Monday, November 26, 2007

I Would Die for That....

When you come across videos like this, as a parent. You can totally relate. I would not say that I take an Anti Abortion stand.

I believe its a personal choice that you will have to live with if you take that choice. Whatever your reason may be do to it.

For those reading my blog and are in a situation where you are newly pregnant, trying to concieve or just lost a baby. If its good news to you, Congratulations.

For those who are in a state of limbo and confusion, do know that there are options like Adoption which may be something to think about other than Abortion. Some may find it unfair for those who have babies so easily while they struggle to concieve.. and sometimes unsuccessfully.

Children, especially your own are miracles.... I know mine are. I had perfect pregnancies and deliveries and was blessed with children when I wanted them.

Life wouldn't be the same if I couldn't have children.

What would I do for them? Anything and everything.

Do I regret having children? Never.

Would I die for them? Yes.

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Waine said...

Oh this is such a realistic post, but make sure that the video have the right statistics.Haha. Personally, think Singaporeans don't have to worry too much beacuse the abortion rate is not that high compared to the States. Moreover, the local government is trying many measures for every couple to get married and have child. There maybe many unfortunate for couple trying for children. But thanks to 21st century Technology that life has improved!