Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Same but Not the Same...

Yeah, thats me around 3 years ago..oh gawd, this is seriously an unflattering blur looking picture if I estimate it correctly, I would have been between 100-104kg at that time.. I look abit stunned... and whoaa! My THEN DD cups indeed'eth overflow'eth... *gaping at my own picture* and then theres me below in 2009, 69kg taken at night at Vivocity. Still plus sized by Singapore's standards but generally feeling quite alright about my size around now..

My former 55kg weightloss target is still on my mind... but perhaps lets see how I look like at 60kg first...55kg might be too small so 2010 resolution.. will keep the commitment to reach 60kg and see how that looks and feels. Y'think?

Making the Camera LOVE you...

Last week, we were out for a 10 hour film shoot for a drink TV commercial. This shot is from the 2nd scene with my talented and fun co-stars. And yeah.. that snoring one in red is my hubster.. yeah.. the real one aka CJ - if you can't recognise him with his salivating bubbles out of his mouth.... and yeah.. I was bawling my eyes out in this scene thus the "sad" look.

Drinks blurred on purpose to keep brand confidentiality as the ad is not screened yet. Its in post production as we speak and would be ready around Chinese New Year 2010 so look out for it! Really wondering how it will turn out... *anxious*

And guess what? Its in Mandarin too! Funny because anyone who knows me knows. I. Don't. Speak. Chinese. so it was a little bit of a challenge to rehearse my mandarin script over and over. Much to the amusement and frustration of the hubster who spent time correcting my chinese intonations till it somewhat sounded more natural.

So here's a sneak peak from the 2nd ad to whats coming up on the telly this festive season.. 2 ads. In Mandarin. This shot taken with the crew of the day... the ones with the magic fingers.

And Remember THIS filming done last year? Well, the corporate video for this ad is out! Check it out HERE! The password to view this video is "brighton". Happy Viewing!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Almond Butterscotch Delight

As a privileged Dreaming Reality reader, I want to let you in on something that is coming out this couple of weeks for the coming festivities... Coming out of my kitchen yesterday... Almond Butterscotch Delight! We made candy and everyone was trilled that it turned out pretty fabulous and insanely addictive! *drools*

I will be taking orders via email at for those interested and pickup of your candy packs can be done at Aljunied MRT on specific days as they are made fresh upon order. Rates and Candy Pack images will be up in the coming days and would be great for CNY, Valentines or just to tantalise your sweeth tooth...

Just imagine, crunchy sticky butterscotch bits infused with almond slices and topped with creamy milk chocolate. You can't just stop at one.... email me if interested.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

More ZumFit Dance Group Pics!

Fisaf ran another round of instructor certification courses in December 09 and I was pleased to meet up with Diane again. I love that woman! She inspires me everytime we meet and I get recharged and renewed to get to instructing my ZumFit and Aqua classes even more.

Fisaf is the place train and get certified if you are keen on being a personal trainer, a group exercise instructor or aqua aerobic instructor in Singapore and provides you with an Internationally certified instructor certification to start you off with your instructing journey.

In this round of Fisaf courses, I had the pleasure in leading some ZumFit sessions for the newest batch of Aerobic instructors and also a group of Core group instructors. Look out Singapore! A brand new batch of Aerobic instructors available in the local market!

Both pictures taken post dance session on different days with different groups and I was pleased that everyone enjoyed their sessions with me.. :) More to come and as the enquiries and bookings come in for my Zumfit sessions this 2010, please feels free to email me at to check in with my available schedule and I can send you my fitness profile for your corporate booking needs.

Whether it is for a batch of 12 sessions or one off workshops. Give me a buzz!