Friday, November 02, 2007

Atkins Update!

Yep! I've been busy so not much updates from me since the last long one about the spooky tour.

I've got stuff to update and will do so when I can! For those who have been requesting that I update my blog soon or they'll kill me.. haha kill me. I'm busy lah! This month is going to be crazy!

But first! Update! I'm officially 15kg down. I've hit 80kg from 95kg... so far we've been on the diet for about 9 weeks now. Now only another 25kg to go! Whoooot! 25kg is definitely not as daunting a number as the original 40kg (when i was 95kg) target that I had.

I'm almost halfway there!

CJ on the other hand.. wah lau eeehhh.. about 22kg down.. he looks like he wallopped off his belly. Its has mysteriously disappeared! hahahhaah He's almost at his ideal weight! Another 5 more kg at most and he'll switch to maintenance already.... *Pam eyeing him closely. "hmn.. he's looking ... sexy -- **purrrrssss**"

I haven't had any acceptable looking or decent pictures taken no visual updates for now. I have noticed one thing though... legs, boobs and ass are definitely a little smaller... *sobs for the boobs* The rest.. still needs more work.. but we'll get there.

As for the rest of November.. we'll be seeing so many things happening like the Bee Movie event.. which is officially SOLD OUT LIAO!!! As usual. Its going to be a fantastic day.

Then there's Orientation Day where we're doing GRO roadshows. Then we're emceeing at Eirian's school concert! *same day mind you... wah lau eh (cough cough.. practice my emceeing voice.. meeemeeemeeemeemeee *gag*)

Then there is Lauren's birthday on the 15th of November.. she's turning 7 and has requested for a party.. Hmn.. must plan must plan... The only available date is the 18th.. but its AFTER her actual birthdate.. can still have a party for her then? I guess so! 18th it is!... FREE UP UR DAY ON THE 18TH PEOPLE!! Its going to be a kids party at the Berri Werks Play Yard.

Whooooootttt!!!! *phew! time to sleep! Bye!*

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