Sunday, December 14, 2008

If You're Fat, Do Something About It!

I most definitely don't owe it to you to help you. Who the fuck do you think you are? Why does it seem like just because you've read my blog and seen what I've gone through and now that I'm on my final leg in this journey. I owe it to you to help you?! Excuse me Madame... you can now go and fuck off and bounce down the hill.

I can only do so much to share with you ways which I follow myself with regards to diet and exercise. There are just NO SHORTCUTS to losing weight!

There are no Miracle Pills and no Magic Shakes that I can recommend you. Just stop shoving all that fucking food into your damn mouth and start MOVING your body instead of spending your damn time thinking of a rebuttal to WHY you cannot change thus you will always remain the way you are.

I am most willing to share tips that has worked me and may likely work for you too! Then you take it from there to suite your lifestyle and your needs with your own health issues! Everyone is different! Don't expect to have exactly same results I did but I'd expect that you set your own goals to achieve. We are not robots. We're not programmed to work exactly the same way. You could shed off the weight faster or slower.. but at least there should still be progress.

There would be no use for you to come to me and ask me to help you. "I'm desperate" you say. But are you really? Why is it then for every valid point I make that could possibly help you achieve your "weightloss dream" as you so aptly put it, you have a rebuttal for everything. This cannot, that cannot. And what pisses me off is that YOU'RE PERFECTLY able and healthy albeit just quite severely overweight. You don't have major health issues or physical deformities so whats the problem? The probem? Is all in YOUR MIND.

You haven't decided to do this - don't tell me you have. I'm not here to kick your fat arse into action. You have to do it youself. DECIDE then DO! Find a personal reason. Think of a goal to achive. Then decide and stop procrastinating. Holiday season isn't a time for excuses. If you give in to temptation, that's NOT MY BLARDY FAULT! "Oh, I can't resist holiday food so I'm going to hog down every damn thing I see bc its the holidays" Well, Whatever okay.. start in January then! If you really want something as "desperately" as you say you do, THEN just fucking DO IT!

Do you not think that I know where you come from? Look at these pictures! These were me! I grew in size from the time I had Lauren, had Eirian and till last year where I stood in at a 100kg+! I know the feeling of helplessness and giving up. "Aiyah, FAT already.. who cares.. just eat lah.. no one cares, no one looks anyway." In one sitting, I could eat up to 2-3 large portions of rice plus EVERYTHING at the table at ONE MEAL..and I did that 2-3 times a day! I know what it means by eating such large uncontrollable portions.

And all that unhealthy ways CAN be changed! You just have to decide. Sure, I'm pissed. Hell, I'm a little more than pissed.. I'm raging. Not only because of you but becuase I've wasted time on you where I decided previously that I'd only help those who were serious. "You're serious, you're serious" Yeah well fuck that. I'm SURE you're serious. Talk is cheap. *rolls eyes* I'm sorry, I really don't have the time to roll in the mud of misery with you.

You see this? Those pants were a size 44. And they were BURSTING at the seams. That blue top is not a blouse or shirt. It was a damn XXXXL sweater that fit like a long sleeve shirt! And looking back at this photo, I was only 23 years old! I grew from THIS size from 22 years old till 29 years old and hit whale size.

This being said. I'm will end this rant about you. You damn well know who you are. I won't be "talking" to you till I've stopped being pissed but I'd still say that WHEN you're serious, my lines are open. But till then, fuck off and wallow in your own misery. I hate negative people, it draws on my energy and just makes me feel like crap! Thank you very much ah.

Its VASTLY different
when friends have a problem, I'm more than willing to lend a helping hand or ear at any time of day. We pull through the sorrows together. But trying to drag me down just because you don't have the will to pull yourself up is another one. Thats just SELFISH.

On this note, I have been receiving very lovely emails from various readers too sharing with me their weightloss concerns and stories. Thank you and keep the mail coming. I do not want to discourage those who ask me for help to be afraid of me. This rant is NOT directed at other readers as YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE but it might very well apply to anyone else. I want you to know that you need time to decide that you will do whatever it takes before emailing me.

Please, don't treat me as a resource. I'm not an encyclopedia and I know NO miracle cure. There is such a thing as GOOGLE, y'know.

While, I still welcome requests for people who want to know more about how going low-carb and exercise has worked for me for the past 32.5kg for the past year. I would have to mention first that I would prefer not to divulge too much information, NOT BECAUSE you say I'm selfish and witholding information. What the f....... but because IT TAKES UP ALOT OF MY TIME. ALOT.

The last time I "spoke" to someone, it took a minimum of 6 msn hours to run through the concept. Plus at least another 6 hours on and off during the week following that. I want to know how you've progressed! Not just take the info like some workshop then happily skip off into the sunset!

I also want to meet you for a day to get to know you better and I would want you to join me for at least ONE exercise session whether at the gym or at my residential area in the east when I do my runs where I can help to assess how you can IMPROVE your regime and exercise pattern so that it can work FOR weightloss. If you're not willing to take the time off or work around your schedule to meet me FOR ONLY ONCE! then that surely says somthing about your commitment and "determination" to "achieve your dream".

Sorry. But.. PUI! That DOESN'T sound desperate to me. Desperation is not only about TALKING ABOUT IT. Its about Action. Desperation is where you would INSIST to meet me at my next available schedule and not "maybe next month?!?" KNN.. whatever....

Just because you THINK IT WOULD BE NICE TO KNOW.. is not a good enough reason for me to spend so many hours explaining how a regime like this can possibly work for you.

Just because you THINK THAT I HAVE SOME SECRET SOLUTION. I Don't. Read the post for THIS "secret solution".

If you're ALREADY SLIM and under 55kg, please.. don't come to me. You very likely need to TONE only. I don't think I can help if you only need to lose like.. 5kg? You can very easily do that yourself and do not need to put yourself under the rigours of a low carb/high exercise regime that I follow.

There is a direct resource called - you can always read up more FIRST before coming to me. But I would have to say too. Ours is a modified Atkins as Atkins is a very western kind of diet and method.

I am MOST willing to share if you think information that I can share with you would be beneficial to your own weightloss journey. I'm most certainly NOT thinking like I'm very "hao lian"aka proud by going.. hahahha.. "I can you, you cannot.. neh neh neh boo boo... see how pretty I've become and NOOO, I won't help you because then you'll become prettier than me."

Please okay.. I'm not so shallow. -.-'' And your success is my success. I would be happy for you when you achieve your goal and prod you along the way too! Weightloss is not hard, maintaining your weight is HARDER!

Many of those who have joined me on this journey and moved on to their own regime and diet can claim the success to their own determination.

I'm easily contactable through EMAIL. But be serious about it and talk to me. Don't just email me and ask me. "I want to know more about Atkins" well, I will very likely just redirect you to the Atkins website. How do I tell you more when you don't even tell me who you are?

What if I tell you how its done and you do it wrongly then you die leh? *worst case scenario* I'm sorry but I really don't want to live with someones' life on my head just because you're fucked up. That being said, even if we do this together, I don't claim liability for your insensibility towards yourself.

Tell me about your history, tell me why you want it, tell me what you've done, tell me anything and/or everything that you think may help. Talk to me because going Low carb is NOT for everyone. It may not be suitable for you.

I've done a post HERE to why I'm not blogging diet details. Read it! As for now.. rant ends here. Go think about it. And... I just have to mention, Lauren looks SOO CUUUTE in that first picture! Just looking at her baby picture just makes me smile. :) And I'm off to a birthday party..... Pam.. Out. Pfft!!


Spank-A-Lot said...

Yo meow-jie, who had such a nerve to piss off that bad? Good rant though, it must have released lotsa negative ions as you were typing it =)!

hyperX said...

Speaking of losing weight, I have lost about 40 pounds from last year till now. Am I consider successful? Anyway, exercise and diet are the only keywords.

Anonymous said...

chanced upon your blog when I was searching for zumba stuffs. :) I love the way you wrote this entry! Weight losing is really not a sit-back-relax thingy and EXERCISE is the key to success man! :) I've been on the heavier side too but having been hooked onto exercising 8 years back, I'm not only able to kick those excess weight off but also maintaining it well. :) Cheers to ya babe!

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hello Anonymous, Thank you for popping by. Yes indeed, this post was done in a fit of fury but I believe it still gets its point across. :) So you were looking for Zumba stuff? You zumba? Are you from Singapore?

Karen @ annoymous in previous post :P said...

hi pam! yeah, i'm from SG. I was at b.timah and was so captivated by the moves of this zumba class going on. I wanna learn! but dunno where else except the school in b.timah. Heheh.. do you teach?

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi Karen,

That probably wasn't Zumba as Zumba in Singapore is exclusive to California Fitness.

However, yes my classes are zumba inspired. Most of my moves are zumba/rumba moves.

Come join us! It would be fun. You would need to email me so that I can update you on location/date/rates of the upcoming classes.