Saturday, November 24, 2007

All I want for Christmas....

If anyone is interested and for those who have been asking if there was anything I'd like for Christmas.. well yes.. there's alot of things I want... whether for Christmas.. or for "just because" sake.. or even my birthday next year - Heck! I'm turning 30 can!! *shivers*.. its chockful of stuff that range from the budget conscious choices to those that have a pretty penny and a deeper pocket that won't mind a little splurge on me... *I don't know who might want to though hahha*

This list will make it alot easier because you know I WANT these things and I won't mind replicates even if someone bought it already... hahhaa... *ok I'm THAT thick skinned* but here goes... and if all else fails.. Robinsons/Marks & Spencer Vouchers of any value above $20 always hits the spot. Hahhaha.
  • Limited Edition Revlon Swirl Series - Its makeup of course but in such gorgeous colours! But it is even still available now?

  • A red coloured Ipod - Workout gear hhehhe

  • Marks & Spencer Lingerie - anything in Red or Black. Size 12 for below and a size 38C for the top.

  • Work out Outfits - Fitting Sports Tops and Capri Bottoms

  • Running Shoes - Suitable running shoes in a size 9.

  • Jeans - I need new Jeans! My old ones don't fit anymore! Size 34 please.

  • Halter Tops - Because I think I could do with showing off my new found shoulders...and because I can finally fit into one!

  • Vaseline Lip Balm - Because I can't live without it. Regular Blue tube only.

  • Heels - Anything black, dark blue or red. Size 9 or even size 10 for small cutting.

  • Boots - Black or Dark Brown Leather Heeled Boots in a size 10

  • A Hair Makeover - I need to colour my hair and add highlights again! Its looking so dull!

  • Hazel Coloured Contact Lenses - Non degree coloured contact lenses.

  • Diamante Hair Clips - Anything with butterflies or flowers or just some bling!

  • After 8 Chocolates - For those on a budget but I still LOVE THESE!!

  • Godiva Chocolates - For those with deeper pockets hahhaa.

  • A good quality bottle of Red Wine - They're good for your heart!

  • Good Quality Bed Sheets &/or Duvets - Min. 300 thread count please.

  • Good Quality Absorbent Bath Towels - I love fluffy towels that absorb water in a flash.

  • An assortment of Marks & Spencer Cereals - Anything from there is good.

  • Alpen Meusli Nutty Cereals + Packs of Cold Milk - Because chunky cereal has good fibre and I love Alpen!!

  • Pleasures Purfume - Original pink bottle.

  • Pendants on pure silver chains - Anything hypo-allergenic or pure silver/gold bc I have sensitive skin..

  • A Bread Toaster - I like toasted bread and my toaster just went bust.

  • Book Vouchers - I could do with more hardcopy books.

  • GNC Vouchers - Because I need my vitamins & supplements.

  • Brunch Vouchers or a Paid Reservation for 2 to Mezza9 - If they have such things.. I'm aching to go back for Mezza9's International Sunday Champagne Brunch...

  • A digital weighing scale - For more accurate weight measurements.. hahha

  • A new Gym bag - something spaciously big, with some dividing pockets and prefereably either gold, black or red.

  • A Tiffany Charm Bracelet - And this is for someone with a deeper pocket. This will cost that pretty penny.
  • A new digital camera - For better quality photos lah!

Thats about it! For now. Hahahha soo..... anyone up to thinking about sending me anything above? Hahhaha.. a girl can only hope right? *big cheesy grin*

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