Saturday, November 20, 2010

NoMU Food Rub *Giveaway!*

I love to cook and if something becomes available that gives me the opportunity to make amazing food with little effort, I'm all for it. I was introduced to NoMU dry spice rubs *Created in South Africa* and I was intruiged! I love working with dry spices because they always make food taste so good!

So two conconctions were sent to me for me to try and I've got to say that I'm loving them... there are
23 different types of rubs to explore! They're used for marinating meat/seafood/vegetables, for stirfry, grilling, steam cooking and even barbequeing. And a great thing about them too is that they're so pungent that 2-3 pinches are sufficient for marinating around 600gms of meat or 3 fillets of fish. A portion sufficient to feed a family of 4 with 1-2 other side dishes.

A point to note too is that their products are Halal and Parev (Kosher) certified too! Each product does not contain MSG, additives, preservatives or artificial flavors. Just simple herbs and spices that can make your food oh so tasty! Each tin retails at SGD$10.50 per rub and can be found at NTUC Finest, Cold Storage and Swiss Butchery.

Recipes and ideas for this rub can be found
HERE. Go check that out for more ideas and tips on how to use the rubs wet or dry in your dishes. Various recipes that you can use the rub for can be found HERE.

I tried the NoMU seafood rub which consists of Salt, Parsley, coriander, onion, sugar, black pepper, garlic, ginger, fennel, mustard, dill and lemon oil.

We purchased some boneless fillets of Dory from the supermarket, we love these fillets - they're cheap (only $2.90-$4.40 for 3 large frozen fillets depending on sale price) and they're easy to cook in so many different ways.

This time, all we did was defrost, sprinkle and rub in some NoMU seafood rub and then we pan fried them with 2 knobs of margarine (real butter would have been a better and tastier choice but we didn't have it that evening), fried some eggs omelette, some garlic vegetables and served everything over steamed rice.

Everything was wiped out that evening for dinner as usual. It was really tasty! Even the girls asked for more. Point to note however, next time I make fish that way again, I must remember to buy some fresh lemon or orange to squeese over the fish when I dish it out of the pan.

You don't even need to really know how to cook to make this. So those who aren't very nifty in the kitchen would love how easy it is to whip something like this up for a delicious quick n' easy satisfying meal.

The next evening, we tried the NoMU beef rub. No, there is no actual beef in it - they're spices that CAN be used on beef so I suppose even those who don't eat beef can use it to marinate other types of meat too!

Recipes and ideas for this rub can be found HERE. Go check that out for more ideas and tips on how to use the rubs wet or dry in your dishes. Recipes like Beef Hotpot, Beef Tagliata and Meatballs! You can check out the other rubs for more recipes too as you can use other types of meat with this rub too.

Whats in this would be paprika, rosemary, oregano, black pepper, cumin, mustard, salt, parsley, sugar, thyme, onion, garlic, bay leaves and natural smoke flavour.

This was an easy pop into the oven Kitchen noob dish. We sprinked around 5 pinches of NoMU beef rub spice into about 600gms of pork cubes. Topped with little knobs of margarine (yeah, I forgot to buy butter again, pffft!) and threw the whole pan in the oven to bake on high heat.

Threw some rice into the rice cooker and placed 3 bundles of vegetables on top of the rice and set everything to cook. 30 minutes later with a ring a ding ding from my oven, we opened up a couple of spicy otah pieces that we bought over lunchtime. Threw it over steaming rice, topped with meat bits that were nicely browned and crispy at the edges from the oven. Picked and lay the vegetables from the top of the rice which had nicely steamed while the rice cooked. And Voila! Super duper yummy dinner. Minimal fuss, really quick to cook and overall really satisfying.

That being said... many of my dance students *if you've come to class!* this past week were presented by me in class with a tin or two of their own to bring home for some healthy food preparation and to enjoy their food as much as they enjoy working out with me on a week to week basis. I hope you enjoy the spices as much as I have...

If you haven't received your tin of NoMU rub yet and attend my dance classes, you'll probably get it this week. (while stocks last).

Honeymeow Dreaming Reality BLOG READER Special:
If you also want to try these rubs for FREE. Leave me a comment with your email addy on this blogpost from now till next week 28th November 2010. 12 lucky readers will be selected to recieve a tin of either Beef rub or Seafood rub directly from me!

As they're quite bulky and can't exactly be put into the mailbox, you would have to meet up with me to collect it somewhere at Orchard/Dhoby Ghaut or at the MRT station near my place (circle line). If you didn't leave me your email address in the comment. Please email ME with your mobile number so I can be in contact with you to arrange a time to meet. :)

Meanwhile... Eat well and Exercise hard.. :) Thanks for reading!


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Hello, my email is Would love to try the coffee flavor rub or which ever you recommend!

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi, I only have either the Beef or the Seafood rub available for trial.

Aka Pamela S. said...

I have emailed you Vivastar. Do check your email.

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SIL said...

Me leh?? :)

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