Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween: Police Chicks...

Happy Halloween! Its Halloween Themed at most of the clubs that I teach and there are 2 classes that hold this theme this week to dress up for. Todays class at the American Club where I went as Police Chick Pam.. "arresting" people at the gym and in class and all over the club.

Accessories to note: Police Hat, Baton, Handcuffs, Walkie Talkie, Torch Light, Gun with Holster, Leather Gloves and my favourite Black boots.

Extra not in picture: Gold Rimmed Aviator sunglasses.

And yeah! I taught the class in this outfit and I have to say - its crazy to teach in costume. Firstly, I attempted the first half of the class with just the stockings but I ended up flashing my ass to the class at least twice with my top riding up my butt.. and then my stockings started to form holes and tears so I had to stop dancing for a minute to pull on some shorts! Insane lah!! We had group pictures taken in the dance studio but I have no idea whos camera we used! I will ask them next week to get a copy of those pictures.

But overall very fun!! This is part 1 of 2 Themed class. Part 2 tomorrow at the Raffles Town Club and I'm looking forward to see what everyone will be dressed as!! :) Mental note - must take pictures! Must take pictures with MY camera!!

Special Thanks to Alegria Dimas who lent me this costume. Love it!!

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