Saturday, November 14, 2009

Photography by C. En Yung Part 2

Armed with a new Nikon D90 camera, we set of to Clarke Quay to take some random photogaphs before a Salsa workshop at Azzucar. The last set of photos by C. En Yung can be found HERE.

Time taken for these set of shots were from around 6-730pm. Location at Clarke Quay, Singapore. Weather - Cloudy early evening with an eventual Clear Night sky.

The shot above taken at a doorway to a lonely alley near the central fountain at Clarke Quay.

Taken by the Bridge connecting Central and Clarke Quay.

Walking about Clarke Quay's shophouses.

And finally, me waiting for my dinner before the Salsa workshop begins. I thought this set of photos turned out pretty alright.. I looked somewhat fatigued but it was probably due to me not feeling too good lately and been sick the days prior to this. Still actually not feeling too chirpy as yet.

Dress & handbag compliments of my dear Mother in Law..yes! Its her dress. The one I wore before I left the house was too loose and she couldn't bear seeing me leave the house with a lousy fitting pink dress so she gave me this black one instead! It fit well apparently and I loved it! :)

I used makeup from Accessories & Heels are my own. :) Thanks for looking!

If anyone is interested to contact C. En Yung, you can look for him at his facebook page HERE.