Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas 2007

This Christmas was totally CRAZY!! I've never recieved SO MANY presents before.. pictures pictures here of only SOME of them... Thank you EVERYONE for all the love!! The rest of the pictures will come later.... I also realise that I didn't take pictures of the pressies that the girls recieved.. aarghh! cannot also.. there are too many... just leave it to them to enjoy...
The hubster bought me WAAAAY to many things this year.. it's almost obscene. Wah Lau!!!

I think his pressies need a post on its own. There he is up there, I like this shot that I took of him.. he looks somewhat.. contented with his red wine on Christmas day... *muaks*

Serene, my SIL gave me the MOST ADORABLE huffalump mug and stuffie! Original OKAY and OH SO CUTE direct from the Disney store in London... Fwah... I love it! and I love Huffalump!! You can not find this in Singapore... *hugs*

Moley and family came over on Christmas eve for Christmas eve dinner and BOY! did we all eat! There was SO MUCH FOOD and a GIANT Turkey... yes, so big that even till today.. we still have 2 big packs of deboned turkey meat in the fridge. It was that huge.

She gave me a furry hot pink pouch!! Its so bling and so pink, I love it! It also has a gold strap ehehehe... and inside ... she put in 2 necklaces! Awww!! *love love*

Bling Bling Butterfly neckace! Because I loooove wearing butterflies!

And a bear robot pendant with a bling heart and wiggly arms & legs on a lovely chain.... Moley I think has a pink one! You know you're best friends when u're literally wearing the "same" things and u buy things in pairs just so that u BOTH can be wearing them together.. hahaha I exchanged this bearie with a red rose hairclip that looks OH SOOOO GLAM. I love red roses and anything that has a red rose on it...

My MIL gave me a pair of blue jeans.. which fit me PERFECTLY, I've been wearing it all the time! hahaha.. I need more..

The hubster decided to fatten me up with Godiva... *thats all another post on its own!*, several really nice lunch/dinner dates... *muaks*, 2 stainless steel rings, 2 bling bling sun glasses, a hot pink armstrap to strap my handphone and gear when I'm working out! Pic below.. heheh..., 2 pairs of slip-on shoes- gold ones too! Bwhahaha... I'm strangely oh biang can! But I love it!, he also bought me an insane amount of false eyelashes. He must get a kick seeing that glint in my eye and that crazy BWUHAHAHHAHA laugh when he gives me a pressie... *and how can u NOT love a hubby who pampers u silly?* and a chocolate fondue pot... how can u NOT love chocolate fondue...*love love my hubby*

My dad bought me and the girls rollerblades!! Perfect!! No pictures of that now but I'll take them when we decide to wear all the gear and head down to East Coast.. the blades came with a complete set of helmets and protective gear.. there's so much protective gear that my girls are literally covered from head to toe. Its crazy! Hahahah (I heart my D) and I'm looking forward to really working up a sweat swishing my fat self down East Coast and cross my fingers that I don't "swish" myself right into the sea. (Note to hubby: Now all I need is a trimmer body *ahem* and a brand new RED blading outfit..*cough* I have no shame hahahaha....)

Alex, my youngest sister gave me a pack of sweets, biscuits and chocolates from Marks & Spencers...*drools* everyone is determined to make me fatter... and a Wonder Woman Underwear from Topshop. Its so small that its practically 3/4 of my ass size. How to wear!?!? Anyway.. maybe I'll fit into it by the time my birthday comes around this new year... *I hope*

Christmas this year has left me breathless... very charred pocket wise but very VERY satisfying. Merry Christmas everyone!!

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