Monday, November 22, 2010

Zumbathon Fitness Party @ Zirca / PA

20th November 2010 - We had the honour to have had Mike Thomas (California Fitness HK) and Marta Formoso as our ZES *Zumba Education Specialists* to have lead this Zumbathon.

With reference to this event post about the PA Zumbathon.

It was a full house over at Zirca @ Clarke Quay. I was at the venue at 1pm already waiting for my group to arrive to lead them to their respective registration counters. With every registration, each person was given a Zumba wrist band, a goodybag and a drink ticket *softdrink* that was redeemable at the bar. The goodybag was crazy heavy with bottles of Cool Rhino cooling water, several sample products, a huge bottle of Lee Kum Kee soysauce, feminine wash, Vitamin C tablets and some catalogues.

I completely enjoyed that plus many of my dance students came. I cancelled class on that day after all so it was an excellent replacement and a change of routine from our usual Danza class. :)

All these pictures in this post are courtesy of my dear, Esther. Whos' hubby came to join her for the event and help take photos too! This post would have some of the pictures that have been released and I will upate more as I find them online or when people send me more pictures from the event.

Picture taken with some of my fellow dance babes from California Fitness. I've danced with these ladies for almost 2-3 years now. Joenia, Lina, Marilyn and Anne.

And we didn't manage to take pictures with all my dance girls that attended but this is a picture of one group of them who came. Love you all! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves (minus the foot stepping - it was crazy crowded).

From Left to Right (Top Row: Paula, MJ, Angie, Anne, Pek Gan, Terence, Li-ling, Serene. Bottom Rows: Woo Yan, Shirley, May, Ee San, Pheah and Me!)

In the midst of dancing and rocking the house down at Zirca. I was pleased to have noted that I had a constant smile on my face throughout the whole event even with sweat streaming down my face like rain.

There are not alot of clear pictures or videos out yet but you can check out what went on here first before I get the clearer videos/pictures as we go along.

Lets Get Loud - J.Lo track (Can you spot me?)

Doing the Waka Waka - Shakira (Done with the VIPs on stage! Associate Professor Fatimah Lateef - MP for Marine Parade GRC and Advisor to Marine Parade GRC GROs)

And a group picture with Mike T, Marta F, the rest of the local Zumba instructors who shadow danced on stage that day - my fellow Zumba Instructors Esther, Zuri, Siew siew, Grace, Rhomeiny and another guy I'm not familiar with - Matt Azmy. Group shot together with some other participants that day... plus the emcee Richard.

And the Hora as the final track and the event was done! ZUMBA!!!!!


Mizuki said...

I saw you, dancing so heartily...was so excited but its really too crowded to say hi..just dropping you a note that you are my role model and has motivated me to start on my weight loss journey as well and thanks for introducing Zumba to me...It's really a whole lots of fun...

Aka Pamela S. said...

You went huh :) Good for you! :) I'm sure most of us enjoyed it. :)

Mizuki said...

ya I went and brought two colleagues with me as well..they enjoyed themselves. Looking forward to a bigger event next year with a bigger venue to contain us. Lolx. Hope got chance to meet you in person somedays. :)

Aka Pamela S. said...

Well technically you already did.. just that you were on the 2nd floor and I was downstairs? LOL!

Winstrol said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun! Great pictures! Greetings and thanks for sharing!