Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nestlé Health & You 2011 Exhibition

Take some time out today or tomorrow to check out the Nestle Health & You 2011 exhibition over at Suntec Convention Hall 402 from 10am to 8pm! 27th and 28th August only! Yes, go get changed, grab the kids and head down now.. shut down your computer and go go go! Now.. yes.. right now... and yeah, thats me with Koko (Koko Krunch Bear)...

Another great branding and marketing effort by a trusted household brand, Nestle which my family and I had the invited opportunity to preview with other media yesterday. Upon arriving, we were graciously greeted by the wonderful team Nestle people who was in the midst of conducting an entertaining interactive mass dance session which my youngest, Eirian happily participated in. Hosted by Michelle Chia and Bryan Wong.

Expect food demos, a wide range of product sampling, health topic discussions, interactive exhibits, toddlers gym, instant photography, games & prizes and an opportunity to purchase Nestle products in their walk through supermarket which offers great deals on your favorite products! Each $25 purchase in a single receipt allows you to participate in an instant spin the wheel game with attractive prizes.

Some 2 weeks back, the corporate communications team hand delivered a specially packed gift to my home that absolutely delighted everyone at home. Image on the left with the Milo balloons, we received packs of Milo, Mocha Coffee, Kitkats, a funky Kitkat pillow, Soup concentrate, a notebook, colour pencils that went together with a colouring contest kit, recipe cards, cans and a pack of cat food, cereal packs and the most impressive were the specially customised bowls that had both my daughters names individually printed on them plus a cup that says "Mum's Coffee" for me. 

Right image is the goody pack we received after we left the event. The first 100 participants each day who collects 6 stamps at the event with a completed Quest card (available in flyers distributed onsite) can receive a goody bag above worth $20. (goody bag items may vary). Love love love Nestle products!!!

There are many booths there to check out and explore, I have put some in here but you have got to go to the exhibition to check them all out! We were particularly intruiged by the Nutren range of products as we took some time to find out more of what it contained.. over 50% whey protein in their drink. This would make for an excellent recovery and build drink for those who work out as much as we do! It tasted great and my girls were raving lyrical over their Nutren Jr drink.. they love it too.. we'll definitely look into checking out more of this product... check it out when you're there! 

And of course, whats Nestle without Milo!! There was a milo truck and a milo exhibit where there were games and also a special event only Milo Orange Burst drink... pretty yummy for those who love fruity kind of chocolate combinations... and yes, generous samples are free... Milo up!!! *burp!*

And did you know that Pro-plan canine food and Fancy Feast feline food are under the Nestle brand too? We only recently realised that they were and had a great time snuggling up with the dog at the Pro-plan counter.. he was really tame and really cute too!

And of course, everyone knows Maggi. Now that they've endeavored to work on less sodium products which are a healthier choice for those who make such instant food their dietary staple, their products still remain tasty even with a change in recipe... definitely not something to eat all the time but everyone definitely craves occasionally so you can eat it now without so much guilt that you're piling on the salt. Curry noodle sample anyone? 

Yeah, eat well of course! Thats the purpose about finding out more about our food choices yea? Theres also a booth where they provide a free medical checkup to assess your cholesterol levels so the hubster CJ and I took the plunge and got our fingers pricked to check out our Fatty levels.. and apparently my total cholesterol (LDL/HDL) is on a borderline high... However, it doesn't indicate whether my healthier lipids are higher or the unhealthier ones are higher but its a good general guage just to see where you're standing cholesterol wise if you haven't done a cholesterol check before. 

Other booths like the instant photo KitKat booth where you can indulge in Kitkat bars and take a picture with your family for rememberance can be fun... other products for kids like Nan or Cerelac can be checked out there too! If you have babies and toddlers, go check out the deals there! 

Still even more food and drinks... Sjora fruit juices were absolutely wonderful, tropical pineapple and mango drinks had us walking back repeatedly for more... my girls indulged in the complimentary Chili crab sauce cups with mini mantou buns for several rounds... "spicy but gooood" says Eirian... while we held her juice to help her cool down when the heat started to warm her palate.

The entertaining line-dancers at the event all in full costume just before their debut dance and of course, Nestle has Nescafe Coffee.. and we tried so many different types, we left the exhibition hall buzzing in the head with all that coffee... LOVE COFFEE!! and of course, the booth had a fun instant print with props where we got to pose and were presented with our collage after... So fun... Good Job Nestle! So there you go, go get changed and go go go! Its on till tomorrow.. go vote and then head down to Suntec... its really quite an experience. :)

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