Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Moley kept her promise and brought over a HUGE pan of cheesy casserole today.

It was HUGE!! Double the portion of the pan that I passed her and we FINISHED IT ALL. bwuahhaahahahahaaa.....
It's just as how I remembered it.. if not better.. so many cheeses! Its crazy! Philly cream cheese, La vache qui rit, cheddar, mozzarella...and more and I'm still amazed that she takes ONLY 1/2 hour to prepare and bake it.

I'm feeling guilty that she made it for me *and it REALLY CHEERED ME UP ALOT THOUGH* because after doing some assessment of the ingredients...

HOLY FEEESH! It must have cost a bomb. Cheese is expensive and since there are so many kinds in it... argh!! Fresh Mushrooms are not cheap and it was not limited to button mushrooms.

Tuna at that quantity must have been at LEAST 2 cans and prawns ARE DEFINITELY NOT CHEAP AND ITS obviously huge tiger prawns and to fill it with prawns... its crazy...

Why why Why did u spend so much on me... *I'm feeling so guilty for agreeing to having it* *Sigh* *HUGS*

Such goodness in a pan and it was greeted with a whole lotta ooohhhhss and aaaahhhs from all at home (much to the disdain of my mother in law who literally ran away from me when I was trying to feed her a sample saying it looks "scary" -.-'')..

We topped off the sinfullness with slices of Vienetta Icecream...nice - I haven't had that in a while.. (And to those who were wondering why I could have ice cream? Its because I've broken diet because I'm sick, today is my lasy day though and I've settled almost all my cravings that Ive been having for the past weeks and I'm prepared to resume diet).

She brought over another bottle of Herbal tea too which.. to anyone who knows me know I detest the vile substance...but I gratefully finished it. *For my own good* I do feel better thanks to the cooling tea she brought over the night before.. *Sigh... thanks moley*

Like the Mastercard Commercial says...

One Box of Vienetta Icecream cake - $5.90
One Pan of Cheesy Tuna Casserole - $60 (I'm just guessing)
Two Bottles of Herbal & Cooling tea - $5

Me and my friendship with Moley... priceless.

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