Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween: Police Chicks...

Happy Halloween! Its Halloween Themed at most of the clubs that I teach and there are 2 classes that hold this theme this week to dress up for. Todays class at the American Club where I went as Police Chick Pam.. "arresting" people at the gym and in class and all over the club.

Accessories to note: Police Hat, Baton, Handcuffs, Walkie Talkie, Torch Light, Gun with Holster, Leather Gloves and my favourite Black boots.

Extra not in picture: Gold Rimmed Aviator sunglasses.

And yeah! I taught the class in this outfit and I have to say - its crazy to teach in costume. Firstly, I attempted the first half of the class with just the stockings but I ended up flashing my ass to the class at least twice with my top riding up my butt.. and then my stockings started to form holes and tears so I had to stop dancing for a minute to pull on some shorts! Insane lah!! We had group pictures taken in the dance studio but I have no idea whos camera we used! I will ask them next week to get a copy of those pictures.

But overall very fun!! This is part 1 of 2 Themed class. Part 2 tomorrow at the Raffles Town Club and I'm looking forward to see what everyone will be dressed as!! :) Mental note - must take pictures! Must take pictures with MY camera!!

Special Thanks to Alegria Dimas who lent me this costume. Love it!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bioré Makeup Removers!

If you're as vain as me.. okay.. so I admit it.. I'm really vain.. *shrugs & flips hair* - walks past reflection.. check myself out.. hahahaha! But hey!! Admit it.. who doesn't check themselves out?! And of course, I play with makeup too! Love them!

Whats on my face for this shot? A little more than what I usually use so that I can really see what I can take off with my new makeup removers... yep! I'm reviewing some in this post!

Base - Bodyshop Face moisture cream + primer (Monistat) + Revlon Beyond Natural liquid foundation (rarely used except for shoots and this post).

Eyes & Cheeks - Lolita New York Mineral Makeup - Eyeshadow (Shimmer range) + Pink Blusher + Loose Finishing Powder.

Eyes - Dark Brown eyebrow pencil. (Brand unknown), Revlon Color Stay Dark Brown Eyeliner, Maybelline Magnum Express Mascara. No Colored Contacts today...

Lips - Revlon Midnight Swirl Lip Gloss.

And what I have today are 3 makeup removers, the one above is the Bioré Hydra-Clear Makeup remover. This one is a water based formulation so if you've got eyelash extensions and need to remove makeup around or on it. This would be your best bet. Cooling with an Aqua Floral scent. Very refreshing after a long day of having makeup plastered all over your face - specially after a shoot where layers and layers of foundation and powder are smacked all over you with each touchup before filming... Honeymeow rating for this product? 8 out of 10 meows.

What happened to the 2 points?
Well, for this product unfortunately, irritated my eyes. Although instructions mentioned to keep your eyes closed while using this to remove eye makeup, I teared quite abit for at least 15 minutes after makeup removal as some of the liquid went into my eyes. Was it effective? Sure it was.. but a product suited for me? Not really. So moving on to the next one.. yes! We have 3 kinds to check out here...

Wonder what else to use to remove all that gunk off my face... hmn.... another one! The Bioré Makeup remover for Eye and Lip... I have to say this one in advance.. I LOVE this one.. Honeymeow Rating for this one! 10 out of 10 meows! I will definitely use this one more and repeatedly in the future... And you'll see why below...

Not only is it preeeettty in pink.. hehehe! It comes in such a nice jewel bottle. Mix it up before use and pout onto a cotton pad. Its Micro Cleansing Formula softens heavily layered waterproof mascara.. and hey! Anything that removes my eyeliner that fast is FABULOUS!!... and my eyeliner is waterproof/longlasting/longstaying kind too. If I don't conciously remove it, it can stay on for 3 days and still look the same without smudging! But then again, who wants to go to bed with makeup on anyway.. skin needs to breathe! So here it is, squirt a couple of drops onto a cotton pad and...

Slap it on to your eye and just give it a couple of seconds. Prod it a little.. and...

in just a couple of seconds and with a gentle cottony wiggle, you can lift off your cotton pad and see just how much it has removed! Pretty cool huh! And as you can see it took only 3 cotton pads to remove every thing till complete cleanliness from half my face... no tight feeling and no oily feeling either! I really felt fresh!

And it took only a few gentle swipes to get everything off. No more hard excessive wiping on the eyes to get everything off... I like and I think my eyes and facial skin will thank me in time to come for being gentle to it..

I have another treat for you since you're reading this and if you're located in Singapore, you can redeem some product samples for FREE!! Just Click on the link below and follow the instructions to redeem your free sample!

The sample set includes 1 Travel size of Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip (15ml), 1 Travel size of Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets(2 Pcs) and its FREE!! Click the above to redeem. :)

Available from now till 31st October 2010 only.

What you see above is another makeup remover below.. The Bioré Cleansing Oil-in-Cotton Sheets. A total of 48 sheets in a regular sized dispenser. Beats having to deal with liquid bottles and cotton pad and is easy to use.

How the packaging is like on the shelf as you see on the shelves above. And packaging when you open it below...

And the other half of my face needed makeup removed so I placed a sheet on my eye, waited a couple of seconds and voila! Again! Makeup was transferred off just like that! Personally I liked the squishy feeling of more liquid from the pink remover where I could put more liquid on the cotton pad and literally feel the makeup melting off my face as it drips than having pre-soaked sheets like this. But its definitely convenient and not as "messy".

It only took me 2 sheets to remove all my makeup on the remaining half of my face so 1 box would last me around 12 days of makeup free freshness! And thats if I wear makeup everyday continuously for nearly 2 weeks... Not too bad.. Honeymeow Rating for this one.. 9 out of 10 meows... gentle on the skin.. was a little dryer than I would have liked it but then again, I like the excessive drip of makeup removers so no fault to the sheets at all.. it may be perfect for you perhaps..

And once again.. if you're a makeup fan... you've gotta remember to NEVER sleep with your makeup on... skin has gotta breathe and you don't want to end up clogging your pores...

Out of all thats available in the market... and if you're not sure of what to buy and use.. check these out... again.. redeem a trial set first before you decide. LINK HERE.. and stay pretty.. :) ~ Thanks for reading! And keep on reading! Oh! And email me to say Hi! If you have the time!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Because We All Want Gorgeous Lashes...

Don't you? You can get naturally long looking lashes in just 95 minutes at the Lolita New York Beautique at Marina Square. No more fussing with Mascara and your eyes would still be just as gorgeous without eyeshadow/eyeliner. Imagine fluttering your lashes anytime, anywhere and literally wake up pretty! (minus the drool and sleep marks of course!)

After years of putting on mascara or false lashes that lasted me just a couple of hours, this one literally lasts for at least 2 weeks continuous or for as long as your lash lifespan lasts. Usually around 4 weeks or so before your natural lashes naturally shed itself along with the extension thats bonded to it. It doesn't even touch your eyelids as the extension is bonded with your natural lash hair with the best medical surgical grade Novalash glue from the US. And NO, it doesn't make your natural lashes drop out prematurely... but you do have to take care not to stress it out by rubbing too hard, using oil based makeup removers or curling it with an eyelash curler.. all a no-no! for it to last as long as it can...

For more lasting fullness, you can go back every 3-4 weeks to get a topup where they would topup what dropped off since your last visit and abit more too! So you can maintain that look for months and months with regular maintainence. And its really all just a matter of taking a little time to lie in the comforts of their treatment room under a warm soft blanket.

My girlfriend Jo. Lim opened this shop and I want to give her some support where I can and I hope you would too! She really deserves all the support she can get as she had put heart and soul into this business... :) Before I continue, here's a deal for you too! Mention "honeymeow" at her store and get an immediate 20% discount for any products/services there! Not to be combined with an existing promotion however so do look out for in-store promotions!

I started off my first visit there to get my eyes lashed up for the first time ever!
I literally snored through my session where my snores woke me up several times!! *embarassing! (blush)* My lash technician, Joann was so lighthanded and gentle, I could hardly feel her finger pressure so it was like feathers were swished over me.. how not to fall asleep?! and before I knew it! It was done!! 95 minutes and around 70 lashes both long, short and with blue/purple highlights were put on. Pretty! Pretty! I like!!

The Lolita New York shop was conceived on 18 Sep 2010. The shop is divided into 3 sectors, delving in eyelash extension, mineral eyeshadow and blusher as well as custom blend powder foundation. All their products are from the USA and all colours in their makeup range are unique to the LNY shop as they concoct each color themselves! And not only that! They also have makeup and makeover services too!

Whats unique about them too are that her products are devoid of ingredients commonly found in alot of other cosmetic products that can aggravate sensitive skin issues...

For their Mineral Makeup and Custom Blend products, they insist on not adding the following in all their makeup formulations:

Boron Bitrate
Bismuth Oxychloride
All Paraben

A sampling of their price ranges at the store...

Eyeshadow - $17.90
Blusher - $24.90
Colour corrector - $19.90 (This one is amazing - cover up your dark eye circles with the correct colour blend corrector to your dark circle shade! Find out more at the store!)
Foundation Powder - $58.90 (custom blend on the spot to your shade)
Touchup Powder - $29.90

As seen from below - this is how a natural look would be with around 70 lashes (short/long/highlights) would look.

And a full face feature with my new lashes...

And as mentioned, they have makeup, hair styling and makeover services too! My lash technician and stylist put my hair up! Love the curls! Call for a quotation for these services if interested.

Joann (one of Jo. L's lash technicians and stylist) and me at the Lolita New York Store. Joann is also an experienced hairstylist and makeup artist in training. :)

A little bit about my friend Jo which I find very inspirational.... she never fails to kick me in the butt when she sees I'm not performing better than I can which I appreciate over the years... she started her makeup business online for awhile first and with that wild success moved on to setting up her own brick & mortar store at Marina Square.

My Gf, Jo. L always enjoyed experimenting with makeup and constantly seeked formulas to cure her problematic skin type. One day, when a friend asked Jo. L about the breakouts she'd been experiencing since trying a particular brand of mineral makeup, Jo. L offered to find out about what exactly goes into each mineral makeup product.

To her surprise, several possible ingredients were found which had known sensitivity issues that could result in rashes and blemishes. Light dawned on her... not all mineral makeup were made equally!

With her facination with the ingredients and the making of purer makeup for herself and friends. Over the years, Jo. L removed more and more ingredients that was not neccessary for her makeup formulation and received numerous customer recognition with her concoctions.

LESS is MORE made sense, better formulas for natural, good-for-your-skin makeup is without a doubt better for everyones' skin than a whole pot of unknown chemicals & ingredients... and then Lolita New York was born...

Click on the above image to check out the latest promotion for lash extensions. I went back a couple of days later to top up my lash count as Jo felt that a fuller look would suit my eyes better and it did! Joann added another 25 long lashes to my existing set and voila! *winks winks*

I went there to get the top up done on the day I had my Zumba instructor ZIN 27 release training too and it was amazing to be able to get to my training studio later that day to meet up with my fellow dance instructors looking pretty with new lashes!! :)

Joann put my hair up as I had mentioned that I would need it to be up and away from my face as I would need to dance the rest of the day away during dance training and she gave me this look below which turned out lovely too! Very secure and only came off later that night when I pulled out the pins that held the curls together. Got skill!!!

Another look at my 95 strands of lashes... go get yours today! You can call +65 63389981 for an appointment or walk in at the store at the Marina Link at Esplanade MRT.

Lolita New York
Marina Link, Unit #B1-12
Marina Square
Easily accessible from Esplanade MRT.

Open Daily from 11am to 9pm.

When you come up from the MRT station, look to your right and go down the small flight of stairs and you're there!... and Don't Forget to quote "honeymeow" for your 20% discount!! Spread the word to friends and family! Festive seasons coming up - time to get pretty!!! You can join their facebook page for updates, promotions and some really great contests where you can win some great prizes too! JOIN THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE HERE.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I want Brownies!!

so I baked some! Unfortunately, it was not made from scratch but from a Betty Crocker pre-mix but it turned out well still. Whats in it? Mini marshmallows, crushed coco crunch cereal, crushed and whole walnuts and a generous sprinkling of hundreds & thousands rainbow sprinkles... How did it turn out? Perfectly chewy with crunchy bits from the toppings... went well with a hot cup of coffee and cold sweet strawberries... Craving. Satisfied.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hilarious Dance Video (NSFW)

I won't elaborate on what the video includes so you've got to watch this dance competition for yourself but I laughed so hard its insane... Rock on Pinoys! And yes, this group won the competition! Hahaha! Enjoy!

Friday, October 08, 2010


Ladies & Gentlemen! Its Zumbathon time and its now available to the public. 20th November @ ZIRCA - Clarke Quay *3-5pm* Not the exclusive members only Zumbathon that you would have seen me in at California Fitness in the past 2 years but one this year that is now conducted by PA - Peoples' Association.

Link to Nov. 2009 Zumbathon HERE and link to May 2009 Jackie Chan Zumbathon HERE.

Zumba Fitness will be launched at specific PA locations and CCs in 2011 so this is a fun sneak peak for whats to come that would have great atmosphere!

Details in poster above. Click to enlarge. I'm a registered PA instructor for my other fitness programs so I'm helping promoting this on their behalf to get the event off the ground. I have no doubt it would be a really fun event and at a dance club venue too! Who knows.... you may see me next year under PA's 2011 Zumba programs too... Watch my space for developments on this... :) *winks*

Its really going to be a big fitness party!! Tickets can be bought for $12 for Passion Card members and $20 for Non Passion Card members.

I would suggest however to just sign up for the Passion card as you can use it as an EZlink card, $7 movie deals, grocery shopping points at most major supermarkets amongst other venues/merchants plus preferred rates for courses at PA/Community Clubs. And its only a one time $12 for a 5 year membership. You can register for your Passion Card HERE if you don't already have one.

It will be conducted by Michael Thomas aka Mike T as seen here. I love his classes - very high energy as he has a background as a hiphop dancer too. I would be there that day for sure and have 40 slots that you can register with me to be filled up if you're keen. And its filling up fast!

Programme is from 3-5pm (includes registration, arrival of VIPs, warm up, basic steps, VIP to go on stage for demo & interaction, full Zumba Fitness routine and collection of goodie bag)

You can register directly with me and is on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS as slots are limited and make payment via internet banking. Email me with the header "Register me for the PA Zumbathon" and include the following details for me to register you. I will advise bank transfer details once I recieve your full registration details.

Please note that you have to give me individual details for each registration and cannot book bulk slots for a group of friends without their individual full details. Slots are limited.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 29th October 2010 or when 40 slots are full whichever comes first.

Full Name:
Postal Code:
Email Address:
Mobile number:
Are you a Passion Card member: Yes or No

If yes, please confirm that your membership is still valid and in force.

If no, let me know if you are opting to pay $20 for the event or register online for your Passion card membership. Once you have made payment for your card registration, you can inform me that you're a passion card member and I'll update your registration under the preferred $12 rate and you can make your transfer accordingly.

Registration & Payment includes entrance to the venue, 1 drink and a goodybag. Slots are filling up quick so register fast! Zumba! Zumba! Zumba!! I'm excited already. :)

Monday, October 04, 2010

Fried Beehoon

I had a craving so it became todays food for all at home. Lunch was up and ready by 730am today. Relatively simple to make but for me, I needed 2 pans to get it together. If you're interested, here's how its done and whats in it. :) Estimated 12 servings on plate or around 20 loosely packed ricebowl size.

1 pack of dried beehoon (400gms) - Soaked in water till soft. (Takes about an hour in room temperature water)

Ingredient Set (A)
1 can of luncheon meat - diced
1 pack of seafood stick - each stick cut into 4 pieces.
6 dried shiitake mushrooms - rehydrated & sliced
6 fresh shiitake mushrooms - sliced
6 cloves of garlic - minced
2 small red onions - diced

Ingredients Set (B)
20 cents worth of beansprouts aka tau gay - washed well & soaked in water till ready to fry. Drain water before frying.
1 bunch of Chai Sim Green leafy vegetable - cut into 3 inch length stalks.

Ingredients Set (C)
2 med. cans of braised pork

7 fresh chicken eggs - beaten & fried into scrambled eggs.
Top with eggs, deep fried onions aka bawang goreng plus chili-padi & soy sauce mix if preferred.

Stirfry all of ingredients (A) in one pan. When onions are clear, luncheon meat golden and mushrooms sufficiently cooked (around 8-10 mins), add in ingredient (C) - just the braised pork and cook for another 3 minutes till the pork is heated through then transfer everything into large unheated wok.

Pour some oil & sauce from braised pork can and stirfry beansprouts & chai sim in pan till cooked. Transfer on top of ingredients (A+C) in wok.

Pour remaining amount of liquid from the braised pork cans & fry beehoon in pan, whilst constantly adding water when the water gets soaked up by the noodles. Keep around a cup of water ready to keep topping up while tossing the noodles in the pan. Add salt, white pepper & soy sauce to taste. Ensure the pan of noodles doesn't dry up and remains moist during noodle cooking. When done, pour all the noodles into the waiting wok of ingredients. Mix all the ingredients & beehoon together in the unheated wok. Cover and leave alone.

Beat & scramble the eggs in the pan. Top the noodles with the eggs when cooked and your beehoon would be sitting warm and ready till its time to eat. Top with fried onions & chili-padi.
Enjoy!! :)

Comfort Food... Pasta

Simple easy to whip up one dish meals in 30 minutes kind of meals are popular in my house, specially when I only have the early morning to make something quick before I head out to teach for the day.

Whats always found in my house? Hotdogs - mmm nitrates are yummy.. *snigger*, minced pork, melted cheese and pasta... and when thrown together with some tomato sauce, white n black pepper, italian spices, diced onions and a generous handful of minced garlic - we get lunch and sometimes dinner too coz I cook big!! *For the hubster and my girls at least*... Noms... noms... noms... comfort food. Warm hotdog pasta covered in melted cheese is always a winner in my house ...(yes yes,I know I didn't put the cheese yet for this picture - it eventually came after)

So whats your comfort food?