Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Such a Sweetheart....

What do you say when your best friend just decides to pop by for a visit one evening just see how you are and pass you a bottle of cooling water when you're feeling crappy sick, and looking just as bad?

Skin pale, eyes swollen, throat scratchy, hair limp and nose swollen and peeling because of all the tissue wiping away leaky snot is definitely not a sight to behold.

I don't know.. but it sure is touching because I was not expecting it. None of my girlfriends ever did that for me before and the last I remember, only CJ has ever taken care of me when I was sick.

I stared at the bottle and she insisted I finish it before I slept. I finished it. Trying to rack my brains to ensure that "Cornu Saigae Tataricae" + winter melon is not remotely related to waterchestnut or I'd end up more swollen than a ripe plum.

Nevertheless, I feel so loved. Happy but embarassed because I didn't know how to react but all I could feel is this warm fuzziness. And she's bringing over cheesy casserole tomorrow can!!

Wah lau... *swooons....* Thank you moley... love love. I could say more but I'm just speechless... I won't expect visits everytime I'm sick with this as presidence but it was sure a lovely surprise on a gloomy day... :)

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