Saturday, November 24, 2007

Random pictures and a song.

Ah yes... its me... again.. :)

And my momma in law.... *muaks* I love her!! And she has gorgeous new eyebrows done at A1 Salon at Bishan.. Not bad leh!!Contemplating hard if I want to get mine done too... heheeh

Lauren looking like a turtle... I think its cute.
My bebe, Eirian at the MRT station...

And this is the smile I get when I say "smile for Kim Kim, Gareth!!" Soooo Cute!! .... my nephew.

The 3 loves of my life.. sending the papa off to Hong Kong at the Airport... *Don't go Daddeee... we wuffff uuu....*sobs* (Everyone missing him alot....including me... -.-'')

6 days away oni nia but eh!! 6 days away from me... ME!! *sobs... who's going to sayang me for a whole 6 days!! wails...grumble grumble*

We made it better by replacing Daddy with Uncle Ronald hhahaha MacDonald that is... but we then decided to ditch Uncle Ronald to Uncle Popeyes!!! Yummm Coleslaw, Crispy Chicken and Biscuits with Strawberry Jam!!! *Drooolsss!~*

But not before we popped over to hug up ole momo the doggie *he's soooooo cuddly!!* at Moley's House.. pack up the all kids and head back down to the airport for some good sinful food and a tour of the brand new Terminal 3! Now open for public viewing~! Go See! Nice!

Ohhh momo.. u cuteee wutey doggie woggie.... muaks muaks muaks... *hug hug hug squish squish*... ok.. getting carried away with the baby talk... time to go eat...

The best coleslaw in Singapore.... *oh sooooo good*

Crispy Chicken... and we had fish too... and of course.. their famous biscuits...*no biscuit picture*But yummms.... will have to have that when we go pick Dada up on Monday night..Popeyes!! Here we come!!!

And finally.. My sweetheart Eirian giving me her rendition of Hey, Mr Postman. One of the acts she danced to at her year end concert.. She danced to this song with lovely precision, rhythm and timing with her postman named Oliver.

I teased her... and her reply made me very amused.

"Oohh Eirian... Is Oliver your boyfriend?"

She replied as a matter of fact and with slight indignation.

"no mommy... he's ONLY my postman" - rolled her eyes and walked away.

Ohhh man... he's so gonna be heartbroken if he heard that... poor Oliver.. hahahahahaa

Enjoy. *sorry for the slanted shot haha..

I guess u just have to turn ur head bc I have not figured out how to turn the video around...*

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