Thursday, December 11, 2008

What I want for Christmas....2008

Christmas is a time where its hard NOT to gain weight. I'm not making excuses for myself but I am giving myself a little slack to "Eat & Be Merry" without thinking that what I'm shoving down my mouth would equal = a whole lot of working out for me. Gah!! Thus, I'm not putting on too much restraint when it comes down to one thing this holiday season.

My Holiday Bane.... COOKIES. Oh Gawd... I LOVE COOKIES.

I love all types of cookies, EXCEPT gingerbread. And cookies are everywhere now!! Does it help that people actually bring cookies to dance class just to pass to me...temptresses!!! *faints*

And I've got a tin of butter cookies in the fridge... and God Help Me.... *SCREAMS* I love cookies. So if you wanna get me something.. HIGH QUALITY cookies please!! *think Marks & Spencer or hotel gourmet quality type* If all fails, Famous Amos always works...

Here was last years' list.. and I got 80% of that list fulfilled! Whoaa!!! Me was one happy chika.

Some people have asked me what I want for Christmas this year and since I did this last year too, I'd like to list it here too for the coming season if you're thinking hard what I might like and make your job easier. It would be great too if you're getting something that you tell me too so that I can reciprocate. PLEASE! I get very embarassed receiving presents when I don't have something to give in return.

I've got my first pressie from my mom in law! She bought me the BLACK version of THIS JACKET that I wore for this gathering. I was paranoid and freaked out about dirtying the white so its so much easier wearing the black version.. and I love this jacket... *love love*

1. Vouchers - Marks & Spencer / Robinsons vouchers are preferable.
2. Clothes - If it helps, my stats now are 38'' - 29'' - 39''. I wear a medium but if you're getting outer wear like jackets - XL prefereable.
3. <-------- See the list on the left column under Pam's Wish List? Well there's a complete list there!
4. Godiva Chocolates - Need I say more? Dah dah! Please don't get this for me.. last year's box was enough to give me a heart attack.
5. GNC Vouchers for online purchases from - Hey! I need my supplements!
6. A New Gym Bag - Something spacious. Think Nike/Adidas.
7. King Size Bed Sheets - Min. 300 thread count.
8. Hazel & Gray Coloured Contact Lenses - No degree required.

Thats all for now. I'll update more if I think of something.. :)

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