Friday, November 19, 2010

What Do You Want To Be Recognised For?

When the question was posed to me, it got me thinking and wondering... what do I want to be recognised for? What?... I stared out of the window on the bus and looked at people passing by and wondered... what do THEY want to be recognised for? Although it sounds somewhat morbid, but did I want people to recognise me for something while I'm still alive or be someone and do something that only makes a difference when I've passed on?

A legacy perhaps?
Even more so now that I have pre-teen daughters (who are my biggest & precious miracles EVER).. will I live my life to strive to LEAVE a legacy for them or to be one while I'm still around... and so I thought somemore...

What have I achieved so far that I'd like people to know about and that I'm proud of... perhaps it was studying part time to complete my tertiary qualifications while working full time hours and keeping 18 hour days due to that for 2 years and still come out of that surviving? Well... I had my husband, a willing mother in law, understanding children who missed me like crazy and a Dad who paid for my school fees who pulled through that phase in my life but then again.. that was just a phase that was challenging but not something extraordinary that no one could have done with the support I had. I took my papers in Marketing, Advertising and Design and came out that 2 years proudly holding 3 certificates with higher merit! Was I proud of it considering that I'm was never a very academically inclined person. Heck! I was damn proud of myself and thankful for everyones support! But to be recognised for that.. not really necessary..

But being in that line begged another question, was it because I felt that I needed to share my creativity and give impact to more people through such means of mass communication? I trained in it and even started a business with it.. and yes, that business is still alive to this day albeit running a little in the background at the moment.

Then came the point where I started to go on my weightloss journey. I stepped on the scales on day in 2007, uninspired and unmotivated and saw 100kg flash before my eyes. I stand at only 163cm. That kind of weight for that height was outrageous! I was only 28 years old - obese and unhappy. Much details of that went into my blog as it became a place where I charted my journey. The journey that initially lasted an intense 1 year where it saw a weightloss drop of 33kg (before & after video here) and then through the years after it was a constant challenge to drop a couple more kilos off, tone and integrate a change in lifestyle for long term maintenance... with the weightloss also came alot more interesting aspects of my life like acting -locally and internationally, various photoshoots and product endorsements.. all videos/pictures can be found on my blog.

It surely made quite a difference and the weightloss journey was certainly something that was an integral point in my life to make it what it is today. The story around it was published in Shape Magazine too and helped inspire others and kept me motivated. It gave me a great sense of satisfaction to know how I could show others that something as daunting as losing weight can be possible once you have set your mind and decided on it.

It then occurred to me as I developed that I had a different calling that added up through the years of experience. Experience from the creative side of me, to dealing with people from many walks of life, to emceeing, working with various talents and even BEING a talent myself! Yes, I can facepaint, glitter tattoo and balloon twist too!.... I looked around and realised that I had naturally surrounded myself with people who were.. strangely - instructors! People who lead others and usually in groups and this lead me to want to take the next level up. I wanted to become an instructor too! My husband - Karate Coach. My sister - Spinning Instructor and many of my friends - Group X instructors and lecturers in their own right and specialty. How co-incidental is that? Strange!

Through the weightloss journey - exercise was an important and integral focus point in my life and for me - it was dance that motivated me to keep active. Finding a natural flair that shone outwards when I hit the dance floor was amazing. It seemed like it was just dormant and lay there till I realised that I had a natural talent to move as well as I could now. So to answer a question that many have asked me "were you a professional dancer before?" - Nope.. unless you count dancing on my sofa and coffee table at home as something.. :)

I went into training after training. From Group Aerobics, to Zumba, to Aqua Aerobics and Fitball training. I exposed myself to as many workshops, intructors and peer sharing as I could and soon after certifications, I threw myself into the waters of commercial teaching and then it hit me.

This was what I wanted to do. For as long as my body will let me. This was what I want to be recognised for. What I can do to impact as many people's lives in an intimate way. To share and be active in their life in a meaningful manner. To envoke joy and wellness in their life with their interaction with me while I strive to creatively make each point of contact something that gives impact to them at this point in time. To be a positive influence and to give them something to make their lives better. This was it.

In another way, it became a way to show my daughters through action that we need to live doing what we enjoy doing and to make a difference in this world while making a positive impact to those around us. And this inevitably will give satisfaction.

Later, with more involvement and active participation - I became a lead key trainer lecturing modules for Aerobic Instructor Certifications for new instructors. I also sat as a key reviewer and examiner for their practical examinations and the immense satisfaction that comes out of grooming passion is incredible. My heart bursts with joy and pride with each moment I get back into contact with these new batches of instructors and see their improvements, their progress and developments into their own teaching styles and how they too, realise how much of a positive impact they have given to their students by being the shining light in their class. Those that I groom and mentor personally are those that make everything worth it.

My need to make a difference, although somewhat indirect to others through my fellow instructors and with my students and personal training keeps the fire burning in me. To see them improve, whether its their health and wellness is something precious to me. The rewards of seeing their genuine smiling faces are golden. My clients who have stay loyal and dedicated to me and to themselves for their training. My students who I never fail to see them week on week, ready and raring to get moving with me are testament to what I want to be recognised for.

Someone who has made a difference. Have I made a difference in your life today?

Why am I so reflective this time and opened up as such?
Well as with the beginning of the post - the question was posed to me... What do I want to be recognised for? Frankly, I'm not a person of many achievements or accolades.

Most importantly, what I strive is to be able to give something that truely means something to someone. Life is short. Making meaningful connections and relationships are all that matters. Not the never ending housework. Not chores. Not work. Just people. How many people have hugged today? How many you have let known, that you were thinking about them and that you still care and know that you're thankful that they are your friends & family. If they matter to you, let them know.

Heck! Even through my blog, I try to reach out to you. You, the one reading and the ones who forward my post to others. Perhaps it will be important or at very least entertaining to someone at one point in time.

The question was posed by Aviva with their "You are the Big Picture" campaign. And it got me thinking. I appreciate the efforts in realising that its people and their desires that makes things work and a campaign that reaches out with this idea in mind can only be a good one and I will share what I can to support it.

Aviva, a british company, is a leading provider of insurance, investment, health, and retirement products who insures 53 million customers in 28 countries. Thats a heck alot of people to impact isn't it? · Whilst they’ve been known as ‘Aviva’ in Singapore since 2001, their history spans over more than 300 years. Wow! How many generations have been covered with 300 years!?

Aviva is one of the biggest providers of employee benefits and healthcare in Singapore. This includes protecting SAF servicemen since 1983. Aviva is also the appointed insurer for the national ElderShield scheme in Singapore, insuring 50% of all new members. Aviva is the pioneer general insurer in Singapore to offer solutions solely via the internet ONLINE, so customers can enjoy simplicity, convenience and cost savings.

Thanks for reading and spending the last couple of minutes with me.
If you are interested, you can read about what more people want to be recognised for over at the Aviva facebook page. Go Like the group to join it and maybe even post your own story. There are 6 ipads left to be won for the 3 entries with the most "Likes"... Contest ends 28th November 2010! Go post your entry today!

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