Saturday, December 29, 2007

Updates and a farting pig.

If you are wondering why the influx of videos and WTF happened to all the pictures of the past couple of weeks.. well THEY'RE COMING!! I'll get to them.. erm. Eventually... I've got great food pictures to come.. and Yes.. Christmas was a great sin.

There was TOO MUCH FOOD!!! I've got pictures of drool worthy babelicious babes... cute kids... horrendously TOO MUCH PRESENTS... I can safely say that my christmas list I wrote about early in December.. has very much been filled to at least 70% given. Whoa!! I'm so spoiled! *Leaning onto hubby's now very macho chest, doe eyes fluttering...* (Ahem).. moving on...

I've also got a whole folder of cam whoring pictures which to the non-dismay to the hubster *apparently he's immune to me taking pictures of myself now and just sits back and stares blankly at me ~eyes drying out~ and even points out now... eh that one not too good.*

Hey!! hahah If I don't love myself.. who will?

Much to the grievances of my weighing scale who during this 2 month carb break refused to show me any number below 80kg *despite my regular visits to the gym...* and hovering from 80-84kg... argh.. BUT I'm not worried. You are truely what u eat.. and my MID SECTION shows me lumps of fats.. hahaha. My 2nd diet cycle is coming up in just a couple of days and its carb free for me again soon. I've got only 6 months to go to reach at least 55-60kg.... I'll think about this in a couple of days.

Anyway here goes.. I love this one.. I know I have a sick sense of humour. I think farts are funny. Seriously. Just don't purposely GRAB air and shove it to my face... *kick* thats just GROSS.

And this tune is strangely annoying that my girls have MEMORISED it.. me included.. argh.. *brain cells dying* La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la!!! Pfffttt!

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