Thursday, November 22, 2007

Atkins Update all around...

We have 2 people in our group who has taken on a carb free diet change with us.

C, we'll just call her that to maintain her anonymonity, who aimed to lose 3-4 kg, went on Atkins with us and lost them and is now on maintenance.. Good effort C!

Her testimonial is as follows:

"I was inspired by Pamela on her Atkin diet plan. For vanity purposes, I need to loose 3-4 kg so I started this diet plan. The first week was terrible for me, I felt that after eating, I can still feel my stomach half full and I felt cold and tired throughout the whole day, but I did not give up, I continue for the second week and finally my body cannot take it and I felt sick. I stopped the diet until I was fully recovered. When I was well again, I re-start my diet regime again and I am glad that my colleague is joining me for this diet and we are into our third week. (thanks to my colleague for joining in which gives me a lot of determination to continue), I managed to shed 3kgs and I now stand at 55kg. I want to thank Pamela for her advices and support for my success in losing the kgs.... currently, I am continuing it and I must say that I am more careful when choosing my food intake."
I'm so proud of her!

Another one is Kenny! He's already dropped 4kg in just 13 days of his decision to go carb free or very low carb free. We're so proud that he has kept to his decision and stayed determined to work off the weight. Get exercising and the weight will drop even faster.

We're soooooo happy for you and JIA YOU!! Ask away if you need help but don't give up! 4kg in under 2 weeks dude!! Thats great! And we're happy that your wife, Wendy is supporting you all the way too!! You can do it!

As for CJ, of course he's now the KING with a whopping 23kg down and just only 4kg to go to his target weight... pants that went from a size 44 to a current size 36-38. A visual update of him soon. Curious? Hahaha.

For him.. and for the guys.. his before & after is just. SHOCKING. More on that when I get a shot of him soon.

As for me, I need to kick myself back on a carb free diet ASAP or I'll not be seeing my 70s soon.. I swung back up to 80kg again and am kicking myself over it.. time to run tomorrow and no more blueberry pies and noodles for me.. carbs are over rated.

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