Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas everyone!

Surprise Surprise! Yes, the blog is back. :) *Grin*

I know there was a little uproar *my msn and phone nearly exploded ok! wah lau.. relak lah* some time back from some faithful blog readers *thank u all! So touched u bother* and *gasp* fans.. *I... me? Have fans? shrug~ weird, how can?! but I'm highly amused, thankful and am feeling a little shy that you come out and identify yourselves!! haahhaa anyway* to why I deleted my blog.

Well, whatever the reason it was to have done such a deed, it was done. Now that I'm back live, *Thank you Graham from Blogger Support! You Da Man! Seriously now, this guy can bring things back from the dead! hahaha*

I'll be updating from time to time so don't delete me just because you don't see me! Hahaha :)

In the meantime, *pam taking a peek at the horde of blogposts in her mind and the folders of pictures that are gathering and waiting to be posted...eeekkkss!! - all in due time*

I would like to wish one and all, and all at home..

A very Merry Christmas and a very Beautiful New Year.
May you be surrounded by love this season and start a
new 2008 with an explosive bang... *all limbs intact of course*

*Cheers! Heres to a New Year and its just going to be beautiful... *hugs*


carrie said...

Hi, happy new year! New reader here. Glad you're back.

honeymeow said...

Thanks for coming by my blog and saying Hi! I always appreciate knowing who lurks out there