Monday, November 19, 2007

Damn! You can fit a chicken in there!

This was taken sometime back... perhaps 2 weeks ago when I'm still lingering at 80kg... I've broken out of my plateau and hit 79kg.

Damn! You can fit a chicken in there!!... This is a pair of my favourite (no brand & costs $9.90) striped jeans. Its no longer wearable and I'm proud to pass it to anyone who wants it who can fit into it... *Goodbye Jeans!!* On another note.. my MIL couldn't stand seeing me in crappy sloppy looking oversized pants (and me surveying her pants cupboard for stuff I can wear *I think she just doensn't want me to keep bugging and swiping her jeans* Hahahah) - She bought me a brand new pair of jeans and it fit lovely! Finally.. jeans that don't look like they are curtain sized.

Lauren happily took my hp to snap this photograph one morning when I was changing for the day.... and me.. *cj rolling his eyes at me again!!!* I was happy to pose a final time with this pair of jeans before I put it to my retired pile of clothes. *My ass on another hand.. still needs a whole lotta work; think black girl rump...*

Finally. I'm reached my 70s... BUT.... I was sick since the 10th and have been on a carb break from all the way then till now... AND I STILL LOST WEIGHT. I've been eating almost everything.. anything... and not exercising with the exception of having an unbelievably CRAZY weekend. More about that once I have some pictures on hand...

I'm feeling a whole lotta better with the exception of a nagging blocked nose and the sinuses acting up.... I'm swaying between eating so much that I'm "gaining" about 2kg at the end of each day. Time to start moving again and work on a low carb intake diet plan..
And CJ is leaving for Hong Kong on Wednesday for the World Karate Tournament.. he.. on another hand has still been working out DAILY...and eating little.. and getting REALLY TONED.
*envy*... time to work out again... I feel bloated.