Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Deconstruction Workshop II

Earlier this year, I had a period of time where I was completely fascinated with deconstructing my shirts and held a couple of workshops with my students on how to recreate their own gear and transform them into new interesting pieces. I held one earlier workshop in March with my girlfriend Jo Lim which combined a mineral makeup segment before we went into crafting our shirts. More about it HERE

I've since run this Deconstructed Shirt "From Old to Sexy" workshop at the American club and the response for that workshop was good too! If you're keen on running this workshop with me for your office or school, please feel free to email me at honeymeow@gmail.com for more details. :) It will take 3 hours from start to end. Materials not provided as everyone will need to bring their own tshirts and scissors.

Pictures on this post here comes from my 2nd workshop held at the Raffles Town club in April and it was an interesting evening after one of my dance classes. We covered 3 designs. The Ribbon Tie Back. The Weaved Back and the Corset Back. Everyone left with 3 deconstructed tops of their own creation after learning how to slice, dice n' weave their shirts and I've seen several of them wearing them when they've come for class after! Nice!!

Click on the images here to enlarge to have a better look at the pictures. Giving the instructions above on how to prep your shirt. Below, a shirt completely deconstructed and ready for tying.

Modelling one of the samples that were used for demonstration for the ribbon tie back design to show the  participants how it would look when worn. This design is created on a plain tank top.

The process of creating the weave on their shirts.. some decide to use their legs to prop their shirts... some use the back of the chairs... with the chairs on the floor and some on the table...

And some get the assistance of friends while wearing their tops while they're weaved on their bodies... what a good idea!

Everyone had a fun time exchanging fabric scraps, trying out the various designs and learning how to create the various patterns on their tops... I had a great time with alot of laughter amongst all participants, seeing the determination in their faces while they worked on their tops and experiencing the creativity of everyone who came... one more deconstruction workshop coming up in the coming months! If you're keen on participating, drop me an email and I'll keep you on the mailing list.

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