Sunday, December 30, 2007

Eirian at the end of 2007

There are times where I see how baby she is with her button nose *compliments of me...argh* and her chubby cheeks... :) How did she go from 5 months old to 5 year old so fast!!!

Now isn't that just the cutest little one ever.... hahaha.. it is.. to me... Sigh. Time passes so fast...
My baby is now a little lady. :) What's she going to ask me for next? Tiffany earrings?

Christmas 2007

This Christmas was totally CRAZY!! I've never recieved SO MANY presents before.. pictures pictures here of only SOME of them... Thank you EVERYONE for all the love!! The rest of the pictures will come later.... I also realise that I didn't take pictures of the pressies that the girls recieved.. aarghh! cannot also.. there are too many... just leave it to them to enjoy...
The hubster bought me WAAAAY to many things this year.. it's almost obscene. Wah Lau!!!

I think his pressies need a post on its own. There he is up there, I like this shot that I took of him.. he looks somewhat.. contented with his red wine on Christmas day... *muaks*

Serene, my SIL gave me the MOST ADORABLE huffalump mug and stuffie! Original OKAY and OH SO CUTE direct from the Disney store in London... Fwah... I love it! and I love Huffalump!! You can not find this in Singapore... *hugs*

Moley and family came over on Christmas eve for Christmas eve dinner and BOY! did we all eat! There was SO MUCH FOOD and a GIANT Turkey... yes, so big that even till today.. we still have 2 big packs of deboned turkey meat in the fridge. It was that huge.

She gave me a furry hot pink pouch!! Its so bling and so pink, I love it! It also has a gold strap ehehehe... and inside ... she put in 2 necklaces! Awww!! *love love*

Bling Bling Butterfly neckace! Because I loooove wearing butterflies!

And a bear robot pendant with a bling heart and wiggly arms & legs on a lovely chain.... Moley I think has a pink one! You know you're best friends when u're literally wearing the "same" things and u buy things in pairs just so that u BOTH can be wearing them together.. hahaha I exchanged this bearie with a red rose hairclip that looks OH SOOOO GLAM. I love red roses and anything that has a red rose on it...

My MIL gave me a pair of blue jeans.. which fit me PERFECTLY, I've been wearing it all the time! hahaha.. I need more..

The hubster decided to fatten me up with Godiva... *thats all another post on its own!*, several really nice lunch/dinner dates... *muaks*, 2 stainless steel rings, 2 bling bling sun glasses, a hot pink armstrap to strap my handphone and gear when I'm working out! Pic below.. heheh..., 2 pairs of slip-on shoes- gold ones too! Bwhahaha... I'm strangely oh biang can! But I love it!, he also bought me an insane amount of false eyelashes. He must get a kick seeing that glint in my eye and that crazy BWUHAHAHHAHA laugh when he gives me a pressie... *and how can u NOT love a hubby who pampers u silly?* and a chocolate fondue pot... how can u NOT love chocolate fondue...*love love my hubby*

My dad bought me and the girls rollerblades!! Perfect!! No pictures of that now but I'll take them when we decide to wear all the gear and head down to East Coast.. the blades came with a complete set of helmets and protective gear.. there's so much protective gear that my girls are literally covered from head to toe. Its crazy! Hahahah (I heart my D) and I'm looking forward to really working up a sweat swishing my fat self down East Coast and cross my fingers that I don't "swish" myself right into the sea. (Note to hubby: Now all I need is a trimmer body *ahem* and a brand new RED blading outfit..*cough* I have no shame hahahaha....)

Alex, my youngest sister gave me a pack of sweets, biscuits and chocolates from Marks & Spencers...*drools* everyone is determined to make me fatter... and a Wonder Woman Underwear from Topshop. Its so small that its practically 3/4 of my ass size. How to wear!?!? Anyway.. maybe I'll fit into it by the time my birthday comes around this new year... *I hope*

Christmas this year has left me breathless... very charred pocket wise but very VERY satisfying. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Enchanted on Eirian's Birthday

Eirian's 5th Birthday on the 17th of December was such a lovely day. I'll update with pictures on that day when I grab them from my lappy. Thank you to my sweethearts Moley & kids, Sandra & Ian, Wendy & kids, Serene, my momma in law and of course whats a birthday without Dada CJ, who joined us that day to make that day extra special not only for Eirian but also for me.. I know everyone made it because of me too esp since it was a weekday too.. *touched* :)

Instead of the Pink Princess Party we thought we were planning, we made it a movie birthday instead and caught Disney's Enchanted. It was the perfect show for Eirian. It had a princess, alot of flowers, talking animals, a handsome prince... it was totally fairytale, it had a dragon *for the boy*, it was full of loooovee....*swoons* and of course in the end of the magical tale... it was a happily ever after... *sighs*... I want the DVD!! hahaahaha...

So Close by Jon Mclaughlin is the video below.. in the show..there was a dance at a King & Queen's ball! How ROMANTIC!!.. and I want dresses like that!! In the meantime, enjoy this song. Its just lovely....

Updates and a farting pig.

If you are wondering why the influx of videos and WTF happened to all the pictures of the past couple of weeks.. well THEY'RE COMING!! I'll get to them.. erm. Eventually... I've got great food pictures to come.. and Yes.. Christmas was a great sin.

There was TOO MUCH FOOD!!! I've got pictures of drool worthy babelicious babes... cute kids... horrendously TOO MUCH PRESENTS... I can safely say that my christmas list I wrote about early in December.. has very much been filled to at least 70% given. Whoa!! I'm so spoiled! *Leaning onto hubby's now very macho chest, doe eyes fluttering...* (Ahem).. moving on...

I've also got a whole folder of cam whoring pictures which to the non-dismay to the hubster *apparently he's immune to me taking pictures of myself now and just sits back and stares blankly at me ~eyes drying out~ and even points out now... eh that one not too good.*

Hey!! hahah If I don't love myself.. who will?

Much to the grievances of my weighing scale who during this 2 month carb break refused to show me any number below 80kg *despite my regular visits to the gym...* and hovering from 80-84kg... argh.. BUT I'm not worried. You are truely what u eat.. and my MID SECTION shows me lumps of fats.. hahaha. My 2nd diet cycle is coming up in just a couple of days and its carb free for me again soon. I've got only 6 months to go to reach at least 55-60kg.... I'll think about this in a couple of days.

Anyway here goes.. I love this one.. I know I have a sick sense of humour. I think farts are funny. Seriously. Just don't purposely GRAB air and shove it to my face... *kick* thats just GROSS.

And this tune is strangely annoying that my girls have MEMORISED it.. me included.. argh.. *brain cells dying* La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la!!! Pfffttt!

Can U Beatbox like this...

This is FARKING AMAZING okay!!!!!! Aaahhh!!

Boom Chika Boom Boom Chika Boom..

How can SO MUCH SOUND, rhythm and beat come out of just ONE MAN.

He. Is. So. Bloody. Freakingly. GOOD.
Kudos. *Ma mouth still gaping open after watching it*

Dance Baby Dance! Tell me ur head WASN'T rocking to the beat watching this.
I know mine was... *Gasp!* So Good.

Have u heard Nick Pitera?

A Whole New World by Nick Pitera

This guy can really sing. I can appreciate talent like this when I see it. Its so unusual and with such high value.. imagine hiring him, u get 2 voices man!! How cool is that!

When U can sing well AND perform in a spectacular falsetto like he does. Now thats talent for you. Browse through his other songs, they're just as good if not better. If you weren't looking at the video and closed your eyes, you'd think there 2 persons doing a duet. He's THAT good. I'm so impressed. Check it out. He's good!

Part of your World by Nick Pitera

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas everyone!

Surprise Surprise! Yes, the blog is back. :) *Grin*

I know there was a little uproar *my msn and phone nearly exploded ok! wah lau.. relak lah* some time back from some faithful blog readers *thank u all! So touched u bother* and *gasp* fans.. *I... me? Have fans? shrug~ weird, how can?! but I'm highly amused, thankful and am feeling a little shy that you come out and identify yourselves!! haahhaa anyway* to why I deleted my blog.

Well, whatever the reason it was to have done such a deed, it was done. Now that I'm back live, *Thank you Graham from Blogger Support! You Da Man! Seriously now, this guy can bring things back from the dead! hahaha*

I'll be updating from time to time so don't delete me just because you don't see me! Hahaha :)

In the meantime, *pam taking a peek at the horde of blogposts in her mind and the folders of pictures that are gathering and waiting to be posted...eeekkkss!! - all in due time*

I would like to wish one and all, and all at home..

A very Merry Christmas and a very Beautiful New Year.
May you be surrounded by love this season and start a
new 2008 with an explosive bang... *all limbs intact of course*

*Cheers! Heres to a New Year and its just going to be beautiful... *hugs*