Saturday, December 29, 2007

Can U Beatbox like this...

This is FARKING AMAZING okay!!!!!! Aaahhh!!

Boom Chika Boom Boom Chika Boom..

How can SO MUCH SOUND, rhythm and beat come out of just ONE MAN.

He. Is. So. Bloody. Freakingly. GOOD.
Kudos. *Ma mouth still gaping open after watching it*

Dance Baby Dance! Tell me ur head WASN'T rocking to the beat watching this.
I know mine was... *Gasp!* So Good.


sgBeatboxer said...

hey tell u wad , mayb u can go search for beatboxer like roxorloops , felix zenger . this guy juz copy other`s work

Aka Pamela S. said...

Well doesn't matter if he copied it. Whats not adapted these days anyway. He's good anyhow. Some people want to copy also cannot because they're just not up to standard. :)