Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photography by C. En Yung Part 3

Photoshoot time! I was a non professional model for the day again when En Yung told me that he bought some new lens for his camera and we head down to Hort Park at Alexandra Technopark to take some daytime, greenery pictures. *excited*

Pictures taken with a Nikon D90 with Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 and Nikon 50mm F1.4D lens.

I donned a colourful patched flowy skirt that I used as a tube styled dress. Yeah.. its a skirt. Costs about $20 and bought at Chinatown.

Here are some of the pictures that I liked out of this set. It was a Really REALLY fun photoshoot. The colours came out well. The angles and the new lens really made this set of pictures quite funny too! I love the one above!!! And generally, I'm very happy that EY has managed to capture a range of different kind of shots so far for his slowly growing portfolio! *Proud to be part of it*

Casual Shots @ Vivo City found
Evening Shots @ Clarke Quay found

There were SO MANY different little spots thats just perfect to take pictures with. Every couple of steps would see you in a little tiny spot with different landscaping or plants or furniture. Snap! Snap! Snap!! Some places had little wooden fences like this one...

Some places with strange plants and some information signboards about the park... some even had playground toys and even plastic Dinosaurs and Grass Dragons! We had a hilarious time at the Dinosaurs because I got stuck halfway up and he had to pull me off it with me screaming for dear life..."hewwwllp!!! I'm stuck!!!"

The park had various different kind of statues... you would see this metal swirly one when you enter near the park entrance...

And we tried a little perspective.. looking all professional, this was when EY lay flat on the table and took a photoshot upwards. Gosh.. the kind of positions photographers have to get into to get a different perspective... really not easy work!

Then he stood up on the table and shot downwards...

There were vegetable gardens and herb gardens.. I loved the Thyme bushes here.. they smelt so good too! *tempted to pluck some to use for grilled chicken*... (cough cough) but I didn't okay!

Different kind of stools, chairs and lounge chairs like this... this reminds me of some poolside deckchair...

And he caught me creeping about the flower bushes... "ah hah!!" (snap!) HOI!! .... *snigger snigger*

A portrait shot of me sitting by a flower bush.. and yeah.. the fluffiness of this skirt makes me look pregnant as a dress but I'm obviously NOT. I'm just naturally.. erm.. curvy.

And another shot of my favourite kind of picture for the day... BIG HEAD ME!! And that being said... If you like his work and if you would like to give En Yung a try for some photography work (personal or commercial), do contact him via his Facebook page and leave him a message! Or Email me at for his contact number. Thanks for looking!