gardens for yet another family gathering.

The occasion? Mothers Day! Hahha! I know. Its a really belated one. It was hard getting everyone together, either someone was out of town but we all finally made it yesterday. 25th May 2006.

We made our way down to my dad's house and waited for dinner.. and dinner was good as usual. Alot of chicken! Roasted, Fried, Curried and Satayed! Hahah...

And lontong! I looove vegetable curry, petai *urgh I don't like petai --> the green beans u see in the 2nd picture. Its horribly bitter*, fried fish, and cucumber/onions that went with the satay...

And we had to contribute something. So we baked cookies! Heh heh.. freshly baked oatmeal cookies came from me! And my aunt's domestic helper baked some banana cake! Yumm!!~

And before we all ate... everyone posed for a group picture! The moms there and all the cousins in the kitchen... Say Cheese!! Lauren then distributed little Happy Mothers Day pictures that she spent the afternoon colouring. :) So sweet lah she... :) *proud mom beaming*

Happy Mother's Day everyone! I know its a little late but Mother's must be appreciated ALL THE TIME for all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears we put in for you children... Have you said I love you and thank you to your Mother today?

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