Monday, November 05, 2007

Dont' hate me because I'm beautiful...

NOT! Hhahaha.. I just like the line... everytime I put a picture up, I take a deep breathe and cross my fingers that when people log on to my blog, their screens don't explode or implode and they don't start feeling nauseus staring at my face.

I only have one smile and its the smile that I plaster over my pictures. If I dont' smile, I look like a blur idiot. Really. *sobs*

Anyway, Lauren's birthday invites are out and I'm now contemplating what I need to prepare for the party. Need to think in advance because I'm doing all the cooking... Its a children's party so the only parents attending are my friends and their kids.. I've explicitly indicated on her party invite for the parents of her classmates to "drop off their kids" and pick them up later.

Any idea and any potluck contribution to her party *if you're coming* would be appreciated. I'm not catering and I'm making all the food myself so any additional food would be totally LOVELY.
And to those who have asked what Lauren likes... she's a 7 year old girl so no more baby stuff for her. *she'll be rolling eyes and giving me the hand - "mommy, I'm TOO OLD FOR THAT" ... geez.. she's only 7 nia.. what will she say to me when she's 17? And where did that attitude come from... not me?!? *rolls eyes* Oh wait.. it must be.. argh.

She likes craft stuff ie those DIY stuff, stationery, strawberry shortcake, basically anything she needs to "create" or figure out ie puzzle or computer game. I hope that helps? Story books are good too. Please try not giving her packs of jelly, sweets & chocolates. She's too fat already.

Anyway... what to make for those kids? .... Fishballs... regular Chicken Nuggets... Agar Agar Jellies... I'll make cheesy macaroni bolognaise... boiled quail eggs... either fried rice or bee hoon... I'll fry up some japanese chicken nuggets... Hotdogs (I'll get a variety)... my SIL & BIL have lovingly sponsored a whole bunch of Cupcake Momma Cupcakes!!!! *waaaaaaahhhhh - contemplating to just have one cupcake and run from Tampines to Jurong the next day.. .aahahha NOT*

If I have the time, I'd make potato salad too, at least I can do this in advance. ... oookay.. so thats only 9 dishes plus canned drinks that I'll be dunking into the water cooler...

Ohh!! Sandwiches!! I'll make sandwiches...and I'll cut up watermelon... so thats a total of 11 things to eat... what else?!?! We already have cheezels so the kids can wack those...

Any more suggestions of something I can either make in advance.. is that going to be enough??

I love parties... I'll gladly be game host, balloon artist, glitter artist, face painter and mommy all in one for that day... :) If you have not yet blocked your day to join us, please do and msn/sms/call me and let me know you'll make it. The most we can handle is 30 kids for that day as our studio IS NOT THAT BIG hahaa...

Her party is on the 18th of November from 12pm - 4pm. Buzz me to let me know you're there.

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