Friday, July 29, 2011

National Day Zumba Party!!

Please click above to enlarge to read for more details. RSVP Required. Please email me at Let me know how many attending by Wednesday 3rd August. Limited to 50 pax attending. Thanks! 

The specially tailored menu for the party will be as such... *yummy!!*
Assorted Open-Faced Sandwiches - Smoked Salmon w/ Capers & Roast Beef & Chicken Roll.
Appetizers & Salads - "Gado Gado" w/ Peanut Sauce, Salad Nicoise, Thai Seafood Salad w/ Glass Noodles and Charred Mixed Vegetables with Aged Balsamic.
Yummilicious Main Courses - "Sze Chuan" Style Wok-Fried Fish Fillet, Stir Fried Beef w/ Onion & Ginger, Balinese Grilled Chicken with Condiments, Wok Fried Mixed Vegetables, Steamed Jasmine Rice and Braised "Ee Fu" Noodles with Yellow Chives.
Desserts - Fresh Fruit Platter, Warm Bread & Butter Pudding w/Raisins & Vanilla sauce, Mini Fruit Tartlets, Honeydew Sago and Orange Cordial.

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