Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guess Whos in Shape Magazine June 2010!

Yep! Its me on page 86... we had the photoshoot just a couple of weeks ago just prior my haircut and I jumped so much for that shoot it was crazy tiring! *poooof!* From hair covering my face - cannot! to angle not right - body not bent enough - jump not high enough - hair didn't fly correctly - eyes not looking at camera - tummy never suck in enough - jump to far from the mirror amongst several other "no-go" shots.. Hahhaa! Photoshoots are fun but really exhausting!

But I guess the photographer really got his angle right! I'm pleased at how "tight" my torso looks in this shot! Good job Alvinn!! I like it.

I was looking forward to seeing it come out in the news stands so much that the magazine lady didn't even need to wait for me to ask *I walked in looking for it so many times*- she immediately reported it to me thereafter that the issue hasn't arrived each time I walked past every day for the past 2 weeks, till today - she called out to me and waved the magazine in the air... its here!!! Yays!!!

And guess what! I won a prize for it too! Awwww! Nice laa! Its a pair of Lady Tartherblits CA shoes from Asics for Her Collection worth $199... cool la! I like it because its an extremely HOT PINK track shoe.. perfect for my runs! Its crazy pink! I like!! Whoot! Thanks Shape Mag!

In the meantime, go click on the image above and check out the article.. :) *beams happily* Turned out okay yea? Below is one of the pictures taken during the shoot that they didnt choose. Looking so chubby lately with the weight gain since Christmas... will I work to lose more? Sure.. I'll get around to wacking a little more off.. but in the meantime.. I'll contend with a little jiggly here and there... Thanks for reading!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Hair & Updates!

Yep! I hacked off around 14 inches off my hair so I have a shaggy crop now as opposed to hip length wavy locks.. some people were horrified to find out I wacked off so much hair but I didn't cut it THAT short. Excuse the non make-up shot but at least the hair was tame? :)

Other than that, I've been busy lately undergoing CPR and AED training with my girlfriends so I'm also additionally CPR/AED certified. Yayness for that! I hope I never have to use what we trained for but I'm pleased that I'm now "operationally ready" if there is a crisis.

On top of that, I've started a new batch of AquaFit and DanzaFit aka DanzaLatina at Raffles Town Club, interested public participants CAN STILL register right now to join the classes on Saturdays at a pro-rated rate. It is club policy to allow only ONE pro-rated batch for first time applicants so you can join me from next week onwards pro-rated if you are keen on joining a workout class. More details on what those classes are and how to register can be found HERE.

I have to mention too though, the club is LOVELY.. like seriously plush. I could stay in their lush changing rooms for the longest time... ice-water, lockers and towels are available. Their pool is lovely - kids will LOVE the water slides. And you can go eat at the cafe after your workout too which offers pretty good set lunches or buffets too at a reasonable estimate of $10-15 per person per ala-carte dish or set. Check out their promotions and buffet offers.

And I'm thankful to some of the lovely ladies who have joined me yesterday who promptly sent me their comments last night and mentioned that I should put it up on my blog.. Awww I feel so touched la!! Thank you... here goes.. :)

AquaFit - "You were awesome I enjoyed your class and you have good PR skills, you did a wonderful job for the aqua class and I know you can go further than this. I got back from home and was telling my husband about you and the fun I had. Also so sweet of you to sent us to the lift lobby. Well done keep it up."

DanzaLatina - "I truly enjoyed the class today. Not a dull moment and I sweat a bucket. You are so full of energy. Love it and looking forward to next lesson."

And sometimes I reflect back and am pleased that I do what I do to be able to share what I love and have others benefit too. :) Thank you for working out with me and I'll see you all again soon...

Saturday, May 01, 2010

FitBall and Core Stabilisation Instructorship

I did it! Yeah, so its like I'm on a roll with more training and I just completed my FitBall and Core Stabilisation instructorship and am extremely excited about it! As it is, choreography is swimming in my head, I've got to rehearse them and once I've got at least a dozen sets. I'll announce a new class! I'm looking forward to running a new class with the Fitballs..

I might choreograph something for drums too.. its a good alternative idea to break the usual ball routine that I might do from time to time. Looks like fun eh?

and a sampling of a class that I'll be running from July 2010 onwards at selected locations who have fitballs or with clients who have their own fitballs.

Are you on the ball yet? Check out my new logo! Like it?