Friday, July 29, 2011

National Day Zumba Party!!

Please click above to enlarge to read for more details. RSVP Required. Please email me at Let me know how many attending by Wednesday 3rd August. Limited to 50 pax attending. Thanks! 

The specially tailored menu for the party will be as such... *yummy!!*
Assorted Open-Faced Sandwiches - Smoked Salmon w/ Capers & Roast Beef & Chicken Roll.
Appetizers & Salads - "Gado Gado" w/ Peanut Sauce, Salad Nicoise, Thai Seafood Salad w/ Glass Noodles and Charred Mixed Vegetables with Aged Balsamic.
Yummilicious Main Courses - "Sze Chuan" Style Wok-Fried Fish Fillet, Stir Fried Beef w/ Onion & Ginger, Balinese Grilled Chicken with Condiments, Wok Fried Mixed Vegetables, Steamed Jasmine Rice and Braised "Ee Fu" Noodles with Yellow Chives.
Desserts - Fresh Fruit Platter, Warm Bread & Butter Pudding w/Raisins & Vanilla sauce, Mini Fruit Tartlets, Honeydew Sago and Orange Cordial.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sunflower Surprise!

On Saturday, 11th of June, a group of Zumba instructors and myself took part in a dance competition to feature Zumba as our presentation. More about that in another upcoming post but that day itself was crazy crazy with the many classes I ran earlier in the day and having all 10 instructors in my Zumba class rocking the dance floor before we all adjourned to the locker for a makeup-dressup frenzy. And in the course of all that chaos. I lost my ipod and didn't realise it. 

It was only the next day when I was prepping for another dance class where I realized that it was missing and had to use my daughter's ipod temporarily. It was a flurry of calls to everyone and to places where it could have been lost and I spent the day moping for my lost ipod who seemed like it could never be found. I suppose I was really depressed over the loss and something came via delivery to cheer me up! Imagine my surprise when the doorbell rang...

My girlfriend, Charlotte was being a darling and decided to send me a little ray of sunshine to pass me a smile and lift my spirits. It was such a lovely surprise! 

Excuse the non-makeup, I was trolling about the house whining about my lost ipod and then this came! Thank you Charlotte, it was very thoughtful and sweet to have thought of sending this to me. :) Even Misty - my kitteh thought the green foliage was tasty too! *munch munch munch*

Thank you for the flowers and thank you to those who offered to chip in to buy me another ipod!! Eventually 3 days later, it was recovered and is now safely back in my possession. Whats an aerobic instructor without her music right? Tools of trade for sure. (hugging my red ipod now with a big label w my contact number on it)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hossan can Zumba!

Yes, Hossan Leong.  He surely can and really, really well too! He's an pretty good dancer! And comes by at my classes from time to time when his busy acting, hosting and DJ-ing schedule permits him.. and the ladies in the class love him to bits! Uber friendly and actually really shy n bashful in person! Oh and his birthday on the 6th of July just passed too! He's a cancerian like me... Confirm!! Double Confirm!! 

Bollywood Vs Danza!

When I finally get the chance to, you'll get very entertaining updates soon from the past couple of very very very busy months. I have over 12 image intensive posts that are lining up to be posted here so check back in constantly to see if there are updates! But for now, back over on the 6th of April... my gosh.. that was over 4 months ago since I've last updated my blog.. *whoa!!* I had the honor and experience to be part of my very own dance competition! 

One of my corporates who I teach dance to had decided to make good their lessons by culminating their efforts with a dance-off in a internally viewed audience judged performance show called "So you think you can't dance?!". 

It was a very entertaining duel between the Bollywood team and the Danza team which I was so very proud of being given the honor and opportunity to choreograph and instruct. 

A total of 4 dance sets, 2 Bollywood tracks by the other team and 2 tracks by the Danza team. We chose  the "Waka Waka" and "The Time" to present in the short segment. And Boy! Was I proud as hell when my teams hit the stage... full of smiling faces, fully rehearsed confident moves that were filled with energy.. I was one beaming proud "mama" indeed.... I could not stop smiling...  my heart was bursting with pride...

My "The Time" team above with their cool black n gold costume backstage and my "Waka Waka" team below with their colourful whimsical costumes as they get all dolled up and psyched for the stage performance... I thought they looked great! Each & every one of them... thank you for the effort!!

And a team of 3 judges, including myself to comment on the performances as they were rolled out made the afternoon even more exciting as we attempted to be our homegrown Simon, Randy & J-Lo judges and all I took the opportunity to root & rally the ladies as they listened & paced about nervously behind stage...

Somewhere towards the end of all the performances, the organiser gathered the audience up to stand and join in a dance number with the dance students and we all did some simple dance moves on stage for some crowd interaction and that was fun indeed... I was impressed at how elaborate they had made their contest, even if it was an internal challenge within their organization itself.. and I was so pleased to be part of it... and what was even more impressive was the table of trophies that everyone left with... everyone who participated was a winner and there were 2 special prizes too! 

Trophies for all the participants that day, Bollywood and Danza and 2 special trophies. One for Best Dressed and One for Best dancer from each class... when these prizes were given out, the cheers and hoots for the winners were priceless... 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your instructor... keep happy, keep fit and stay healthy. Dance on!!!