Thursday, November 01, 2007

You will still be fat if you don't do something about it.

This is an invitational to those who are serious in wanting to lose weight.

For those who have struggled with weight issues and want to SERIOUSLY lose weight.

Robert (hubby) and I are opening up a support group for ONLY 5 men and 5 ladies to work with us on a 3 month Atkins program that we will devise for you.

Robert is qualified to know what he's doing and he's keen to help a very select group of those who are TRUELY interested.

Mind you that it will be a stringent and challenging program and would be for those serious on dropping weight. More for those who needs to really lose a considerable amount of weight. Not for the wishful thinkers. Not for those who just want to join for fun. Not for those who just want to drop anything from only 1-5kg. You can do that yourself easily with just some simple exercises and selection of healthier food.

If you are keen and perhaps your hubby/wife would be interested to join the program together *prefereable*. Drop me an email at and I'll let you know when our first gathering will be held.

This invite is to find out the interest to know who would truely be keen on doing something about their weight and really acting on it instead of procrastinating and hoping. *whilst still stuffing your face with cake really isn't going to help your waistline*

3 months will see you a different person by Chinese New Year 2008.

For DH and me, this is an ongoing program for us and we want to share it with those we can help but are keeping it to a very select and small group only.

Not for those who have health problems, pregnant or still nursing.

For those who have been following my journey so far and sent their well wishes and support through msn, sms and my blog, it has been coming to 9 weeks for me on my Atkins program and I've dropped 15kg to date.

Thank you. *I'm touched by the support and cheers I have from all of you out there*

I still have 25kg more to go.. and I'm not stopping till I reach there... I'll be at my ideal size by the time my birthday comes around in July 2008. Please come celebrate my birthday with me then and we'll reign it in with a big bang with a totally new body that my 20s have totally missed seeing.

Hubby himself started at the same time on the first week of September 2007.

He's now a whopping 22kg lighter and a totally different person.

Unbelievable? I couldn't believe it till I saw the results for myself.

Everyone knows that exercise and diet is the way to a great body without all that expensive diet pills and slimming centres out there. But we just don't do it. Understanding that doing it alone is not easy... we can do it together with support and proper guidance.

All a combination of closely monitored diet choices and exercise. Eating amazing amounts of selected food *wah lau! eat so much!!* and still losing weight. And doing so without medication or expensive slimming programs!

Interested and serious parties can email me. Think about it carefully before you send that email to me, if you're not serious about it. Don't email me. *believe me hahah I"ll kick your arse for wasting my time* Decide, try it and don't give up so easily.

This invitation will only be opened once now and will close in 2 weeks time. If we have less than 10 people by then, then so it shall be.

If you had an opportunity to change something you've been procrastinating about for so long in just 3 months, its probably now.

Or.. you can always go back to stuffing your face and wishing quietly to yourself that you wished you were slimmer.

Whats involved? Your commitment, your determination, your time, energy, and tears. We will expect to see you in person on a regular basis to check in on your progress and will be following you so closely, you can almost smell me. hahahahhah.

What you have to lose? Weight. And what could be a better reward than that..


:: g|ow :: * said...

wow is this atkins program still up? im gonna take my exams soon and might not have that much time to commit... but after my exams i really wanna commit and put invest time and effort into this... pls let me know how....

<3, karen

Aka Pamela S. said...

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