Saturday, November 07, 2009

Halloween 09 - Azzucar Spooky Night!

Spooky Night on 31st October came around and I spent the evening working. Yes, at a club and yes, it was Azzucar but for filming purposes. My videographers were there in full force recording what was needed for the night. While that was happening, the Marketing Manager and I made our rounds for the evening looking for Halloween Costume winners for prizes.

I interchanged my gold mask for the night for some black devil horns. What was I? Well I don't know really.. I had a mask, I had golden glittery spiders running all over my body.. some blood running down blood-red lips and blood splattered around my shoulders... so I was a bloody horny masked..err.. something.. *shrug*

Above was the first prize winner in red hair... below was the 2nd prize winner and the 3rd prize winner.. she left before we could take a picture with her. :(

And some more pictures with two of the band members (in pink hair and red horns)...

And my newest girlfriend, Michelle! Priscilla introduced us one evening some weeks ago and we hit off completely! She's a riot and completely hilarious... a really fun girl. REALLY fun. And best part too, she's also an Endorphin Junkie like me but she instructs swimming and trains for triathlons! Cool eh! Triathlons! Even I'm not at that level to even want to do a Marathon... much less Triathlon!! *hugs babe!!*

And I just HAD to take a picture with these guys.. its the GHOSTBUSTERS!! ... whod'yacall?! GHOSTBUSTERS!! Err.. on duty with Heineken? .... Got ghost how?.....

And of course, the evening would not have been complete if I didn't get a picture with the lovely owners of Azzucar, my clients... Miguel and his wife. "Rawwrrr!!"

And a final pic taken just before I left the house for the evening.. before the masks/horns/blood was put on.. still looking somewhat powdery n fresh.. face was much whiter in person... and no, I know it wasn't scary and my eyes were squinty.. but whatever.. "Raawwrrrr again...".... HAPPY BELATED HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!


expl0sive.delights said...

Pam ! u are looking super hot in the first pic ! :D love yr tan and toned arms!

<3, karen p.

Aka Pamela S. said...

Thanks Karen! :) Its not so much of the tan lah! But Check out the back!! I was surprised to see that I've leaned the back out like that! Must work on it more!! :)