Saturday, September 26, 2009

Spread the Word? Please?

Heya!! Its been a while... looking for business and new clients have been an ongoing activity. Client meetings, customer meetings, forging new partnerships.. networking and of course in the midst of all that.. instructing ZumFit and AquaFit.. :)

I have put in a little e-flyer for my ZumFit program below, I would greatly greatly appreciate it if you (right click - save picture as) and post that on your blog - if you have one or pass this on to your HR or person in charge for corporate fitness in your company. Or perhaps post it up on your website - if you have one. Or just forward it to your friend via email? Any way will do.. but I'd LOVE your support!

This period is the time where I extend batch or engage new clients for their 3 month stint with me. All corporate clients either book me for one off events / workshops OR 3 months stints aka 12 session blocks.

Corporate bookings do not need to come direct from your company, if you can gather a group of min. 15 participants at work or at home, you can start a batch of sessions with me as long you have a suitable location to hold your class. :)

(Right click - Save picture as below!) ... Oh! and leave me a message if you have linked me on your site. :) Oh.. and yeah... posts to come! I've got folders of outstanding blogsposts to release! Come back again soon!

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