Monday, November 26, 2007

This is what U call a Hot Momma

Some time ago, the hubster CJ asked me to check this video out and exclaimed.. "Whooaaa!!! She's HOT!" so of course I had to check it out and I too ended up mesmerised. We both sat there just staring at the videos with our mouths open and not blinking.. I like it alot!

She's a young momma too, Singer - Dancer Alizee singing Jén Ai Marre. Now that is one hot momma! I love listening to french pop and this song's tune is just addictive.

I had to wipe the drool off my face with those kind of moves and she's cute!!! *Okay, I'm not lesbian okay!!* I just appreciate pretty things. Don't you?

Now don't lie now.. watch it and tell me that her performance didn't make your heart beat that little faster... She has such a hot body and such a GOOD LOOKING BUTT. *envious* Yes.. I'm looking... and now.. U are too.. hahaha..

Time to brush up on my sexy dance moves, maybe get a nifty outfit and also a little more on my french... after all, it WAS my 2nd language in Secondary school.... time to get past, Je m'appelle Pamela * My name is Pamela* to moving towards...

"Venir à momma ! J'ai le spécial de quelque chose vous aimerez".

*also known as "Come to Momma!! I have something special that you will like... *

HAahahahaa... *spank spank* BWUAHAHHahahahha...

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