Sunday, December 30, 2007

Eirian at the end of 2007

There are times where I see how baby she is with her button nose *compliments of me...argh* and her chubby cheeks... :) How did she go from 5 months old to 5 year old so fast!!!

Now isn't that just the cutest little one ever.... hahaha.. it is.. to me... Sigh. Time passes so fast...
My baby is now a little lady. :) What's she going to ask me for next? Tiffany earrings?

Christmas 2007

This Christmas was totally CRAZY!! I've never recieved SO MANY presents before.. pictures pictures here of only SOME of them... Thank you EVERYONE for all the love!! The rest of the pictures will come later.... I also realise that I didn't take pictures of the pressies that the girls recieved.. aarghh! cannot also.. there are too many... just leave it to them to enjoy...
The hubster bought me WAAAAY to many things this year.. it's almost obscene. Wah Lau!!!

I think his pressies need a post on its own. There he is up there, I like this shot that I took of him.. he looks somewhat.. contented with his red wine on Christmas day... *muaks*

Serene, my SIL gave me the MOST ADORABLE huffalump mug and stuffie! Original OKAY and OH SO CUTE direct from the Disney store in London... Fwah... I love it! and I love Huffalump!! You can not find this in Singapore... *hugs*

Moley and family came over on Christmas eve for Christmas eve dinner and BOY! did we all eat! There was SO MUCH FOOD and a GIANT Turkey... yes, so big that even till today.. we still have 2 big packs of deboned turkey meat in the fridge. It was that huge.

She gave me a furry hot pink pouch!! Its so bling and so pink, I love it! It also has a gold strap ehehehe... and inside ... she put in 2 necklaces! Awww!! *love love*

Bling Bling Butterfly neckace! Because I loooove wearing butterflies!

And a bear robot pendant with a bling heart and wiggly arms & legs on a lovely chain.... Moley I think has a pink one! You know you're best friends when u're literally wearing the "same" things and u buy things in pairs just so that u BOTH can be wearing them together.. hahaha I exchanged this bearie with a red rose hairclip that looks OH SOOOO GLAM. I love red roses and anything that has a red rose on it...

My MIL gave me a pair of blue jeans.. which fit me PERFECTLY, I've been wearing it all the time! hahaha.. I need more..

The hubster decided to fatten me up with Godiva... *thats all another post on its own!*, several really nice lunch/dinner dates... *muaks*, 2 stainless steel rings, 2 bling bling sun glasses, a hot pink armstrap to strap my handphone and gear when I'm working out! Pic below.. heheh..., 2 pairs of slip-on shoes- gold ones too! Bwhahaha... I'm strangely oh biang can! But I love it!, he also bought me an insane amount of false eyelashes. He must get a kick seeing that glint in my eye and that crazy BWUHAHAHHAHA laugh when he gives me a pressie... *and how can u NOT love a hubby who pampers u silly?* and a chocolate fondue pot... how can u NOT love chocolate fondue...*love love my hubby*

My dad bought me and the girls rollerblades!! Perfect!! No pictures of that now but I'll take them when we decide to wear all the gear and head down to East Coast.. the blades came with a complete set of helmets and protective gear.. there's so much protective gear that my girls are literally covered from head to toe. Its crazy! Hahahah (I heart my D) and I'm looking forward to really working up a sweat swishing my fat self down East Coast and cross my fingers that I don't "swish" myself right into the sea. (Note to hubby: Now all I need is a trimmer body *ahem* and a brand new RED blading outfit..*cough* I have no shame hahahaha....)

Alex, my youngest sister gave me a pack of sweets, biscuits and chocolates from Marks & Spencers...*drools* everyone is determined to make me fatter... and a Wonder Woman Underwear from Topshop. Its so small that its practically 3/4 of my ass size. How to wear!?!? Anyway.. maybe I'll fit into it by the time my birthday comes around this new year... *I hope*

Christmas this year has left me breathless... very charred pocket wise but very VERY satisfying. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Enchanted on Eirian's Birthday

Eirian's 5th Birthday on the 17th of December was such a lovely day. I'll update with pictures on that day when I grab them from my lappy. Thank you to my sweethearts Moley & kids, Sandra & Ian, Wendy & kids, Serene, my momma in law and of course whats a birthday without Dada CJ, who joined us that day to make that day extra special not only for Eirian but also for me.. I know everyone made it because of me too esp since it was a weekday too.. *touched* :)

Instead of the Pink Princess Party we thought we were planning, we made it a movie birthday instead and caught Disney's Enchanted. It was the perfect show for Eirian. It had a princess, alot of flowers, talking animals, a handsome prince... it was totally fairytale, it had a dragon *for the boy*, it was full of loooovee....*swoons* and of course in the end of the magical tale... it was a happily ever after... *sighs*... I want the DVD!! hahaahaha...

So Close by Jon Mclaughlin is the video below.. in the show..there was a dance at a King & Queen's ball! How ROMANTIC!!.. and I want dresses like that!! In the meantime, enjoy this song. Its just lovely....

Updates and a farting pig.

If you are wondering why the influx of videos and WTF happened to all the pictures of the past couple of weeks.. well THEY'RE COMING!! I'll get to them.. erm. Eventually... I've got great food pictures to come.. and Yes.. Christmas was a great sin.

There was TOO MUCH FOOD!!! I've got pictures of drool worthy babelicious babes... cute kids... horrendously TOO MUCH PRESENTS... I can safely say that my christmas list I wrote about early in December.. has very much been filled to at least 70% given. Whoa!! I'm so spoiled! *Leaning onto hubby's now very macho chest, doe eyes fluttering...* (Ahem).. moving on...

I've also got a whole folder of cam whoring pictures which to the non-dismay to the hubster *apparently he's immune to me taking pictures of myself now and just sits back and stares blankly at me ~eyes drying out~ and even points out now... eh that one not too good.*

Hey!! hahah If I don't love myself.. who will?

Much to the grievances of my weighing scale who during this 2 month carb break refused to show me any number below 80kg *despite my regular visits to the gym...* and hovering from 80-84kg... argh.. BUT I'm not worried. You are truely what u eat.. and my MID SECTION shows me lumps of fats.. hahaha. My 2nd diet cycle is coming up in just a couple of days and its carb free for me again soon. I've got only 6 months to go to reach at least 55-60kg.... I'll think about this in a couple of days.

Anyway here goes.. I love this one.. I know I have a sick sense of humour. I think farts are funny. Seriously. Just don't purposely GRAB air and shove it to my face... *kick* thats just GROSS.

And this tune is strangely annoying that my girls have MEMORISED it.. me included.. argh.. *brain cells dying* La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la!!! Pfffttt!

Can U Beatbox like this...

This is FARKING AMAZING okay!!!!!! Aaahhh!!

Boom Chika Boom Boom Chika Boom..

How can SO MUCH SOUND, rhythm and beat come out of just ONE MAN.

He. Is. So. Bloody. Freakingly. GOOD.
Kudos. *Ma mouth still gaping open after watching it*

Dance Baby Dance! Tell me ur head WASN'T rocking to the beat watching this.
I know mine was... *Gasp!* So Good.

Have u heard Nick Pitera?

A Whole New World by Nick Pitera

This guy can really sing. I can appreciate talent like this when I see it. Its so unusual and with such high value.. imagine hiring him, u get 2 voices man!! How cool is that!

When U can sing well AND perform in a spectacular falsetto like he does. Now thats talent for you. Browse through his other songs, they're just as good if not better. If you weren't looking at the video and closed your eyes, you'd think there 2 persons doing a duet. He's THAT good. I'm so impressed. Check it out. He's good!

Part of your World by Nick Pitera

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas everyone!

Surprise Surprise! Yes, the blog is back. :) *Grin*

I know there was a little uproar *my msn and phone nearly exploded ok! wah lau.. relak lah* some time back from some faithful blog readers *thank u all! So touched u bother* and *gasp* fans.. *I... me? Have fans? shrug~ weird, how can?! but I'm highly amused, thankful and am feeling a little shy that you come out and identify yourselves!! haahhaa anyway* to why I deleted my blog.

Well, whatever the reason it was to have done such a deed, it was done. Now that I'm back live, *Thank you Graham from Blogger Support! You Da Man! Seriously now, this guy can bring things back from the dead! hahaha*

I'll be updating from time to time so don't delete me just because you don't see me! Hahaha :)

In the meantime, *pam taking a peek at the horde of blogposts in her mind and the folders of pictures that are gathering and waiting to be posted...eeekkkss!! - all in due time*

I would like to wish one and all, and all at home..

A very Merry Christmas and a very Beautiful New Year.
May you be surrounded by love this season and start a
new 2008 with an explosive bang... *all limbs intact of course*

*Cheers! Heres to a New Year and its just going to be beautiful... *hugs*

Friday, November 30, 2007

Lauren's Birthday Update

Moley did a Birthday Post about Lauren's Birthday Party HERE.

Click on it to see more pictures! In the meantime.. I'll upload some images from my side too when I get the time in the evenings to upload them.

*Happy Birthday to my Lauleepop! Happy Birthday toooo yoooouuu...*
NEXT.. Eirian's Pink Princess Birthday Party on the 17th of December.

Free yourself on that Monday, please. All girls MUST come in PINK and frills. And Boys can be a prince. IN BLUE. Please keep to the dress code. The invite for that coming up soon.

Monday, November 26, 2007

I Would Die for That....

When you come across videos like this, as a parent. You can totally relate. I would not say that I take an Anti Abortion stand.

I believe its a personal choice that you will have to live with if you take that choice. Whatever your reason may be do to it.

For those reading my blog and are in a situation where you are newly pregnant, trying to concieve or just lost a baby. If its good news to you, Congratulations.

For those who are in a state of limbo and confusion, do know that there are options like Adoption which may be something to think about other than Abortion. Some may find it unfair for those who have babies so easily while they struggle to concieve.. and sometimes unsuccessfully.

Children, especially your own are miracles.... I know mine are. I had perfect pregnancies and deliveries and was blessed with children when I wanted them.

Life wouldn't be the same if I couldn't have children.

What would I do for them? Anything and everything.

Do I regret having children? Never.

Would I die for them? Yes.

This is what U call a Hot Momma

Some time ago, the hubster CJ asked me to check this video out and exclaimed.. "Whooaaa!!! She's HOT!" so of course I had to check it out and I too ended up mesmerised. We both sat there just staring at the videos with our mouths open and not blinking.. I like it alot!

She's a young momma too, Singer - Dancer Alizee singing Jén Ai Marre. Now that is one hot momma! I love listening to french pop and this song's tune is just addictive.

I had to wipe the drool off my face with those kind of moves and she's cute!!! *Okay, I'm not lesbian okay!!* I just appreciate pretty things. Don't you?

Now don't lie now.. watch it and tell me that her performance didn't make your heart beat that little faster... She has such a hot body and such a GOOD LOOKING BUTT. *envious* Yes.. I'm looking... and now.. U are too.. hahaha..

Time to brush up on my sexy dance moves, maybe get a nifty outfit and also a little more on my french... after all, it WAS my 2nd language in Secondary school.... time to get past, Je m'appelle Pamela * My name is Pamela* to moving towards...

"Venir à momma ! J'ai le spécial de quelque chose vous aimerez".

*also known as "Come to Momma!! I have something special that you will like... *

HAahahahaa... *spank spank* BWUAHAHHahahahha...

I Love Eggs. *Sing it with me!*

For those with children.. you're gonna love this.. for those who loves eggs... this song is unbelievably annoyingly catchy... and for the inner child in you.. you will want to click this to hear how I love eggs too... Oodle Doodle! Eggs are the best! I really love you so!


Saturday, November 24, 2007

All I want for Christmas....

If anyone is interested and for those who have been asking if there was anything I'd like for Christmas.. well yes.. there's alot of things I want... whether for Christmas.. or for "just because" sake.. or even my birthday next year - Heck! I'm turning 30 can!! *shivers*.. its chockful of stuff that range from the budget conscious choices to those that have a pretty penny and a deeper pocket that won't mind a little splurge on me... *I don't know who might want to though hahha*

This list will make it alot easier because you know I WANT these things and I won't mind replicates even if someone bought it already... hahhaa... *ok I'm THAT thick skinned* but here goes... and if all else fails.. Robinsons/Marks & Spencer Vouchers of any value above $20 always hits the spot. Hahhaha.
  • Limited Edition Revlon Swirl Series - Its makeup of course but in such gorgeous colours! But it is even still available now?

  • A red coloured Ipod - Workout gear hhehhe

  • Marks & Spencer Lingerie - anything in Red or Black. Size 12 for below and a size 38C for the top.

  • Work out Outfits - Fitting Sports Tops and Capri Bottoms

  • Running Shoes - Suitable running shoes in a size 9.

  • Jeans - I need new Jeans! My old ones don't fit anymore! Size 34 please.

  • Halter Tops - Because I think I could do with showing off my new found shoulders...and because I can finally fit into one!

  • Vaseline Lip Balm - Because I can't live without it. Regular Blue tube only.

  • Heels - Anything black, dark blue or red. Size 9 or even size 10 for small cutting.

  • Boots - Black or Dark Brown Leather Heeled Boots in a size 10

  • A Hair Makeover - I need to colour my hair and add highlights again! Its looking so dull!

  • Hazel Coloured Contact Lenses - Non degree coloured contact lenses.

  • Diamante Hair Clips - Anything with butterflies or flowers or just some bling!

  • After 8 Chocolates - For those on a budget but I still LOVE THESE!!

  • Godiva Chocolates - For those with deeper pockets hahhaa.

  • A good quality bottle of Red Wine - They're good for your heart!

  • Good Quality Bed Sheets &/or Duvets - Min. 300 thread count please.

  • Good Quality Absorbent Bath Towels - I love fluffy towels that absorb water in a flash.

  • An assortment of Marks & Spencer Cereals - Anything from there is good.

  • Alpen Meusli Nutty Cereals + Packs of Cold Milk - Because chunky cereal has good fibre and I love Alpen!!

  • Pleasures Purfume - Original pink bottle.

  • Pendants on pure silver chains - Anything hypo-allergenic or pure silver/gold bc I have sensitive skin..

  • A Bread Toaster - I like toasted bread and my toaster just went bust.

  • Book Vouchers - I could do with more hardcopy books.

  • GNC Vouchers - Because I need my vitamins & supplements.

  • Brunch Vouchers or a Paid Reservation for 2 to Mezza9 - If they have such things.. I'm aching to go back for Mezza9's International Sunday Champagne Brunch...

  • A digital weighing scale - For more accurate weight measurements.. hahha

  • A new Gym bag - something spaciously big, with some dividing pockets and prefereably either gold, black or red.

  • A Tiffany Charm Bracelet - And this is for someone with a deeper pocket. This will cost that pretty penny.
  • A new digital camera - For better quality photos lah!

Thats about it! For now. Hahahha soo..... anyone up to thinking about sending me anything above? Hahhaha.. a girl can only hope right? *big cheesy grin*

Random pictures and a song.

Ah yes... its me... again.. :)

And my momma in law.... *muaks* I love her!! And she has gorgeous new eyebrows done at A1 Salon at Bishan.. Not bad leh!!Contemplating hard if I want to get mine done too... heheeh

Lauren looking like a turtle... I think its cute.
My bebe, Eirian at the MRT station...

And this is the smile I get when I say "smile for Kim Kim, Gareth!!" Soooo Cute!! .... my nephew.

The 3 loves of my life.. sending the papa off to Hong Kong at the Airport... *Don't go Daddeee... we wuffff uuu....*sobs* (Everyone missing him alot....including me... -.-'')

6 days away oni nia but eh!! 6 days away from me... ME!! *sobs... who's going to sayang me for a whole 6 days!! wails...grumble grumble*

We made it better by replacing Daddy with Uncle Ronald hhahaha MacDonald that is... but we then decided to ditch Uncle Ronald to Uncle Popeyes!!! Yummm Coleslaw, Crispy Chicken and Biscuits with Strawberry Jam!!! *Drooolsss!~*

But not before we popped over to hug up ole momo the doggie *he's soooooo cuddly!!* at Moley's House.. pack up the all kids and head back down to the airport for some good sinful food and a tour of the brand new Terminal 3! Now open for public viewing~! Go See! Nice!

Ohhh momo.. u cuteee wutey doggie woggie.... muaks muaks muaks... *hug hug hug squish squish*... ok.. getting carried away with the baby talk... time to go eat...

The best coleslaw in Singapore.... *oh sooooo good*

Crispy Chicken... and we had fish too... and of course.. their famous biscuits...*no biscuit picture*But yummms.... will have to have that when we go pick Dada up on Monday night..Popeyes!! Here we come!!!

And finally.. My sweetheart Eirian giving me her rendition of Hey, Mr Postman. One of the acts she danced to at her year end concert.. She danced to this song with lovely precision, rhythm and timing with her postman named Oliver.

I teased her... and her reply made me very amused.

"Oohh Eirian... Is Oliver your boyfriend?"

She replied as a matter of fact and with slight indignation.

"no mommy... he's ONLY my postman" - rolled her eyes and walked away.

Ohhh man... he's so gonna be heartbroken if he heard that... poor Oliver.. hahahahahaa

Enjoy. *sorry for the slanted shot haha..

I guess u just have to turn ur head bc I have not figured out how to turn the video around...*

Friday, November 23, 2007

Tagged again...

Actually.. I tagged myself and want this tag to follow on to Moley, Wendy *Arkerchi*, Shelly *Shelled-Deshelled*, Joyce *Dutchess* and Serene *Gareth's Mommy*.

What this means if you're unfamiliar with this means.. u cut n paste everything u see below and give me ur respective answers too and tag the next 5 people to continue this list.
So here goes...

W H O . W A S . T H E. L A S T . P E R S O N

1. You hung out with?: Moley.

2. Saw you cry: CJ.

3. Went to the movies with you?: ALOT of people. I ran the event.. ahaha

4. You went to the mall with?: My girls.

5. You went to dinner with?: My Inlaws.

6. You talked on the phone to?: Moley.

7. Said ‘I love you’ to you and really meant it?: CJ of course.

8. Made you laugh?: Lauren

W O U L D . Y O U . R A T H E R?

1. Pierce your nose or tongue? Tongue

2. Be serious or be funny? Funny

3. Drink whole or skim milk? Whole

4. Spend time with your parents or enemies? Parents, well actually not my own.. my momma in law actually

D O . Y O U . P R E F E R.

1. Flowers or candy? Flowers

2. Gray or black? Black

3. Color or Black and white photos? Colour

4. Lust or love? Love with a hint of Lust.... :)

5. Sunrise or sunset? Sunset. I don't wake up early enough to see the sunrise.

6. M and Ms or Skittles? M and Ms

8. Staying up late or waking up early? Staying up late. I'm nocturnal.

D O . Y O U . P R E F E R.

1. Sun or moon? Moon

2. Winter or Fall? Winter... I haven't seen snow in forever!

3. Left or right?: Left. I'm left handed and your heart is on your left too!

4. 10 acquaintances or having two best friends?: Two best friends.. not alot of people can appreciate me.

5. Sunny or rainy?: Rainy, nice to be in bed cuddling.

6. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream: Nuts about Chocolate Icecream of course! Or Rocky road.. the chunkier the better and FULL of toppings please!

A B O U T . Y O U

1. What time is it?: 9.34pm

2. Nickname(s): honeymeow

3. What is your birth date?: 2nd July.

4. What do you want?: Too much but if u must know and really want to get some for me, ask me! I have a whole lotta stuff I want.

5. Where do you want to live? In a house with a large kitchen.

6. How many kids do you want?: 2. I'm stopping at 2. I don't think I have the energy to do the baby thing again.

7. You want to get married? Already am.


1. Nervous habit: Twiddling my fingers and tapping my feet.

2. Are you double jointed?: No

3. Can you roll your tongue?: Yes

4. Can you raise one eyebrow?: Yes

5. Can you cross your eyes?: Yes

6. Do you make your bed daily?: No. My bed is rarely made. It looks the same all the time unless I have guests. Tousled with clothes and blankets everywhere.

7. Can you draw? Yes... I sketched that cat up there from a picture and I like it alot.


1. Which shoe goes on first? Left.

2. Ever thrown a shoe at someone? Yes.

3. What is your craziest experience ever? Giving birth. Twice.. what was I thinking!


1. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? Twirl

2. Have you ever eaten spam? Yes

3. Favorite ice cream: Chocolate Icecream.

4. How many kinds of cereal are in your cabinet? 2, Honey Stars and Corn Flakes.

5. What’s your favorite beverage? Coke Light

6. Do you cook? Yes. I cook army size servings, naturally.

IN . T H E . L A S T . M O N T H . H A V E . Y O U ?

1. Bought something: Yes, of course

2. Sang: Happy Birthday to Lauren

3. Been hugged: Yes, by CJ, my girls and Moley

4. Felt stupid: Yes

5. Missed someone: Yes

6. Danced crazy: Yes, with my girls with swishing flash lights in my dark bedroom

7. Gotten your hair cut: No.

8. Cried: Yes

9. Lied: Of course, anyone who says they don't lie are liars. hahaha
The End. So the tagged ones, your names are on top, YOU ARE TAGGED.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Atkins Update all around...

We have 2 people in our group who has taken on a carb free diet change with us.

C, we'll just call her that to maintain her anonymonity, who aimed to lose 3-4 kg, went on Atkins with us and lost them and is now on maintenance.. Good effort C!

Her testimonial is as follows:

"I was inspired by Pamela on her Atkin diet plan. For vanity purposes, I need to loose 3-4 kg so I started this diet plan. The first week was terrible for me, I felt that after eating, I can still feel my stomach half full and I felt cold and tired throughout the whole day, but I did not give up, I continue for the second week and finally my body cannot take it and I felt sick. I stopped the diet until I was fully recovered. When I was well again, I re-start my diet regime again and I am glad that my colleague is joining me for this diet and we are into our third week. (thanks to my colleague for joining in which gives me a lot of determination to continue), I managed to shed 3kgs and I now stand at 55kg. I want to thank Pamela for her advices and support for my success in losing the kgs.... currently, I am continuing it and I must say that I am more careful when choosing my food intake."
I'm so proud of her!

Another one is Kenny! He's already dropped 4kg in just 13 days of his decision to go carb free or very low carb free. We're so proud that he has kept to his decision and stayed determined to work off the weight. Get exercising and the weight will drop even faster.

We're soooooo happy for you and JIA YOU!! Ask away if you need help but don't give up! 4kg in under 2 weeks dude!! Thats great! And we're happy that your wife, Wendy is supporting you all the way too!! You can do it!

As for CJ, of course he's now the KING with a whopping 23kg down and just only 4kg to go to his target weight... pants that went from a size 44 to a current size 36-38. A visual update of him soon. Curious? Hahaha.

For him.. and for the guys.. his before & after is just. SHOCKING. More on that when I get a shot of him soon.

As for me, I need to kick myself back on a carb free diet ASAP or I'll not be seeing my 70s soon.. I swung back up to 80kg again and am kicking myself over it.. time to run tomorrow and no more blueberry pies and noodles for me.. carbs are over rated.

Birthday Post coming up soon...

Taken on the day of Lauren's Birthday party... :) And yea... Its moley and me again of course... hhaha Birthday post coming up soon. Stay tuned.

ElfYourself !!!

Thanks to Rachel for this link. It's absolutely hilarious! You have got to try this for yourselves this christmas.. but in the meantime.. enjoy this from the Sim Family for you this Christmas! :)


Monday, November 19, 2007

Vote for me!

As you can see.. there's a new button at the side column of my blog.. if you're a brand new reader.. or a regular reader and you won't mind giving me a vote... click on the bloggers choice awards button you see on the side!

<-----------*go ahead! you know you want to! hahaha ok.. only if you want to.. Thanks!!*

And also.. Nike decided to come in with another week of advertising on my blog again... the amount "earned" from the last was was REALLY pathetic but I'll give nuffnang a little while more before deciding to swipe it totally of my blog but for now.. check out that Nike run thing.. heck.. if they are giving out a good goody bag. I might consider joining the run... perhaps just for fun. Anyone up to joining me?

Damn! You can fit a chicken in there!

This was taken sometime back... perhaps 2 weeks ago when I'm still lingering at 80kg... I've broken out of my plateau and hit 79kg.

Damn! You can fit a chicken in there!!... This is a pair of my favourite (no brand & costs $9.90) striped jeans. Its no longer wearable and I'm proud to pass it to anyone who wants it who can fit into it... *Goodbye Jeans!!* On another note.. my MIL couldn't stand seeing me in crappy sloppy looking oversized pants (and me surveying her pants cupboard for stuff I can wear *I think she just doensn't want me to keep bugging and swiping her jeans* Hahahah) - She bought me a brand new pair of jeans and it fit lovely! Finally.. jeans that don't look like they are curtain sized.

Lauren happily took my hp to snap this photograph one morning when I was changing for the day.... and me.. *cj rolling his eyes at me again!!!* I was happy to pose a final time with this pair of jeans before I put it to my retired pile of clothes. *My ass on another hand.. still needs a whole lotta work; think black girl rump...*

Finally. I'm reached my 70s... BUT.... I was sick since the 10th and have been on a carb break from all the way then till now... AND I STILL LOST WEIGHT. I've been eating almost everything.. anything... and not exercising with the exception of having an unbelievably CRAZY weekend. More about that once I have some pictures on hand...

I'm feeling a whole lotta better with the exception of a nagging blocked nose and the sinuses acting up.... I'm swaying between eating so much that I'm "gaining" about 2kg at the end of each day. Time to start moving again and work on a low carb intake diet plan..
And CJ is leaving for Hong Kong on Wednesday for the World Karate Tournament.. he.. on another hand has still been working out DAILY...and eating little.. and getting REALLY TONED.
*envy*... time to work out again... I feel bloated.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Keep on going Kenny!!

Last Saturday, we met up with 2 of our support group members and it was a short but interesting session in sharing how we made the journey together from the sizes we were to where we are now and where we are aiming to be.

The two men that joined us seemed keen to try and went on their way... while I haven't heard from one... I've heard from Kenny *or more so, read about his progress* who came with his whole family and I'm so very pleased to note that he's dropped 1.5kg in the past 3 days!!

WAY TO GO KENNY!!! Keep it up... we're so very proud of you!!! Please please, call us if you need help or are unsure of anything or how you may be feeling or if you just need the boost when temptation strikes... Keep it up and you will be rewarded with your own efforts!

Great job so far! Whoot Whoot Whoot Whoot! :) Updates can be found here.

As for me... I'm still 80kg. EVEN with my diet break over the past couple of days with that darned flu... so I'm looking very much to breaking into the 70s.. soon. Once I can get up and moving once more... *nose still blocked but no more fever already!*


Moley kept her promise and brought over a HUGE pan of cheesy casserole today.

It was HUGE!! Double the portion of the pan that I passed her and we FINISHED IT ALL. bwuahhaahahahahaaa.....
It's just as how I remembered it.. if not better.. so many cheeses! Its crazy! Philly cream cheese, La vache qui rit, cheddar, mozzarella...and more and I'm still amazed that she takes ONLY 1/2 hour to prepare and bake it.

I'm feeling guilty that she made it for me *and it REALLY CHEERED ME UP ALOT THOUGH* because after doing some assessment of the ingredients...

HOLY FEEESH! It must have cost a bomb. Cheese is expensive and since there are so many kinds in it... argh!! Fresh Mushrooms are not cheap and it was not limited to button mushrooms.

Tuna at that quantity must have been at LEAST 2 cans and prawns ARE DEFINITELY NOT CHEAP AND ITS obviously huge tiger prawns and to fill it with prawns... its crazy...

Why why Why did u spend so much on me... *I'm feeling so guilty for agreeing to having it* *Sigh* *HUGS*

Such goodness in a pan and it was greeted with a whole lotta ooohhhhss and aaaahhhs from all at home (much to the disdain of my mother in law who literally ran away from me when I was trying to feed her a sample saying it looks "scary" -.-'')..

We topped off the sinfullness with slices of Vienetta Icecream...nice - I haven't had that in a while.. (And to those who were wondering why I could have ice cream? Its because I've broken diet because I'm sick, today is my lasy day though and I've settled almost all my cravings that Ive been having for the past weeks and I'm prepared to resume diet).

She brought over another bottle of Herbal tea too which.. to anyone who knows me know I detest the vile substance...but I gratefully finished it. *For my own good* I do feel better thanks to the cooling tea she brought over the night before.. *Sigh... thanks moley*

Like the Mastercard Commercial says...

One Box of Vienetta Icecream cake - $5.90
One Pan of Cheesy Tuna Casserole - $60 (I'm just guessing)
Two Bottles of Herbal & Cooling tea - $5

Me and my friendship with Moley... priceless.

An Uppsie when you're downsie...

This is one of the most hilarious laughing baby videos I've seen.... I haven't stopped laughing each time I play it. :) **Turn on your speakers LOUD to enjoy the full effect and prepare yourself with a smile. Its THAT adorable.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Such a Sweetheart....

What do you say when your best friend just decides to pop by for a visit one evening just see how you are and pass you a bottle of cooling water when you're feeling crappy sick, and looking just as bad?

Skin pale, eyes swollen, throat scratchy, hair limp and nose swollen and peeling because of all the tissue wiping away leaky snot is definitely not a sight to behold.

I don't know.. but it sure is touching because I was not expecting it. None of my girlfriends ever did that for me before and the last I remember, only CJ has ever taken care of me when I was sick.

I stared at the bottle and she insisted I finish it before I slept. I finished it. Trying to rack my brains to ensure that "Cornu Saigae Tataricae" + winter melon is not remotely related to waterchestnut or I'd end up more swollen than a ripe plum.

Nevertheless, I feel so loved. Happy but embarassed because I didn't know how to react but all I could feel is this warm fuzziness. And she's bringing over cheesy casserole tomorrow can!!

Wah lau... *swooons....* Thank you moley... love love. I could say more but I'm just speechless... I won't expect visits everytime I'm sick with this as presidence but it was sure a lovely surprise on a gloomy day... :)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

R(A): DUDE!! You never finish!!!


1. Allergic to sexual content.
2. Not above 18 years old.
3. Are in the office and have your speakers on.
4. Get easily offended at videos of sexual nature.
5. Someone without a sense of humour.

Because, I think this video is soooo funny!!! DUDE! You never finish!! You're doing it too slow!! Hahahahahahahahaaaaa.... I bet that other guy will never joke-wank this guy again... BOSSSS!!!!!!


Monday, November 05, 2007

Dont' hate me because I'm beautiful...

NOT! Hhahaha.. I just like the line... everytime I put a picture up, I take a deep breathe and cross my fingers that when people log on to my blog, their screens don't explode or implode and they don't start feeling nauseus staring at my face.

I only have one smile and its the smile that I plaster over my pictures. If I dont' smile, I look like a blur idiot. Really. *sobs*

Anyway, Lauren's birthday invites are out and I'm now contemplating what I need to prepare for the party. Need to think in advance because I'm doing all the cooking... Its a children's party so the only parents attending are my friends and their kids.. I've explicitly indicated on her party invite for the parents of her classmates to "drop off their kids" and pick them up later.

Any idea and any potluck contribution to her party *if you're coming* would be appreciated. I'm not catering and I'm making all the food myself so any additional food would be totally LOVELY.
And to those who have asked what Lauren likes... she's a 7 year old girl so no more baby stuff for her. *she'll be rolling eyes and giving me the hand - "mommy, I'm TOO OLD FOR THAT" ... geez.. she's only 7 nia.. what will she say to me when she's 17? And where did that attitude come from... not me?!? *rolls eyes* Oh wait.. it must be.. argh.

She likes craft stuff ie those DIY stuff, stationery, strawberry shortcake, basically anything she needs to "create" or figure out ie puzzle or computer game. I hope that helps? Story books are good too. Please try not giving her packs of jelly, sweets & chocolates. She's too fat already.

Anyway... what to make for those kids? .... Fishballs... regular Chicken Nuggets... Agar Agar Jellies... I'll make cheesy macaroni bolognaise... boiled quail eggs... either fried rice or bee hoon... I'll fry up some japanese chicken nuggets... Hotdogs (I'll get a variety)... my SIL & BIL have lovingly sponsored a whole bunch of Cupcake Momma Cupcakes!!!! *waaaaaaahhhhh - contemplating to just have one cupcake and run from Tampines to Jurong the next day.. .aahahha NOT*

If I have the time, I'd make potato salad too, at least I can do this in advance. ... oookay.. so thats only 9 dishes plus canned drinks that I'll be dunking into the water cooler...

Ohh!! Sandwiches!! I'll make sandwiches...and I'll cut up watermelon... so thats a total of 11 things to eat... what else?!?! We already have cheezels so the kids can wack those...

Any more suggestions of something I can either make in advance.. is that going to be enough??

I love parties... I'll gladly be game host, balloon artist, glitter artist, face painter and mommy all in one for that day... :) If you have not yet blocked your day to join us, please do and msn/sms/call me and let me know you'll make it. The most we can handle is 30 kids for that day as our studio IS NOT THAT BIG hahaa...

Her party is on the 18th of November from 12pm - 4pm. Buzz me to let me know you're there.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Just because.

Just because... pictures give me a visual idea of how I'm progressing.. and I think it looks alright!

An 80kg me.. and looking forward to finally breaking into the 70s very very soon!

*hubby in the background rolling his eyes at me - "aiyoh, taking pictures of urself again!?!"

Another point to note: I need to start taking pictures with an actual camera instead of the crappy camera phone... -.-'' makes me look green and spotty!

Kua kua... *cheeese!!*

Friday, November 02, 2007

Atkins Update!

Yep! I've been busy so not much updates from me since the last long one about the spooky tour.

I've got stuff to update and will do so when I can! For those who have been requesting that I update my blog soon or they'll kill me.. haha kill me. I'm busy lah! This month is going to be crazy!

But first! Update! I'm officially 15kg down. I've hit 80kg from 95kg... so far we've been on the diet for about 9 weeks now. Now only another 25kg to go! Whoooot! 25kg is definitely not as daunting a number as the original 40kg (when i was 95kg) target that I had.

I'm almost halfway there!

CJ on the other hand.. wah lau eeehhh.. about 22kg down.. he looks like he wallopped off his belly. Its has mysteriously disappeared! hahahhaah He's almost at his ideal weight! Another 5 more kg at most and he'll switch to maintenance already.... *Pam eyeing him closely. "hmn.. he's looking ... sexy -- **purrrrssss**"

I haven't had any acceptable looking or decent pictures taken no visual updates for now. I have noticed one thing though... legs, boobs and ass are definitely a little smaller... *sobs for the boobs* The rest.. still needs more work.. but we'll get there.

As for the rest of November.. we'll be seeing so many things happening like the Bee Movie event.. which is officially SOLD OUT LIAO!!! As usual. Its going to be a fantastic day.

Then there's Orientation Day where we're doing GRO roadshows. Then we're emceeing at Eirian's school concert! *same day mind you... wah lau eh (cough cough.. practice my emceeing voice.. meeemeeemeeemeemeee *gag*)

Then there is Lauren's birthday on the 15th of November.. she's turning 7 and has requested for a party.. Hmn.. must plan must plan... The only available date is the 18th.. but its AFTER her actual birthdate.. can still have a party for her then? I guess so! 18th it is!... FREE UP UR DAY ON THE 18TH PEOPLE!! Its going to be a kids party at the Berri Werks Play Yard.

Whooooootttt!!!! *phew! time to sleep! Bye!*

Thursday, November 01, 2007

You will still be fat if you don't do something about it.

This is an invitational to those who are serious in wanting to lose weight.

For those who have struggled with weight issues and want to SERIOUSLY lose weight.

Robert (hubby) and I are opening up a support group for ONLY 5 men and 5 ladies to work with us on a 3 month Atkins program that we will devise for you.

Robert is qualified to know what he's doing and he's keen to help a very select group of those who are TRUELY interested.

Mind you that it will be a stringent and challenging program and would be for those serious on dropping weight. More for those who needs to really lose a considerable amount of weight. Not for the wishful thinkers. Not for those who just want to join for fun. Not for those who just want to drop anything from only 1-5kg. You can do that yourself easily with just some simple exercises and selection of healthier food.

If you are keen and perhaps your hubby/wife would be interested to join the program together *prefereable*. Drop me an email at and I'll let you know when our first gathering will be held.

This invite is to find out the interest to know who would truely be keen on doing something about their weight and really acting on it instead of procrastinating and hoping. *whilst still stuffing your face with cake really isn't going to help your waistline*

3 months will see you a different person by Chinese New Year 2008.

For DH and me, this is an ongoing program for us and we want to share it with those we can help but are keeping it to a very select and small group only.

Not for those who have health problems, pregnant or still nursing.

For those who have been following my journey so far and sent their well wishes and support through msn, sms and my blog, it has been coming to 9 weeks for me on my Atkins program and I've dropped 15kg to date.

Thank you. *I'm touched by the support and cheers I have from all of you out there*

I still have 25kg more to go.. and I'm not stopping till I reach there... I'll be at my ideal size by the time my birthday comes around in July 2008. Please come celebrate my birthday with me then and we'll reign it in with a big bang with a totally new body that my 20s have totally missed seeing.

Hubby himself started at the same time on the first week of September 2007.

He's now a whopping 22kg lighter and a totally different person.

Unbelievable? I couldn't believe it till I saw the results for myself.

Everyone knows that exercise and diet is the way to a great body without all that expensive diet pills and slimming centres out there. But we just don't do it. Understanding that doing it alone is not easy... we can do it together with support and proper guidance.

All a combination of closely monitored diet choices and exercise. Eating amazing amounts of selected food *wah lau! eat so much!!* and still losing weight. And doing so without medication or expensive slimming programs!

Interested and serious parties can email me. Think about it carefully before you send that email to me, if you're not serious about it. Don't email me. *believe me hahah I"ll kick your arse for wasting my time* Decide, try it and don't give up so easily.

This invitation will only be opened once now and will close in 2 weeks time. If we have less than 10 people by then, then so it shall be.

If you had an opportunity to change something you've been procrastinating about for so long in just 3 months, its probably now.

Or.. you can always go back to stuffing your face and wishing quietly to yourself that you wished you were slimmer.

Whats involved? Your commitment, your determination, your time, energy, and tears. We will expect to see you in person on a regular basis to check in on your progress and will be following you so closely, you can almost smell me. hahahahhah.

What you have to lose? Weight. And what could be a better reward than that..

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Spooky Tour with API!

*Warning SUPER SUPER long post ahead*

I left home on Saturday evening for an experience that I would never do on any usual basis. I went for a spooky tour with the Asia Paranormal Investigators! Diana, who is part of their team secured me an exclusive seat on the tour bus for that evening.

I have always found the paranormal to be very interesting in some ways and was obviously intruiged at what I may experience on this trip! When Diana called in the afternoon, I was in the middle of a lazy afternoon nap. Groggily picking up the phone I heard her say "eh! I got you a place on the bus for tonight's haunted tour!" Wah!! *Thank u moley!!! muaks!*

I checked in with hubby that he would be alright if I went and he said "Go lah! Enjoy yourself, just ensure u're not having your period, err don't want anything to be attracted to blood" *Eeeeee!! shiver! Heng heng.. not bleeding*

That evening, after preparing my bag with the needed necessities: Water Bottle, Camera, HP, Mozzie Patches, lip balm, a torch light and throwing on a tshirt, jeans, socks and shoes.. I headed out of my place to take the train to meet her at Dover MRT at 1130pm. She drove past and picked me up and we moved on and I met the famous "Abductboy!" aka Charles Goh, Founder of API. He was a really sweet guy and very friendly! Charles is Singapore's ONLY liscenced Spooky Tour Guide in Singapore. There's only one liscense and he has it. I'm sure he earned it well too with his vast knowledge of the supernatural and his experiences.

Soon after, Charles's brother came, Raymond Goh which they lovingly called "Feng Shui". He also was very accomodating and friendly and he's also a Feng Shui master.. thus the name... ahhhh... *Pam nodding like as if I understand* haahah he also reads and deciphers tombstone writings! How interesting!

Apparently, they all call each other by nicknames *which in a sense may be a good thing esp when you're out on a ghost hunt, you wouldn't exactly want to be calling each other by your real names".

So we headed down to the inner carpark of Singapore Poly where we met a whole group of Singapore Poly students who engaged API for that evening's spooky tour. It was really a full house on the bus. Every seat was taken! I felt priviledged to be there as a guest.

Abductboy was really like a tour guide! He stood in front, introduced his great team and also introduced me as one of his guest photo journalist! Hhahaha kua kua kua... me? Photo journalist! I still waved to the rest of the bus in acknowledgement as if it were real... Halloo!! *beam*

We started off the bus ride watching some videos... mainly videos from the ring and watching Sadako in different versions.. hahaha.. then some famous indonesian pontianak video clip and an advertisement of some child that died after the ad was taken because of a "ghostly" girl that was holding on to him during the filming of the advertisement. *shiver* Moley says is a hoax but stuff like that still make my hair stand.. esp when it involves children. Eeeeeeee!!!!

Abductboy throught the tour ride gave us alot of background of where we were headed, a little too much information for me to remember so I guess if you really want to know, you may need to go on one of API's tours just to get the full information direct from the man himself. You can however, try to google for more details if you're really interested from the list of places that I'll be putting down here in this post.

First location: Hillview Mansion...

Apparently this was one of Singapore's popular haunted mansions with alot of myths and stories surrounding this house.. "Feng Shui" also mentioned a little about the feng shui of the mansion and how it had REALLY bad fengshui... *cannot remember details.. something about tigers and dragons on the land... etc.. etc... really can't remember* I googled some pictures and found that Abductboy once uploaded some more pictures taken at Hillview Mansion itself here.

There are other shots from other locations that can be found here.

When we arrived at that Bukit Timah location, the bus stopped at a very steep slope. I looked up in dread and went "oh my god, so it begins..." and I plodded up the slope slightly wheezing when I reached the top (point to note: aiyohh!! still not fit enough!!).

We were all expecting to see a house but it turned out that there was a landslide some time back and they demolished the house. -.-'' *grumble - how to see haunted house without the house leh??* anyway....

I supposed you can check out the images from the link above which Abductboy took when the house was still around. The gate was still there so I took a picture of that... the gate was grand and huge!.. it must have been nice in its hay day.

There was a side drain leading up the hill and stairs right beside it. Some API team members lead the group up this side path and we hopped over the drain to stand on Hillview Mansion land.

The grass was slippery and it was muddy and squishy but we all stood there basking in the view. It truely had a magnificent view. After telling us a little story and some more details about the place, we all slowly and carefully headed back down the grassy plain to hop back over the drain. I felt bugs and mozzies flying around and immediately started pasting mozzie patches all over my shirt.

Everyone made tiny steps and everyone was mumbling "be careful, be careful". My turn came and I was the 2nd last one in the whole group of people. And guess what...

I had to slip and flump right onto my fluffy plump ass RIGHT ONTO the "cursed" land of Hillview Mansion... ARGHHHHHHH!!! I got up quickly, a little out of exasperation a little out of embarassment.. why only I had to fall down leehh!!... *wails* Swatting my butt and grumbling on the way down the slope to the bus... the night was only beginning..

Next we headed down to Choa Chu Kang Cemetary. Oh man!! CCK cemetary IS ONE HUUUGEEE PLACE!!! Its so big that its literally as far as the eyes can see.. all graves. I silently said to myself that I want to be cremated and not buried when I die. It just looked too gloomy and scary to be lying there for all eternity.. (well, actually not ALL eternity... it turns out that you only have that grave slot for only a 15 year tenure! After that.. u have to be exhumed by your spouse/children/relatives and relocated or cremated...might as well just go direct to cremation...)

What was going on a spooky tour without going into a cemetary right?! We neared the main gate and Abductboy let out a whoot! He saw candles on the gate and he announced " you see the candles there! that means theres something going on tonight inside! " I started to get excited but also a little fearful... afterall.. it was a cemetary we're going into...

The bus drove in. We noted that the roads in the cemetary were really narrow and it was difficult for the bus to manouver, especially since we had a full load on board. We drove about for a short while, slowly while Abductboy told us about the different things we might look out for ie 4D/Toto punters where they would come with a medium and alot of food offering & hell money and choose a grave to pray to for special numbers. Once they chose one and placed their offering, they would light a pathway of candles so lead the spirit to the offering...

We looked around to see if we could find a path of candles and see the ritual for ourselves. We couldn't find it. We looked around for little green tents covering graves and night lights where exhumations were supposed to be taking place.. nothing either.

Then we saw something in the distance.

Several rows of flames, candles and fires could be seen and we stopped the bus to take a look. There were about 20 by 10 tombs that were lit with large candles and there was a medium doing some ritual with the fire. We could see him jumping about and flailing some flags and throwing them into the fire. We all wanted to get closer so the bus moved on..

The bus turned towards the direction of the spectacle and turned a couple more times and then we were lost. The place was simply so huge and dark that we couldn't find our way to those twinkling lights. We looked around and saw a convoy of trucks, cars and even 2 empty taxis driving in. Curious, we waited and there was a joke on the bus where they wondered "why the empty taxis" To drive WHO out?

Soon enough, the trucks drove past us and we all realised. "TANG KIs!!!" A few of them all fully dressed in their Tank Ki tall hats and costumes! Great!! They must be going for some ritual!

What is a Tang-Ki anyway? The name is derived from Chinese dialect that means Taoist trance mediums in general. They are more than being able to perform self-mortification without pain, speak with divine wisdom and perform exorcism. During Taoist divine occasions, these mediums allow deities into their bodies soon after they enter a state of trance. Their bodies then become a medium for the entities to possess. The deities on behalf of Tang-Ki's physical bodies communicate and give blessings to people."

Anyway.. we tried to chase them down and follow them to see where they were going so that we could observe what they were up to.. a few turns later. We lost them....

Arghhh!!! Frustrating can! We all then gave up and headed towards another part of the cemetary where there were little tiny gravestones sticking out of the ground. It was all like little 20 by 15cm numbered granite stones sticking out of the ground.

According to Abductboy, these were the gravestones of the un-named. Those that were not claimed for some reason or another. Many of them probably children graves too.

There was a little shelter where we saw a family. It turns out that the family goes there almost every night to light candles and give offerings to these unnamed graves/souls as a good deed. Sometimes, they bring their children too to light each tomb-let on special days like Christmas or Children's Day to let these un-named souls know that they are not forgotten.

We were inside this shelter where there was an earth god altar and some other prayer stuff. There was also this marble plaque on the wall which "Feng Shui" translated which said something about acknowledging the burial area for the unnamed.

Moley came beside me when we came down from the bus and whispered to me "can you see the little children running around?" I replied hastily. "NOO!" and promptly shut my eyes and silently went EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

She looked around and went "yup! so many little children all around"... I stood rooted to the ground with my hair standing and shortly we both went back up the bus... I am SO NOT GOING TO STAND THERE with little ghost children running around me.

The bus left the cemetary and I tried not staring too deep into the darkness in case I ended up seeing "something" I didn't want to see.

The next location was at Marsiling. On any normal basis, if not for this trip, I would have never set foot into the next location. We stopped by the side of the road and was asked to get down.

The API crew passed around insect repellant OFF and I gladly took it and sprayed it generously all over my arm. *later, I was glad I did because the mozzies were HUGE!!* My mozzie patches cannot compare w liquid OFF on my arm.. hahaha

We stepped past a side drain and into the forested area and walked inwards for about 3 minutes and reached a small clearing. The clearing had several altars. All of different kinds.. from Taoist altars, to Ganesha - the Indian Elephant God.

It was so unusual to see so many types in once place.. there was even an actual staff *kinda like the Triton from the Sea God in the little Mermaid* stuck in the ground and decorated with flowers, lime and offerings.

Abductboy then explained each altar and interesting significances. He then lead us deeper into the forested area towards a tree. As we got closer, we noticed that there was a red cloth tied around the tree and this signified "blood". We saw also that the tree had a face *drawn* and this was supposed to be another indian god named "Kali". Details about her can be found here.

Another point that was mentioned that if you were familiar with the story of Adrian Lim.. the Singaporean Murderer aka Devil Worshipper.. he also used to take children's blood as a sacrifice to Kali... *eeeeeeeeeee*

Okay next... we all headed back to the bus and drove past this road called Neo Tew Road where there was this place called the Abandoned Ghost Town. This place was a row of abandoned HDB flats that is now sometimes being used by the army for internal training sessions.

Apparently this place, isn't very "clean" either. We didn't have the chance to go into this "town" but we drove very slowly past to see how deserted the place was and also watched videos that API once took while on investigation.. clips showing a playground that was moving and playing like as if there were real children playing.. rocking horses rocking and THERE WAS NO ONE. *no one that could be seen on video at least* I guess you can google this place up if you're interested to know and see more.

We then continued on our bus ride and headed towards the Woodlands Causeway where we were told of a secret tunnel that the British used a very long time ago when Singapore was still a British colony. Details can be found here.

This was where we approached this forested area by bus to be greeted by several altars of Guan Yin by the roadside plus several others that lined the road way. Everyone manned themselves with a torch light, covered themselves with insect repellant and we all went on our way into the forested area. It was pitch dark and the only lights were our little torches that lit our path.

Like before, the grass was slippery and the ground muddy from the rain the night before. We trekked up little mounds, down soil patches, through trees. I was starting to wonder why I even decided to come along the trip as it was something I would never usually do on any regular basis.

Trekking through some strange forested area with a bunch of strangers in the dark with a torchlight that doesn't work too well, looking for some strange location that MAY be haunted and wearing a pair of jeans that is too loose that some red ants decided to crawl up and bite my fat legs. *ants in my pants! ants in my pants!!* (smack smack smash!!!) Point to note: wear fitted pants next time. If there is ever a next time.

As you probably could tell, I didn't look too glam smashing my own legs in the semi darkness.

We finally reached it and I stood there to take a picture. It only looks bright here because of my camera's flash if not, we were greeted by a faint outline of the place that our torch lights tried to illuminate.

We all were encouraged to check it out and so we all did. Gingerly.

Stepping down the dark stairwell.. we were warned of potential BATS that may fly about at our heads. OH GREAT. just... great..and LIZARDS...HUGE ONES AT THAT. They were so big they are pretty much 3 times bigger than those at my house! I like lizards... talking to them but huge ones would still freak me out. I did take the time to say Hi to around 3 of them though...

And lizard eggs! They're huge!! I've never seen lizard eggs before! Now I have.. hahaha

There were broken glass EVERYWHERE. Seriously NOT a place to trip and fall. We went down a few flights of stairs.. checking out the delapidated tunnel walls and noticing little toads hopping about then we came to some debris at the end of a flight of stairs. Almost everyone hopped over to see the end of the tunnel but I turned back.. I can jump down but NO guarantees that I can jump back up again.. so I went back up to "civilisation" with Moley, Abductboy and Feng Shui.

When everyone was up, we trekked through the forest till we came to 3 huge pipes. I stared down and realised that we actually had to climb over those pipes! I nearly hyperventilated. I knew my shoes were slippery. The pipes were wet and there was no way I could get past without help.

Abductboy hopped over the pipes and stood there offering a hand. I grabbed it tightly and gingerly stepped on each pipe silently praying "don't slip!!! pam! Don't slip!!". It would be TOTALLY UNGLAM to slip, fall, get stuck between those pipes and on my way down have my head and ass klang against the metal and go "kloonggggggg!!!!". Luckily, I made it. Moley was right behind me and saying "squat!! squat! or you'll not be able to jump down!". I did and I made it. Phew!!! Next thing I look back and I see moley doing a ducky on me. She squatted and waddled over the 3 pipes and jumped down like a pro.. wah!!!! hahaha

We all walked along the pipes till we came to a small opening in the bushes and I realised it was a road and we popped our head out to see our BUS! hahahhaha.. SO CHUN.

Imagine a whole row of forestry and then suddenly u see this.

A steady stream of humans popping out of no where and jumping over the drain. ahahahaha. I could see that everyone was relieved to get out of the forest.

There was one student however who started to hyperventilate for some reason and we all took a while while she was calming down and wiped her tears away.

I took the chance to take some photos of JB since we were right at the causeway. The scene was nice.
And this is us! at 4+am in the morning.. at some weird forested area at Marsiling hahhaa... I look happy because I survived the pipe climb! hahahha Moley just looks sleepy.
The next location was called Devil's Bend located at Old Upper Thomson Road.

It used to be a grand prix race track in the 1960s. Devils Bend proved to be a particularly sharp corner where many drivers met their end. It was believed that the race track was closed down in the 1970s due to high fatal accidents there. It is obvious enough to know where the name Devil's Bend come from. Such a high fatal accident rate has made this particular traffic black spot a haunted place.It was said that some souls of the drivers did not realize they were dead yet. Their souls continue to roam around that particular sharp corner as if they were still trying their best to make it, over and over again...

We drove slowly past this area just to have a look at this location whilst on our way to our final location... Tomb House at Ca Fey Shan aka Coffee Hill at Bukit Brown.
Many years ago before the Gov't changed the road name Lornie Road the expressway was then known as Korphee Hill (pronounced as Coffee Hill). Legends has it that Korphee Hill used to be a coffee plantation with a village nearby.

There was once a young little girl born to a woman who died during childbirth, to which less than a month later the baby girl's grandfather passed away too. Everyone in the village regarded the baby girl as a taboo and a curse to the village.

Everyone shunned her, including her close ones who treated her no better than a servant. The young girl led a very hard yet simple life, toiling most of her life working in the coffee plantation.Many years passed and the young girl grew into her teens. One late evening as the girl was walking through the plantation after a hard day's work, she was brutally attacked and sexually assaulted by a group of male villagers. They abhorred her since the very day she was born.

The deep grudge for her as a curse to the village overpowered them and they decided to kill her in a means to silence their victim. The girl put up a hard struggle but to no avail. Beaten and insulted, the girl swore and cursed the entire village and plantation with her last breath that no coffee was to be ever planted on the land she grew on, nor any references or jokes made about coffee is to be mentioned on Korphee Hill.True enough, not long after the girl's demise, the plantation begin to falter and all growing coffee trees and weeds died.

The whole land became almost barren. Children and adults alike who spoke of coffee died horrible deaths within 3 days of the word Coffee mentioned. Soon, words of the girl's curse spread through the village like fire and everyone evacuated the village as not only are their lives in danger of the dead girl's wrath, their livelihood of producing the country's trade, coffee had ceased.

We stopped by the side of the road which lead to a path and switched on our torch lights. The road was paved with tar and was a smooth road for us to walk apart from the many leaves and twigs. Random graves and tombstones of various sizes also lined the side of the road.

Feng Shui stopped at several tombs to explain why it looked that way and how u read it. Interesting general knowledge. Not something that I foresee being useful to me but still interesting.

We headed down to a place which they called Tomb House. It was not really a house per-say but more of a sheltered area where a caretaker stayed to take care of a particular tomb. A tomb of a man named Tan Boon Cheng.

On our way there, it started to rain so we all ran towards this Tomb House and took shelter there.
It was interesting to see how the caretaker lived. He was truely a poor man with very little material possessions. He gathers rain water to wash clothes, to bathe and to drink too.

There was also an assortment of animals there too!

We were greeted by 2 dogs when we first arrived in the drizzle. Upon entering, we saw he had cages of squirrels too! 5 to be exact.. 2 singles and one family of 3. Awww... He had bottles of fish.. and MANY MANY birds. There was also a cat family living there.

It rained hard and we stood in the tomb stranded. Feng Shui gave a tutorial on how to read a tombstone and it was enlightening to know how much you can tell about a person just by what is written on their tombstone.
Abductboy then went on to tell army stories to interested students while the bored ones started playing Cheee Koo Pak *a hand game like scissors paper stone*

We stayed there till almost close to 6am where the rain started to slow down and some API crew ran to get umbrellas from the bus some way back. Slowly, everyone was ferried out in umbrellas to the bus till all returned and the bus headed back to Singapore Poly.

On the way back.. everyone had the chance to meet one final celestial being.

The God of Sleep.


hAHHAH.. everyone excluding the bus driver of course, fell asleep up to the point where Abductboy stood up and announced "Thank you everyone for coming on API's spooky tour!".

I could hear people swiping up drool, mumbling in their half drowsy state as we all stumbled out of the bus.

I stumbled to Diana's car.. amazed that she still can drive and she drove an NTU student back.. drove me back.. and went home.

I was exhausted when I reached home. Peeled all my clothes off, threw it in the washing machine. Did a quick scrub of my shoes to wash off all the mud, took a quick shower and crashed into bed.

I didn't wake up till 4pm that day. Phew! Interesting experience. If you're interested in something like this.. check our API's website for tours and maybe you might want to gather a group of friends to give this a try too!

It costs $15 per head for students and $20-$25 per adult depending on the number of people in the group only!!!! Super affordable lah! I'd pay this for something so unique! Abductboy also mentions that they will be having some new tours in November onwards as they're working with National Parks.. so look out for that! Free one somemore!