Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Keep on going Kenny!!

Last Saturday, we met up with 2 of our support group members and it was a short but interesting session in sharing how we made the journey together from the sizes we were to where we are now and where we are aiming to be.

The two men that joined us seemed keen to try and went on their way... while I haven't heard from one... I've heard from Kenny *or more so, read about his progress* who came with his whole family and I'm so very pleased to note that he's dropped 1.5kg in the past 3 days!!

WAY TO GO KENNY!!! Keep it up... we're so very proud of you!!! Please please, call us if you need help or are unsure of anything or how you may be feeling or if you just need the boost when temptation strikes... Keep it up and you will be rewarded with your own efforts!

Great job so far! Whoot Whoot Whoot Whoot! :) Updates can be found here.

As for me... I'm still 80kg. EVEN with my diet break over the past couple of days with that darned flu... so I'm looking very much to breaking into the 70s.. soon. Once I can get up and moving once more... *nose still blocked but no more fever already!*

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