Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween: Devilicious Danza & Trick or Treating!

Halloween this year was fun! I spent last year at Azzucar's Halloween night but this year, I managed to have 2 of my classes a Themed class instead of heading out at night. First class over at the A. Club HERE with Policewoman Pam with the rest of my class. (Group picture when received will be updated here).

This picture above is from my Raffles Town club class and its only HALF of my usual class. The rest didn't make it that day due to illness, injury or travel but what a pity! It would have been great to have everyone attend! I miss all of you! I will be planning the next Themed class soon! Either Christmas themed or Chinese New Year themed! Please prep now!

I went as a Red Devil, joined with my dance mate and instructor, Esther plus Pek Gan that day for a team teach class. Armed with Lolita New York eyeshadow prizes and Facial Gift Vouchers for the best dressed *instructors excluded*, we had an amazingly fun class.

Group shot together with some of my girls, Angie and Paula with Esther.

Pek Gan, Esther and me.

We loved Angie's skeleton top.

We all danced in our costumes after a round of picture taking, gave out prizes and exhiliratingly left for another segment of the evening! Angie above, has been the organiser for the Lentor estate Halloween party for the past couple of years and she invited my girls and I down for the party that night!

My girls got dressed up. Lauren went as an all black vampire with "wounds" on her face and Eirian went as a butterfly faced pink fairy. And I went down again as Policewoman Pam. I washed the costume the day before and had it ready to be worn again that evening with the torn stockings that ripped the day before...

I loved this shot as what went on during that time was hilarious! Its Abigail Chay! She was the emcee for the evening and when we took the photos, she exclaimed.. "If there were more police like you, alot of people will want to get arrested... come la! Arrest me also!"... and "I knoooowww, I'm dressed like this so that you can say I'm UGLY while everyone looks so pweeety right!!" *fake cry - booo hooo hooo...* (Bursts out into insane laughter)... Oookay.. time to run away..

She was a really funny and nice person however, albeit her emceeing and voice quite unnerving and annoying but it really did suit the theme for the night...

And then there was the Police post. Which of course had real policemen! This officer here was thoroughly amused and exclaimed "wah! Which country are you from?! - Nice outfit! Must have more like you at our station..."... We took a picture and as with him being a real policeman, he really stood like a statue the whole time we were trying to get in place for the shot! Luckily he really didn't stand at full marching attention! Sedia! Ohh.. and he gave me a mini whistle that I could clip onto my bag. "To alert others if & when I'm in danger..." he says.. Awww... how sweet... :) Thank you Mr. Policeman!

Then there was an hour where the girls and the rest of the children went from house to house trick or treating! It was the girls first time and it would definitely not be the last! They were both so amused when their bags slowly filled up with treats and by the time the trick or treating was over. Their bags were completely FULL!!

I shared a memory with them from when I was still back in the Philippines many years ago when I was in Middle School, Grade 7. Which is about equivalent to our P6/Sec. 1 here in Sg. Halloween is widely celebrated in the Philippines. Houses there REALLY get decked out and Halloween merry makers will fill the streets to Trick or Treat in full costumes.

We used to chant this when we walked down the streets. "Trick or Treat! Smell my Feet! Give me something good to eat! If you don't! I don't care! I'll pull down your underwear!!"...

When the trick or treating was done at the Lentor party estate, a small buffet of finger foods and drinks were offered. Games were played on stage and prizes were awarded for the best dressed that evening.. and guess what? I won 3rd Prize with my Police Chick costume. "The Joker" won 2nd Prize and the Family who came as Mr and Mrs Tut *Egyptian Royalty* with their daughter won 1st Prize!

Many thanks this Halloween this year to Angie for inviting us to trick or treat! My warmest thanks to Alegria Dimas who lent me all my costumes this year,
without them - I would not have dressed up so nicely. And big appreciation to all instructors and students who dressed up when they came for my classes!! Thanks for being such a sport!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!! I hope you had a great one!

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