Monday, November 08, 2010

Kitteh Tricks

Its been 2 months since Misty joined our family and shes 6 months old now. She's practically fully integrated now. She has her favourite food, her favourite kitteh litter, her favourite spots in the house and her kitteh house bed which we put on top of the printer in front of us and between our computers (we don't use the printer much) and there she naps for some parts of the day. Within arms length for us to stroke her and for her to watch us as we work.

Most of the times too she will nap there with a limb or two hanging out as the first picture... and its not that the bed is small, its not! She just likes to "hang out" with us... literally. And if she's all tucked inside, shes' probably sleeping w her tongue out... :P

Misty sleeps with me every night too.. right between the wall and me. For a week last month, we decided that we would try to teach her some kitteh tricks and her first one was "shake" paw.

We utilised the command, action and treat formula and she got it in a week. Take a peek at her with the chicken sushi treats. Next one, when I've decided what it is, I'll update here. :) Meanwhile.. enjoy trick #1. "Shake!"

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Kifa Tan said...

oh my goodness! She's so cute!!! :)

Hi Pamela! New reader here who blog-hopped from Robert's blog. hee