Saturday, April 03, 2010

DanzaFit & AquaFit Classes!

Registrations are now open anytime! DanzaFit (called DanzaLatina at RTC) and AquaFit classes up at a spanking nice location at RAFFLES TOWN CLUB. Timing and rates below.

If you're already a RTC member, register directly with the sports & recreation staff at the club or if you really want, register with me.

The club had also allowed me to open my classes to previous class participants and interested members of the public so take this chance to sign up now!

DanzaFit* is a cardio dance program which incorporates a wide range of basic latin dance moves along with a mixture of resistance exercises, floor work, possible circuit training at certain sessions and a good mixture of effective aerobic moves where you can burn a heck of alot of calories while having FUN! You don't have to be a dancer to join. It is a multilevel class so even if you believe you have two left feet, don't worry! We'll find your feet tapping to the beat soon enough!

Thursday Sessions: 1015am - 1115am & 730pm-830pm
Saturday Session: 230pm - 330pm

Rate: $90 for members, $100 for public for 8 consecutive sessions. One Time Single trial session at $16. ($17.12 incl.gst) Please note that the prevailing GST rates applies. Total: $107.

Please email for registration forms and payment details.
Updates 16th May 2010: For anyone interested, you are allowed ONE pro-rated batch of classes with me at the Club so if you didn't manage to join me yet, you can still sign up for next week onwards at a pro-rated rate ONCE for the upcoming weeks, subsequent batch fees cannot be pro-rated and will be automatically renewed and billed by blocks of 8.

I have AquaFit class on Saturday mornings at the Raffles Town Club at 1015am - 1115am. (Resuming 25th September 2010 after the pool upgrading works are completed)

Rates are $140 for members and $150 for public for 10 consecutive sessions. Single trial session at $18. Please note that the prevailing GST rates applies.

Total: $160.50

AquaFit is an aqua aerobic program where I work with aqua noodles and shallow water resistance for a low impact cardio workout in the swimming pool. You do not have to know how to swim to participate in this class as the water is at chest level but it would help if you do not completely have water phobia/fear. The class would incorporate some cardio workout, resistance work, possibly some dancing, games and water therapy.

The image above are my aqua equipment that I work with, Aqua Noodles and Balls. The nice thing about it here is that all participants are allowed to access towel and lush shower facilities at the club post workout. They really have LOVELY LOVELY locker and shower facilities and you can eat at the Cafe after class too!

20% of my public participants who drive can also be eligible for carpark passes to park directly at the club too so if you drive, let me know if I have any more available carpark passes. Otherwise, the club is easily accessible via public transport. It is located near town. Map to club can be found HERE.

Both classes are suitable for ages from teens and up. This AquaFit class is not a rehabilitative class for those recovering from or with injuries or a pre-natal class but for a lower impact workout to those of regular fitness levels who prefer a change or addition to their exercise routine.

I will need all registrations reverted to me asap so please help me spread the word! :) For anyone interested in either DanzaFit or AquaFit or both at the above location and times. Please email me at for registration forms.

*FAQ: Do note that DanzaFit is NOT Zumba. It is a latin cardio class of course but really not specifically Zumba Fitness. If you are keen, you can check out Zumba Fitness classes at licensed locations such as California Fitness and True Fitness Gyms. But, yes - I am a licensed Zumba instructor and have various other instructor training program influences... everything comes together to provide all my students a different tailored program thats simply Pam that I hope we'd enjoy together! :) Come join and lets work out together!*

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