Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ZumFit Reggae Night!

Its a Special REGGAE Night this Friday at ZumFit!

Regulars! Make it a point to attend ZumFit this Friday!Its a special One-Off Reggae session. For those interested but have never tried ZumFit and want to, don't worry! We'll go step by step! Come by this Friday 2nd October 09, 730pm - 830pm at No. 20 Peck Seah Street.

Corporates - If you're keen on booking a Reggae class. Buzz me and we'll talk schedule. :)

Email honeymeow@gmail.com for registration forms or call me to book up a space this Friday! $15 for a trial class, $120 for 12 sessions. Bring a friend and yeah, I'm sure you don't have two left feet because after you leave class.. you'll find that.. YES! you can dance too. :) If you're interested, buzz me quick - don't be shy! :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Spread the Word? Please?

Heya!! Its been a while... looking for business and new clients have been an ongoing activity. Client meetings, customer meetings, forging new partnerships.. networking and of course in the midst of all that.. instructing ZumFit and AquaFit.. :)

I have put in a little e-flyer for my ZumFit program below, I would greatly greatly appreciate it if you (right click - save picture as) and post that on your blog - if you have one or pass this on to your HR or person in charge for corporate fitness in your company. Or perhaps post it up on your website - if you have one. Or just forward it to your friend via email? Any way will do.. but I'd LOVE your support!

This period is the time where I extend batch or engage new clients for their 3 month stint with me. All corporate clients either book me for one off events / workshops OR 3 months stints aka 12 session blocks.

Corporate bookings do not need to come direct from your company, if you can gather a group of min. 15 participants at work or at home, you can start a batch of sessions with me as long you have a suitable location to hold your class. :)

(Right click - Save picture as below!) ... Oh! and leave me a message if you have linked me on your site. :) Oh.. and yeah... posts to come! I've got folders of outstanding blogsposts to release! Come back again soon!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dance Out/ Bake Out Parent & Child Package!

Click on Image to View more Details!

One of our working partners, Genius R Us and myself had decided to partner up for a Special Parent & Child Package. If you're a parent who has been procrastinating about working out because you were busy with the kid(s). Procrastinate no more.

Or if you want to add on to your weekly workout regime with a fun cardio filled dance class while your child is creatively engaged just next door* at the same time... come join! Email me at honeymeow@gmail.com for registration forms!

is a Latin Fitness Cardio dance class where it infuses infectious Latin and International music to Latin dance moves of merengue, salsa, cha-cha, bachata, cumbia, bellydance, bollywood, hiphop & reggaetton.

For $460 for 1 Adult + 1 Child for a period of 12 weeks starting 26th September 2009 till the 12th of December 2009.

Spend your Saturdays purposefully with activities for both adult and child from 2pm-330pm where your child spends the afternoon baking and crafting while you spend your time from 230-330pm working out with me!

Your child will be clearing up and will wait at the crafting studio (estimated final end time 345pm) while you finish up your workout and come pick them up after!

The GRU baking/crafting class is suitable for children aged 3-4 year old (with adult accompaniment & assistance, ie maid/other parent/grandparent/relative) or children from 5-12 years old (adult accompaniment not required).

ZumFit classes are not limited to the adult who have signed up for the Parent/Child Package only. As long as you're an adult with a child (nephew/niece/cousin), you can sign up for it. If you want to come for the ZumFit part without the package, you can also join too! Rates for ZumFit classes only are $120 for 12 consecutive sessions.

If you were to break down the cost for something like this, it would come up to only $38 for the adult/child activity each Saturday for 12 weeks. As a parent, you can EASILY spend $38 just on food/shopping/stuff within minutes. This way, you work towards better fitness and health for yourself while your child is engaged in a fun learning journey at the same time at a reasonable cost!

A pretty good deal to cover 2 birds with just one stone... you can email honeymeow@gmail.com for registration forms today. Spread the word!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Busy busy busy...

Yes, I know..its been weeks but I've been busy..really busy but you've all still been there... thank you... :) Its been weeks filled with work.. instructing on an almost daily weekday basis.. and soon to be including Saturday too...

I was also on Sports@sg on Channel 5 last night at around 1015pm? Did you catch it? We did the filming on Wednesday at a private studio and it came out on TV 2 days later! Damn fast lah!! Anyway, it was just a minute on the "Showstopper" Segment and I realised something.. when a director asks you to come in LIGHT MAKEUP... put it on heavier bc I looked so darned pale during the shoot and well... perhaps once I recieve the video clip by post, I'll post it up for those who had missed it on TV.

I believe they would put it up HERE on the Sports@Sg site too so you can get a direct stream if I don't manage to convert the video here for viewing. :) Did I look chubby in the filming.. *sigh* unfortunately the rule about people looking at least 20% fatter than they usually are still stands true.. but whats done is done.. :)

Apparently, its also screening on TV mobile as I recieved some calls earlier this morning with people exclaiming they saw me on their bus ride.. *cough cough*.... :)

I want to give special thanks to the 4 ladies who joined me for the shoot, namely Preetha, Su, Loida and Karen... thank you for giving me your afternoon. *hugs*

I also took a day to visit my other instructor pals and my dear Diane, CEO of Fisaf Singapore last week. FISAF is a certification program that people take when they want to become a fitness instructor. So you would see different kinds of people from those who do group aerobic classes like me, to aqua aerobic instructors, personal trainers, fitball trainers and even yoga instructors...

FISAF holds training 3 times a year and Diane is now back in Singapore conducting the 2nd for this year! There is another one at the end of this year for those interested to go into this field of work/interest. You can check out www.fisaf.com.sg for more course details.

Recognise anyone here as your existing instructor? :) Other than me of course...